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  1. The Concierge lunch chicken was the worst meal I've ever been served on Celebrity, dry chicken and cold fries. Not worth paying extra for, IMO.
  2. Sadly, no. Priority Boarding simply means that you get to stand in the same line as concierge, elite etc. Not much of an advantage.
  3. Yet another thing not available to UK customers any more. Shame.
  4. Just be aware they use a fairly hot wash, OK for most things, but not all.
  5. Once on board, find the Captains Club Host. They will be your best friend.
  6. The card is not checked every time you order drinks at breakfast or in the lounge (Sky lounge on S class) where the cocktail party is held, so being served there should be no problem. It's only checked on entry for the first couple of days, until the CC host recognizes you. In other bars, only elites and above will get free drinks from the CC menu. Their companion will have to order and pay as at any other time.
  7. It's quite a hot wash, so take care putting delicate items in.
  8. I wonder if accepting a Move Up offer would constitute rebooking. This might make a difference to how much I'm prepared to bid.
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