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  1. 8 minutes ago, TheMastodon said:



    You lost me at CBS Sunday Morning.




    Yeah, I have found its best to not even read what this user posts.  Pretty dumb stuff.  



    You guys have enough going on up there.  Maybe you should worry about your own state.   

    Isn't that the truth on all three of these especially the last one.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Milwaukee Eight said:

    Just use Florida as an example. Been unlocked since Summer 2020. Almost a year. Florida is an example of what works. No mask mandate by State. No penalty or fine for not wearing one. Restaurants and Bars open.  ICU bed availability is normal for this time of year (snowbirds). 


    Been there 3 times since this started.   A great getaway from a failed blue state.

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  3. 2 hours ago, CaroleSS said:

    If they were so effective, why aren't all the non-mask wearers dead by now?


    Masks are not worn correctly by many. They don't fit correctly, people digit with them, they take them off to speak, they don't clean them.....thus rendering them completely useless.




    Exactly, I don't wear one anywhere except if I need to be seated at a restaurant and a airplane.  Otherwise, have never worn one at work or shopping.  They don't work, it's all been forced upon us for no reason.  

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  4. On 3/22/2021 at 4:08 PM, SelectSys said:

    This is an updated poll based on the progress, or lack thereof,  we have made with respect to the management of COVID.  What is your best guess of when you are going to return to the seas on a cruise ship.  Some may be happy with the coming limited options available now.  Others may want for a more "normal" cruise environment.  Others may have simply moved on to other forms of travel.


    Please vote as the more votes are received the more interesting the results will be.


    I will return when it is all normal like it was.

  5. On 3/23/2021 at 10:30 AM, Charles4515 said:


    Maryland and DC require masks and in the DC area I have never seen anyone in a business for months without a mask. If someone in a store was not wearing a mask they would likely be screamed at by other customers. It would be very unpleasent for any person to try and enter without  a mask. That was what heppened when masks were first required.  Even outdoors most are wearing a mask if they are in visable site of other people.. 

    It's Maryland and DC, enough said. 

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  6. 11 hours ago, thewebbys said:

    These articles  released today:






    Sailing out of Nassau is a short-term fix, and that will be a deal breaker for some cruise fans. It also won't be the same cruising experience that folks remember before the COVID-19 calamity. All adult passengers will need to be fully vaccinated, and the same goes for the ship's crew. All minors will need to present negative test results. Mask wearing will be required in public areas except when eating or in the water. Guests will also need to be careful on shore excursions as mask-wearing violations carry a fine of $200 or 30 days in prison in the Bahamas.




    In its release announcing the sailings, Royal Caribbean pointed out that its health and safety protocols may evolve; for now, it will follow the guidelines of its Healthy Sail Panel, which requires masks in public rooms, social distancing and a requirement that passengers only go ashore as part of ship-sponsored shore excursions

    Sounds like hell on earth. No thanks.

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  7. On 3/18/2021 at 6:17 AM, compman9 said:

    It seems when one cruise-line details a policy, others quickly follow. Without naming names (it's not just Royal making weird decisions)


    Passengers have to be vaccinated to travel - But you have to wear a mask !


    All passengers will need to be vaccinated - But not the ship staff, shore-side staff, baggage handlers etc !


    You will need vaccines, masks, test certificates, be tested before you board, virtually swim in sanitizer - But all goods arriving to the quartermaster could have been handled by anyone all over the world !


    You will have to go on a ship's tour when you leave the ship - But will be exposed to unsanitized coaches, outdoor spaces, products, food, and people !


    Contradictory madness


    Yea sounds like a great time.  No thanks, who in the hell would go through this crap?

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  8. On 3/14/2021 at 4:28 PM, NavyCruiser said:

    Let's say RCCL got 100% of their crew vaccinated, & restarts cruising by June 1st.  They also requires 100% of the passengers to have a Covid Vaccine before sailing, will you get Vaccinated & are you willing to go cruising then...?

    The only requirement are passports & vaccination card showing you're "fully vaccinated" (at least 2 weeks after your 2nd shot).


    With our local communities getting to phase 1C to have vaccinations avail to all 16+ without conditions starting this coming week, things are looking better.

    Please Let's not get into the intricate details & political statements. 

    Just a simple poll to see if you're finally comfortable being full vaccinated to start going on cruises with other fully vaccinated people soon...

    Will not cruise to everything is back to normal.  And no I'm never getting a vaccine.

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  9. On 3/19/2021 at 10:33 PM, Elaine5715 said:

    Second saddest thing I see is tots willingly wearing masks, more disturbing is seeing kids lean into a thermometer gun aimed at their head 

    Agree, what a disgrace to see these kids in masks.  

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  10. 1 minute ago, SNJCruisers said:

    Well aware of your stance from your  previous posts.  I seriously doubt that any cruise line is going to have a no vaccine no mask policy in the short term.  This would not occur till herd immunity is reached and if it does at all it won't  be till sometime in 2022.

    That's fine, I'll wait.  Wasn't planning on a cruise until 2023.  Too many good land trips I've found to go on the next two years.

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  11. 3 hours ago, ace2542 said:

    Cruise ships are and will be the biggest source of spread in the world for Covid 19? What other vacation type allows for such a spread? None I can think of not for a such a long period of time. So masks should be worn for life to prevent it.


    I don't think they know how to vaccinate staff at least not very easily. It may be some time before the single shot Johnson vaccine is up for corporate purchase. So again masks should be worn for life to protect the staff.


    Vaccines cost  companies money? Masks don't? And the staff really are now prisoners on the ships. Unvaccinated they will not be allowed off.



    We'll see  how many people wear masks for life.. Go live in Asia if you want that.  

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  12. 2 hours ago, DCGuy64 said:

    Thanks to those who commented on the Keys. Having never been there before, I'm looking forward to going to Key West next week as part of a trip down to Southwest Florida to see my dad. He spends the winters down near Naples. We're planning to take the Key West Express, which is a ferry boat that goes from Fort Myers to Key West. Not too chuffed about having to mask up outdoors, though. We had to do that at Disney back in December and it was kinda dumb. Even the sainted Dr Fauci doesn't recommend masks when one is out in the fresh air. Do they allow open containers in Key West? (asking for a friend, LOL)


     I was there over Xmas.  I had drinks in hand walking down Duval.  I guess it's legal, nobody said I couldn't.  The police were asking you to pull it up on Duval.  Just did and then pulled it back down.  On side streets I never saw any cops. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, coffeebean said:

    Why are those 75 corrections officers happy? Because they are not going to die of Covid. They are going to have an excellent chance of not needing hospitalization if they do contract Covid. There is also evidence that vaccinated people will not have any of the long haul side effects of Covid. I heard one of the expert doctors on an news cast say that. THAT is very encouraging news for those who are vaccinated.


    Yup.....I'd say those folks who agree to the vaccine are very happy.

    Little overdramatic I'd say.

  14. Just now, coffeebean said:

    Let's fast forward a couple of years and use a hypothetical situation.................


    There is a vaccine for children. All cruise lines mandate all passengers be vaccinated, including children. Are you saying you are no longer going to cruise?

    Nope, will never cruise again.  I'm thinking maybe 60% of the population will get the poison.  There is no way the mandate would stay past a  year or two.  It would be the end of cruising with the losses that they've had already and the losses from the people who won't get it. We love to cruise and so do my kids but there's plenty of other things to do.  Not being a lab rat for a virus with a 99.6% survival rate. 

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  15. 18 hours ago, Mariketa said:

    No, I won't go. I think they might require vaccines at first, and I think they'll initially find a lot of vaccinated people to cruise. But long term, if you think about the number of people who won't even get the flu vaccine (about 55%), the cruise lines are eliminating half of the people who will cruise by requiring it. Some people just aren't going to take them because they want no part of any entity dictating what they put in their body, others are wary of a vaccine rushed through so quickly, etc. So at first, it might work to only let on vaccinated passengers, but long term, the cruise lines will let go of that requirement so they can recuperate their losses from being out of commission for so long. And to those of you who enjoy making jokes about people who won't get it, do you wonder why you don't get more people saying they won't get it? Why bother, you've used the masking and vaccinations as a way to showcase your virtue, people pick up on that, they don't want to deal with you.

    Great post.

  16. 2 minutes ago, sdrocks said:

    My husband had a bad reaction after second Pfizer dose.  Became totally disoriented and then unresponsive.  Went to hospital by ambulance.  Is good now, but it was very scary.  Had right arm tremors too, the arm where he was vaccinated.

    exactly, so if he had that bad of a reaction there's no doubt there are people dying from it.  I'll take my chances of a virus with a 99.6% survival rate.

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  17. 48 minutes ago, livingonthebeach said:

    The Utah medical examiner issued the following statement regarding the 39 year old's death:


    "Utah’s chief medical examiner urged the public not to jump to conclusions about the death of a 39-year-old woman four days after she received the second dose of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine — insisting there is no evidence the jab was connected to her passing."

    Do you think the lying, cheating media would really even tell you if she did die of the vaccine?

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