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  1. We are scheduled on a cruise leaving Vancouver for Alaska on May 15. There is no way this can possibly happen, with Canadian ports closed to cruise traffic till Jul 1... and I am just waiting to see if the other shoe drops and Princess will begin cancellations soon. The deal for us is this was a big cruise, with pricey cabins with our elderly parents and we will not have time to book anything else this year AND we already have another type of long vacation planned for 2021. So, there will be no way we will be able to use a FCC by the end of 2021.
  2. Totally agree. The obvious. primary concern of this is the human sickness and possible death of some. But the snowball effect is so widespread. Each shut down, affects another process and more people. Sitting here feeling sad that I will miss a long awaited vacation feels selfish, but that is the human reaction I suppose. In Texas, I feel that our leaders are doing a good job of making good decisions for the communities. But the far reaching aspect of this is yet to be seen. Godspeed to all
  3. my point is from a conversation earlier in the thread that cruise lines have not had time to make any changes yet. Don't be a meanie
  4. I was just able to select a June cruise for Vancouver.
  5. I just saw this in a catalog I received. https://www.vivehealth.com/products/inflatable-foot-rest It weighs 1.39 pounds
  6. We booked a guarantee for ME mini suite on the small ship Pacific Princess back in June 2019 for a May 2020 sailing and I realize it could be departure day before we know our cabin number. I would be happy with any mini on this ship, but on some of the larger ships, that would not be a true statement. I have a seen a few minis come and go at higher prices over the months. This is our first time booking guarantee and I guess I am just curious how this process works. If the ship is booked full, who gets bumped?
  7. My question is for those of you who have recently cruised or could be on a ship now. We have not been on Princess since 2017 (we had the paper cards then) but are sailing again in May 2020 on a ship that does not have the Medallion. Typically we buy 2 coffee packages. My husband will go down to IC with both cards and get us each a cup of brewed black in the morning while I am still getting dressed and enjoying a slow start, vacation morning. It was never a problem and usually the barista would see him coming after the first couple of days and just pour the coffee without looking at the card(
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