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  1. Many thanks for that information Eglesbrech.
  2. Haven’t cruised with P&O for a number of years but booked on Iona 2021. I know that gratuities are no longer required but are there charges for special guest appearances? Or even theatre shows. Thanks for any information.
  3. Thanks capriccio for the information. We are sailing from Southampton round trip to Canada and New England 24 nights, with 5 days across the Atlantic both ways, so we might be lucky!
  4. Anyone recently cruised on Sapphire Princess able to give feedback on internet on how good it is regarding speed, connectivity and is it worth prepaying before our cruise in September? Looking to purchase a package pre cruise. Thanks
  5. Thanks all for your answers, will do as mentioned. Pam
  6. Thank you, ashhill, will do.
  7. Are wine glasses available for your use in all grade of Cabins or is it on request. We are sailing on Sapphire from Southampton a couple of months time. Thank you for any replies.
  8. I am having problems booking excursions, every port I've tried says there is a conflict. I am able to purchase drinks, internet, speciality dining etc. Spoke to Princess in UK who also can't see why, they are contacted USA for advice. Just wondering if anyone else having this problem?
  9. Thank you, yes that site does clarify that we don't need an eta clearly. I don't think I went via that route. So no need to worry now. Thanks
  10. Cruising Southampton round trip Canada and New England cruise later this year. Already have our Esta for USA, looked on Canada ETA requirement and believe as we arrive on cruise ship into Canada don't need one as we don't fly in or out. Have I understood this right? Spoken to Princess and the agent agreed it was unclear! Suggested I asked on here as Cruise Critic Community are a wealth of information. Thanks for any help.
  11. Just to clarify, our points for Posh club weren't carried forward from our first cruise in 1996 as they said that cruises before 2000 don't qualify as there was no loyalty scheme. So our 13 night cruise in 1996 is excluded from the transfer of points, so we also don't get these additional 130 points.
  12. Yes we had what we wanted, only problem was I waited until 5pm for email but nothing arrived, so I rang and confirmation had been sent to an old email address we no longer have! Quickly rectified and confirmation received after a couple of minutes. Good customer service from P&O!
  13. Thank you all for your replies, I have just rang P&O Peninsular Club and they confirm that our points gained when it was called Portunus Club are transferred over to existing club. We also are treated as past cruisers to get booking discount. Waiting now to see which cabin we have been allocated on Iona, email sometime today! Once again thanks. Pam
  14. Having not cruised on P&O for a number of years, does anyone know if our points earned before the launch of Peninsular points are carried forward. We still have our loyalty number which was accepted when we pre registered for a future cruise on Iona for March 2021. If the points are carried forward is it same for same. Many thanks for any information that may be available.
  15. Thank you all for your replies, very helpful and it gives us the confidence to maybe do our own thing. I'll have to start searching what we'd like to see and do. The hoho will be on the list as said, gives an overview of so much we'd like to see. Thank you Pam
  16. Cruising in September from Southampton to Canada and New England. Arrive in New York and are docked there for 2 days. On our voyage personaliser excursions are showing but only for our first day. Spoken to Princess, first time was told second day excursions would be available when they are finalised in due course, rang again and was told no excursions would be available on second day as passengers would prefer to do their own thing! Would Princess really not want to provide excursions for 2nd day? We don't leave until 7pm. I am now waiting to hear from Princess after sending an email. Anyone have experience of being on a New York 2 day port of call. Thanks for any info. Pam
  17. Thank you Underwatr for your reply, most helpful. Pam
  18. We've sailed Cunard before on all three Queens, but this will be our first Christmas voyage. Is the Gala evening Christmas Ball on Christmas Day any more formal than other gala evenings? My husband will be wearing his tuxedo and I will wear a long dress but is there more of a theme? Thanks for any information you can give. Pam
  19. I don't know if your cruise will be the same but we've just returned from a 4 day cruise on QM2 Southampton to Hamburg and back to Southampton, our voyage personaliser also said smart attire. Once on board the second night was a gala night which we could either wear smart attire or participate in more formal wear. Most people were not wearing formal wear. Hope this helps and enjoy Hamburg.
  20. We are booked on our first Christmas cruise and wonder if we can expect different menus over the festive season, especially Christmas Day breakfast. At home we tend to have Bucks Fizz for breakfast with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, as a treat. Can we expect to be able to order something similar, we are in Princess Grill. Many thanks Pam
  21. We have a couple of cruises booked in Princess Grill for the first time and would like to know if bottled water is included in the suite, as it is in Queens Grill. The cruises are Qm2 and QE, can't see it on Cunard q and a. Thanks for any replies.
  22. We have just booked a club class mini suite on Sapphire Princess for September 2019, New England and Canada. A half bottle of both white and red wine is one of the things we are given according to Princess information. Does anyone know if this is per cabin or per person? Just wondering. Thanks for any replies.
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