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  1. We were on Regal Princess, first seacation from Southampton 31st July and we received our stateroom number during the Euro Finals on Sunday 11th July. I remember it well as it was the only thing I was excited about!
  2. We’re on Regal Princess at the moment and we are due to arrive tomorrow back to Mayflower terminal. We left from Ocean and our car will be at the correct terminal for us tomorrow enjoy your trip, we are and staff and crew are very happy to have us back. Lovely ship. Have fun.
  3. Having read my post again, I was referring to Princess app not being customer friendly, I hope you didn’t think I was being rude to you, it wasn’t what I intended. Sorry.
  4. My take on this is it isn’t very customer friendly, we aren’t new to cruising or to Princess but this is our first medallion cruise. It isn’t a very good impression for first time Princess cruisers, because it is such a mess. I’ll leave the app for a day or two and hopefully everything I’ve done so far shows up as it has before these last few weeks. We’re then ready for picking up our medallion and speedily boarded, yes!
  5. Pity Princess don’t advise on their web site about problems with app and when it will be rectified. Very frustrating for customers who are trying to get things sorted before sailing, we are sailing 31st July on their first short cruise from Southampton. We were in the green lane and wanted to see what entertainment we were being offered during this short break. Let’s hope that Southampton boarding isn’t as chaotic as the app is!
  6. After reading your post, I went on to the app, same thing happened to me, both my cruise booking references aren’t recognised, one of the cruises is the 1sr seacation leaving Southampton 31st July. That is if we ever get to board the ship!
  7. Medallion app now working and everything I’ve added still there, all boxes ticked ready to go in green lane.
  8. Same here, Our travel checklist we were green line ready to go, now orange with only Personal info and medallion pay green ticked. What has happened to the rest I don’t know.We sail 31st July, hope it all comes back soon, so frustrated! Don’t want to input everything again especially our early boarding in group A.
  9. We had no choice when I started booking, but more became available as the days went on. Trouble was I could book dining in all three but couldn’t cancel any! All sorted now though. Than you for your input, we’ve decided on Concerto.
  10. This was what I thought as we had the same problem on Ruby a few years ago, we kept getting to the wall and have to go up, across and down again. Thanks for your input
  11. When I first checked dine my way, only Symphony was available for 2 at the time we wanted, then I checked again and Concerto was an option so I booked that but couldn’t cancel my first choice. This week I noticed that Symphony had been cancelled and Allegro was available. Before I tried to cancel Allegro I wanted to know some opinions, so thank you.
  12. Yes I will, after all the problems we’ve had with the app, we hope it is plain sailing!
  13. Thanks for your reply skynight, I was asking about what would normally be shown in the daily patter, which now are on the medallion app as to what is schedule for your daily activities. Some of the things they want you to book for are theatre shows, afternoon tea, enrichment lectures etc. I think this is all down to Covid, as we are on the first cruise that Princess are leaving from Southampton on 31st July seacation.
  14. Thank you both, I think we’ll give the Allegro a miss, it sounds like the dining room we used on Ruby, so we’ll book Concert. Many thanks
  15. On the medallion app we’re currently booked for Concerto Dining room, but I’ve now notices that we can book Allegro dining room as well. Which would you choose and why? We are sailing from Southampton end of July on a seacation and our cabin has just been allocated on Riviera deck aft. Thanks for any replies
  16. We have sailed Princess before but not on Medallion class. My question is regarding activities which we have to book via the app. Previously on the daily patter it would indicate, if my memory serves me right, if there was an additional fee to pay. Am I assuming right that the app would also? I have reserved numerous activities and now wonder if when I board on 31st July I’ll see charges on my account! This is on Regal leaving Southampton . Thanks for your help
  17. Trying to book our dining on Regal princess U.K. 31st July. Of the 3 dining rooms available, which is the most favoured, we are on Riviera deck aft cabin and don’t mind a good walk. Thanks for any insight.
  18. We had our cabin assigned for 31st July sea action during Sunday’s football and advise by email! At least I was more excited than my husband was with the football result! As for arrival group, I think was was available about a week previous to that. We picked Group A 11.15 to 11.45 a.m. and all we need now is to pick up our medallion when we arrive in Southampton at check in as it is not posted to us who are U.K. sailings. Luggage labels showed our cabin number also once we had our email.
  19. Well, our July 31st boarding has just shown up on Medallion app for Regal Princess. Booked group A 11.15 to 11.45 which is great for us. Still no cabin assigned yet. Really feel like it’s now not long to wait!
  20. Following on, I’ve spoken to a lovely lady called Beth who checked my booking and could now advise me that we will be leaving from Ocean Terminal on 31st July and boarding will commence at 12.30 pm. They are still working on getting the app available so that we can book our slot for boarding, she also confirmed that as we are Platinum we will get priority. As for cabins, they are still working on them. Just keep trying over the next few days and hopefully they will show up , Beth also says that they are having a team meeting later today to update them on what is happening and she will certainly raise these questions. Get our cruise sorted then hopefully it will be all systems go for the August ones here in UK. All we need now is Boris to update us later with all the good news!
  21. Alpha whiskey, no we haven’t had our cabin assigned yet either. I am currently on hold waiting for Princess to answer the phone for the last 20 minutes, I’ll hang up once I’ve finished my coffee! Trying to get through to them is a nightmare, I try and try but end up giving up, if I get any news I’ll post info.
  22. Here in U.K. boarding choice is still not available for our Regal Princess 31st July from Southampton 3 nighter and we’re 27 days before sailing!
  23. We are on 13th December cruise transferred from QV to QE and received our new invoice on 1st July. When we received the advice of the changes it mentioned that final balance would be changed from 90 days to 30 days before departure. As the new invoice still shows 14th September as final payment date, I ‘ve contacted Cunard for confirmation when final payment is due. I will probably pay before the date but it will be nice to keep the money a little longer!
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