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  1. We are sailing on the Oasis in 2 weeks. One of the stops is Port Canaveral. We would like to meet friends who live in Florida for lunch. Is there a way for them to pick us up near the ship???
  2. We are leaving tomorrow on the Liberty of the Seas. We were supposed to go to Bermuda , but got the dreaded email.. We are going to Saint John New Brunswick instead due to bad weather. While docked overnight in Bermuda the casino opens at 9pm. Can anybody tell me if the casino will open or stay closed on the overnight in Canada? Also any suggestions of what to do there???
  3. When you board ship go to one of the specialty restaurants and you can make the reservation there.
  4. What is the best place to spend the day with a 3 year old? Is there a splash zone or anything like that there?
  5. They supply distilled water on the ship?
  6. I am pretty sure if you are using the mobile app you can just pick times for everyone and do everything else at a later time
  7. I haven't been to Labadee in many years. Which beach has the least rocks when entering ocean?
  8. We are sailing on the Liberty to Bermuda in September. It has been a while since sailing on Freedom Class. Can you prebook any shows beforehand or is it omly available when you board?
  9. I need the email for the Oasis concierge. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I don't think the beach club passes are added to any of the 2024 cruises yet. If they were sold out they would show as sold out. I have 3 cruises booked for next year and none of them have the beach club passes available to book. They are probably waiting to see what ridiculous price they can possibly charge.🤨
  11. I got 402 and my husbamd got 404. They told me that 401, 402, & 403 could not be combined with 404 for a JS. Mow I understand why!
  12. Can the Suite Concierge make lunch reservations for you at Coco Beach Club? The last time we were there we were not in a suite and we had to take either kind of early or kind of late.
  13. Thank you for this info. We are currently booked in a CLS and I am going to leave it at that!!
  14. Which deck is the best to choose for Aquatheatre Suite on Oasis?
  15. Is there still a buy one get 1 free benefit on nights 1 and 2 offered for Diamond Plus?
  16. I just did this about 10 days ago. I got a new confirmation by email after it was processed showing onboard credit. You can also go to the cruise planner and it will show the onboard credit available to use for pre-cruise purchases if you want.
  17. I have had the salmon at lunch and dinner many times. It is very good.
  18. There is also Ken Froom tours as well
  19. Cruise is 7/21. I was already contacted by concierge. I wanted to make all my dining reservations
  20. Does anybody know the email address for the suite concierge on The Adventure?
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