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  1. I know in the USA they class it as the 1st floor, but, in the UK it classed as the Ground Floor and the 1st is actually what you'd class as the 2nd. So you may need to be careful what you ask for. Or you may find yourself climbing a flight of stairs. All pubs and restaurants are required by law to have a 'Disabled Toilet' on the ground floor.
  2. If one of your ports is in Guernsey, then you shouldn't pay VAT, as they are classed as being outside the EU for Customs and VAT purposes. Similar to Gibraltar and the Canaries.
  3. Don't know if you've been before, so here are some photos for you.
  4. Always keep a copy of your final statement. If any extra charges appear on your CC afterwards, just challenge them with your credit card issuer and provide them with a copy of your final bill. They will then stop all payments to the cruise line, the cruise line will soon amend the amount, as they don't want to lose the entire amount..
  5. This is what I see on my windows desktop using chrome browser.
  6. It all depends if you have to go through automated ticket barriers. But normally they'll be manned by a station operative and they'll let you through. But can't be certain, it all depends on who's in work on the day. My wife's done it a few times ticket is from Cardiff, but she's got on at Newport and the guards have been fine.
  7. Yes, and even if you couldn't, it would just require you to insert it into the machine and enter your PIN.
  8. Linda Thanks for the quick reply, I remember you doing the blog so did a search for it. Especially as your from the UK and did the same tour. David.
  9. Hi We're doing the same tour/cruise next Feb. Was just wandering what you did for local currency, especially for Argentina. At the moment it's not possible to purchase Argentina Pesos in the UK. Where you able to get some in the UK and if so, roughly how much did you take. Thanks David.
  10. Does that mean Graham Seymour will be back on for the beginning of October???
  11. If you do online checkin 24hrs before, you can choose your seat then. So no waiting for checkin at the airport. All the times we've flown with BA, we've never been seated apart when choosing our seat at the online checkin 24hrs before flight.
  12. P&O UK, a British cruise line and part of the Carnival Corp have kettles in all rooms on all their ships no matter where in the world they're sailing. So, I say yes, it's what Brits want.
  13. And for future reference... it's Southampton. All one word and one 'h'.
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