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  1. Does anyone have a review of NCL Land and Sea? wondering what you liked and didn't. Where do they have you stay in Fairbanks and Denali?
  2. I pack my own fan and have never had it taken. I ask for an extension cord, and that hasn't been an issue either.
  3. We’ll be there with you.
  4. Thank You for your review. We were thinking of doing the golf carts on Bimini, but heard they get stolen. Apparently you had a great experience.
  5. Did you go to Puerta Plata? If so, what did you do?
  6. Did you hear of anyone who did the “Snorkle and Boat Party @Sosua Beach” in Puerta Plata?
  7. Has anyone done the Snorkel and Boat Party at Sousa Beach ( Puerto Plata) ?
  8. Great review , thank you. We get on in Sept. with this same itinerary.
  9. If I test positive and my friends who are sharing to cabin are negative....will they be denied boarding?
  10. Northern Aurora, you say you live in Anchorage. We board the ship in Seward, do you know if the town has a place to purchase wine before we board?
  11. LEXMILLER, totally agree. If people are fearful, compromised, or elderly, maybe they should take necessary precautions or not travel.
  12. Not much about this testing makes sense. We know some of these tests aren't even accurate. It's sad that there are still people afraid of this virus that is not going away.... 😒
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