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  1. My TA got the same answer as yours CM.
  2. Did a circle South America cruise way back in 2007 on the Mariner. We spent 14 days cruising down the Amazon. Terry Breen and Jean Michel Cousteau were on board so the enrichment lectures were very good. In Manaus we got up at the crack of dawn and accompanied the chef and hotel manager to the fish and produce markets and in the evening Regent booked the opera house just for the passengers. They took food, drinks and beautiful ice sculptures to the lobby of the opera house where we had a preconcert cocktail party before attending the performance of the Manaus Symphony Orchestra
  3. The World also has a food and beverage charge. Several years ago it was $40,000 per year and has probably gone up. Use it or lose it.
  4. Go over to the Celebrity board and find the thread “Live from the first cruise in the pandemic.” Interesting reading.
  5. We did a similar itinerary last year on the Seabourn Sojourn. I have been to Alaska 15 times including twice on our own boat from Vancouver. Many cruise lines advertise the Inside Passage but really don’t do it. Seabourn did and the scenery is spectacular! The cruise into Misty Fiords is beautiful and the ship anchors there for several hours while the zodiac excursions are carried out. You cannot get off the ship so if you want to explore further you will have to purchase the excursion. Sitka is a great port with lots of history. Docking is not always guaranteed so tendering is a pos
  6. ONCruiser, I think we might have been booked on the same cruise and we both received our refunds at approximately the same time. I highly doubt I used your travel agent and I did not, nor did my agent ever call Seabourn. So maybe they might be refunding according to specific cruises. I am grateful that we did not have to wait as long as some of the others but I still feel their pain!
  7. I just checked my credit card this morning and have been fully refunded for our cruise 5/31. BTW, I am not located in the USA. Thank you JPH814 for all your hard work in maintaining this refund roll call.
  8. Cruise 5-31-20 Rec’d email from Seabourn 4-14-20 advising cruise cancelled Requested full refund 4-14-20 Having doubts a refund will ever be issued, I filed a dispute claim with CC provider 5-5-20
  9. Does anybody know if you have to subscribe to Word Press to be able to comment on Captain Mercer’s blog?
  10. Does anybody know if the hair dryers on the Soujourn are the ones mounted on the bathroom wall or are they the hand held type?
  11. I think I acted too hastily as we have already made final payment and from what I have read regarding the referral coupon, it must be submitted before. So please disregard my request.
  12. We are doing our first Seabourn cruise next month, September, to Alaska. can anyone help out with a referral coupon. Many Thxs.
  13. September is a great month to go. The salmon are spawning and Creek Street in Ketchikan is solid with salmon. There is also usually a few seals putting on a show while helping themselves to the buffet. The creeks and streams in Sitka are also full of spawning salmon and if you are a shopper, many of the seasonal stores have huge sales to clear out their merchandise before the end of the cruise ship season. I never figure the weather to be a factor. Been there 13 times and have had hot temps in May and September and chilly, rainy days in the middle of summer. Just be prepared for
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