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  1. Once there is a vaccine and my family and I are inoculated - first thing I am doing is booking a sailing! Hoping to sail next spring! Bob
  2. Great perspective Jeni - totally agree on all your comments (as well as all your informative posts - esp liked your perspective and posts about the new president of seabourn ) Being a recent seabourn passenger - would definitely be more comfortable on a seabourn ship in the future vs a mass market line (don’t think we can ever go back after seabourn actually!) or perhaps a river cruise. Once a vaccine is out and widely available I can see the industry ramping back up quickly - I know that’s when we will be sailing again.
  3. Thank you all for comments on my vaccine question - after I posted I mentioned my question to my wife and she responded with a similar statement about countries that require vaccinations prior to travel....so maybe this will be the case in the future for cruising one a vaccine is available. Sign me up ! Would give me some piece of mind at least on the ship with fellow passengers and crew.
  4. Living 15 miles outside of Manhattan it is so sad to see what is currently happening in the rest of the US after everything NY and our neighboring states did successfully to try to contain the virus and bring about some sense of a new normal to life. Resigned myself to the fact that until a vaccine is out, widely available and I am inoculated - ANY cruise is out of the question. Wondering if once a vaccine is out - will it be a requirement to show proof of inoculation? Do you think a cruise line could make that a stipulation / requirement for sailing?
  5. I was impressed by the email I received earlier - luv the fact that he is a vacation defender! Can't wait to be back on board in 2021 Bob
  6. KKsunfun Thank you for the great video - we were lucky enough to sail on the Odyssey mid January - your video brings back WONDERFUL memories and it is what is getting me thru these tough times without a cruise booked for the foreseeable future 😪 I do have my eye set on Alaska for next year - on the Odyssey again! fingers crossed !
  7. One your receive your refund - speak with your spending and sail with one of the other lines who you feel has handled this situation better.
  8. SLSD - so true unfortunately. Every company/organization is holding onto every dollar they can. I work in the ad industry - clients have extended payments to us for MONTHS past their standard payment terms for television/radio/digital/print/outdoor placements that occurred going all the way back to pre-covid times. They did not ask us - they told us. We in turn are not paying the radio and TV stations - until we are paid. It is a vicious circle everyone is playing. Is it right - no. But what choice do we have? Customers can only respond with their dollars (when they have them back in hand) once the industry is sailing again. And I agree with an earlier poster - read every other board - it is happening to everyone effected with a cancelled sailing. If by chance there is a cruise line out there that is the exception - then I guess we know where all the frustrated posters will be sailing. I for one will be on Seabourn as soon as I can !
  9. Fletcher - FABULOUS PHOTO! Thought I would add our lunchtime photo from our sailing when it was the food of Mexico for lunch 😉 Best way to start lunch!
  10. Koalapanda Would that be Jose on the Odyssey? If so...that is a very small world! After a somewhat stand-offish waiter in The Restaurant the first evening - we were fortunate enough to be seated in Jose's section the second evening - and he took great care of us every evening after that for the remainder of the sailing! And we always tried to grab an outside table in the mornings in his section to the left 😉 !
  11. My pleasure rkacruiser - the memories of that cruise are what is getting me thru these unprecedented times - now and for the foreseeable future or at least until a vaccine is available. Already told my wife and my adult kids/with their significant others that as soon as a vaccine is out and available we are talking that long overdue family get away. One thing that this situation has opened my eyes to is to live in the present and enjoy what you have and don't take anything for granted! I look at the Seabourn site every day - can't tell you how many (of the same!) searches I do looking at sailings for next year! Will be back on that outside deck of the Colonade at some point !
  12. Fortunate enough to be on a January Caribbean sailing only 4 short months ago (seems like a lifetime ago looking back now) and enjoying a leisurely breakfast outside every morning that would last sometimes longer then I care to say! with our closest friends. We would joke with each other at how long our breakfasts would last over way to many cups of coffee! Nothing better then a relaxing early morning in the Caribbean when it is freezing and snowing in NY! Looking forward to when we will be doing that again in the future !
  13. Just announced / posted on cruise industry news. Cancelled thru oct / nov depending on the ship.
  14. Totally agree - be upfront and bite the bullet. Well Done Seabourn Seabourn is not Carnival and neither are her passengers or her sailings. While it is a tough pill to swallow there is to much uncertainty in the world right now - how will passengers get to ports - what ports if any will be open and accepting ships - and even if they do - what will be the state of the country one is trying to visit.
  15. John Funny you mention the linen mist - my wife sprayed it on our pillows the other night - told me to enjoy it since I would not be smelling it on a Seabourn sailing for the very near future😔 she is in the camp of no sailing until a vaccine is out and we are inoculated - along with a flu shot AND the pneumonia shot as she reminded me we are fast approaching that age bracket. Told her as soon as we are inoculated we am booking a sailing!
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