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  1. Thanks so much for taking us along! Bon Voyage! ❤️⚓️🚢
  2. Bon Voyage, John & LaLa, Thanks so much for taking us along with you, really appreciate your efforts!
  3. Thanks CJSKIDS for this great idea! I am also in Miami, like you, but in the Kendall (Southwest) area. We ventured out to two grocery stores and a pharmacy today wearing masks and gloves. We wanted to do three things at once so as to make full use of our very limited supply of masks and gloves. About a third of the people shopping were also wearing masks and gloves. We were able to get pork chops, bananas, tomatoes, and some other basic food, along with some over-the-counter medicine from CVS, so we are happy. Now we plan to stay home for the immediate future. It is nice to s
  4. We recently flew from Miami to Barcelona on AA to cruise on the Sky Princess from Barcelona to Ft. Lauderdale. I had our two medallions in my carry on bag. No problem at all. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. Thanks so much for your live review and pictures! I have been waiting for somebody to do this, and we will be joining you a week from today in Barcelona.
  6. I was able to upload the photos OK, although they weren't exactly centered, but apparently, good enough. Like you, I had trouble scanning our passports because of the glare. I tried quite a few times, with no success. Finally, I asked my husband to stand directly in front of the window where the light was coming in (even though I had closed the blinds), so that I could see his shadow on my I-Phone screen. I asked him not to move until I had finished scanning. He agreed to do this, and I did manage to scan our passports. It wasn't exactly easy. Happy to report that we re
  7. dides, Thanks so much for your great review and pictures! We will be boarding the Sky on Nov. 17, and now know so much more about the ship. Welcome home, and thanks again! Barbara
  8. Thanks, Jim, We are on the Sky Princess with you, but boarding in Barcelona. Glad we don't need to be home to sign, I'll be looking for ours on Tuesday. Barbara
  9. Mine was exactly like yours today. There is a "!" on the travel docs circle, although all of our info is there. It also says medallions on the way, but I have not received any email with a tracking number. Hopefully this is all just another Medallion glitch. We are sailing on Nov. 17.
  10. Thanks, Lew, We certainly hope she ports in Barcelona on Nov. 17! One day at a time, and hope for the best!
  11. Thanks for this good news, like many others we are boarding in Barcelona on Nov 17.
  12. Looking forward to your review and pics. We board the Sky in Barcelona for the transatlantic.
  13. Thanks to everyone who answered my question! You guys are the best!
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