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  1. My daughter and I will be on the Splendor October 18, Venice to Istanbul God willing. 😁
  2. What time of year were you there? Any suggestions?
  3. Well, couldn’t resist. Booked on the thanksgiving cruise. Can’t wait!
  4. It’s been a long time since I’ve sailed. Crystal used to be all inclusive but I’m not seeing that now on their website. Comments?
  5. You go Frank del Rio!! He’s been patient (to a degree) but he’s been pushed to the wall. im proud of him
  6. I have a stateroom 9 aft about 3 from the very back. There are no obstructions there, are there? I thought the balconies looked a bit larger.
  7. Booked my 2 daughters and me for august 7th. It has been years since I’ve been on Crystal so not only am I ready to sail again but to try Crystal again. Clever of their management to do the Bahamas. I’ve been sailing another line the last few years, so this will be informational for me.
  8. They did, in fact, slide my current reservation over to October. Yea Regent.
  9. I am using my FCC to slide over. My trip has been cancelled once before, and this will be the 2nd time. Can’t understand why they can’t slide it again to our preference right now as the current one shows waitlisted. It would save a lot of extra work.
  10. I’m amazed that you, “shippy”, got rebooked without a deposit. That’s fabulous and the way it should be. I’m afraid my May Greek Isles will be cancelled, and I’ve told my agent what trip and staterooms I would like when it is cancelled. I have to pay deposit. Not happy about that as there is a significant amount tied up on my back to back already. We will see how I’m treated.
  11. What order takes us to November 1st? What have I missed. ?
  12. As I stated under another thread about sailing of 2021, ships are really being held hostage. Airlines fly with passengers sitting seat to seat to seat, trains are traveling, buses across the country and in the city, any kind of transportation, yet ships where there can be separation they won’t let sale. Also if we realize that our future cruise credit for a trip coming up in May and June we feel will be canceled, why are we being charged a deposit to hold another cruise with Regent. That just is not fair. We feel like our May and June cruises will not go, so we want to get the accommodations w
  13. I believe the ships are being held hostage. Airplane passengers sit seat to seat to seat. All other forms of transportation are being allowed to move about. Let the ships sail again.
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