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  1. My late husband and I have done both independent tours and ship tours. Oceania’s and Regent’s tours became our preference. Now alone, I’ve continued with the ship tours and have found them very good. Please don’t look at them as a negative experience. Take advantage of their tours. Of course some will be better than others, but that occurs on independent tours as well. The ship won’t sail if a sponsored tour is not back on time.
  2. Well, I jumped on this offering. Great solo fares. Since my husband died, I have had some horrendous solo fares limiting my travels. I’ve been to the Caribbean many, many times but there is always something to do as well as the enjoyment of Crystal itself. Gotta gamble a bit unless we want to confine ourselves for an indefinite time.
  3. Received refund for October 28 TA THIS WEEK END. Woo hoo. Sad we can’t take that trip. Fabulous TA itinerary. Pray O comes out of this. I’ll be right back with them.
  4. Bornfreenoexpensive - same with me. Must have bee on the same trip - transatlantic?
  5. Must have thought I was sitting on deck having too many vodkas when I typed “abu Dubai”. Too funny.
  6. Travelcat, which cruise are you on that is Turkey and Greece now? And where did you see the new itinerary. My cruise is June 14 and thought maybe that was yours also.
  7. Travelcat, which cruise are you on that is Turkey and Greece now? And where did you see the new itinerary.
  8. Just to clarify, if my June14 cruise is cancelled (it will be), I fall under Regent reassurance which only gives me FCC or will it allow a full refund? I’m so confused. I read where some folks are getting a full refund for their cruise, some an FCC, some a combination. this is a boiling pot for sure.
  9. Thank you. I found the one for which I was looking
  10. Can someone direct me to an article I read concerning the debt issue of NCLholdings. I’m unable to remember who posted it.
  11. Not to place anymore worry on our already worried minds, but I was reading an article on the debt issue of NCL (can’t find it right now but it was in a posting on Cruise Critic) and it didn’t look good. Would someone like to comment on this?
  12. papaflamingo, that is somewhat incorrect. You lose more than $100. My final is due 3/16, and I have a $4,000 + deposit which will be lost if I cancel, plus the insurance which I bought. That does not include bankruptcy either. That may be the best loss to cancel anyway rather than losing $30,000. I wish Regent could give us a little better guarantee that the "reassurance" plan in the event of a major loss. I love Regent, but I'm not is a position to lose $30,000.
  13. We are supposed to be on this trip, June 12, with 2 days precruise. Have not received any info to cancellation or itinerary change and final is due Monday, 3/16. Any comments or advice.
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