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  1. hello js10. we have just returned from a short break in Belfast and surrounding area, and can highly recommend Vale cabs Belfast. Billy is a self employed taxi operator running a new Audi A8. We had a wonderful trip with him ,he was very informative of his native Belfast and tailored the tour to our needs . He can be contacted at valecabsbelfast dotcodot uk The Giants Causeway,and rope Bridge are now run by National Trust so if you have a membership remember and take it with you, then entrance is free. Hope you have a wonderful trip and the weather is kind to you. We have a wonderful country you will be made most welcome.
  2. We are sailing on the Discovery on 14th Jan 2018. Having looked at the deck plan we notice there is an adult only sun terrice at the back of the Spa called the Varanda. Does anyone know if there is a charge for this area ,and if so how much. We cannot find any detailed description of the area,hence posting this question.
  3. lanarkshire lad

    southampton airport pre-book taxi or wait in queue

    your correct thur.26 not 27
  4. lanarkshire lad

    southampton airport pre-book taxi or wait in queue

    Thanks to all for advice re train. Plenty of time ,so will do so. Chris and Lynn(2015) its a small world ,THe Ventura trip in the Carribean was most enjoyable. We are trying a trans Atlantic this time on Britannia ,should be interesting!!!
  5. We are ariving at Southampton Airport from Scotland ,mid morning Thursday 27th Oct for Britannia cruise leaving on Friday What are the waiting times like at a taxi rank? or is it better to pre book .
  6. lanarkshire lad

    Thermal suite on Britannia

    Good for the update hope they have got their problems sorted out. We flit between Princess and P&O. Princess definitely has the edge. But P&O cheaper for bar prices and tips, Swings and roundabouts me thinks. Thanks again
  7. lanarkshire lad

    Thermal suite on Britannia

    Thank you Florry ,very much for your answer. As we have 9 sea days will be happy to use on the odd day
  8. lanarkshire lad

    Thermal suite on Britannia

    Thank you Jones and shopping girl, for price of thermal suite and advice re entertainment, Shopping girl was the £250 for 2 for 2weeks or £250 each?
  9. lanarkshire lad

    Thermal suite on Britannia

    We are doing the Trans Atlantic on Britania next week. Does anyone know how much booking the thermal suite for he duration of the cruise cost . We cannot find the answer on P&O site.
  10. lanarkshire lad

    British isles cruise

    large cruise ships cant get under Forth rail bridge to go to Rosyth so must tender at South Queensferry
  11. lanarkshire lad

    P&O boarding times?

    Hi, We are on Britanna T/A in Oct. we have just printed of our E ticket the colour at the top of the ticket is blue. We are Caribbean Teir . It is a long time since we have travelled P&O from Southampton . Previously with priority boarding our tickets were green in colour to signify at a glance we had priority boarding . Can anyone advise if this has changed from green to blue.
  12. lanarkshire lad

    Ventura Ocean View cabin - Picture Window?

    sorry my mistake i was looking at azura deck plan
  13. lanarkshire lad

    Ventura Ocean View cabin - Picture Window?

    Hello minieyorkie, All cabins on Ventura on P deck are picture windows. An alternative is to price an obstructed view on select fare .so you can pick your cabin. To see what cabin is best go to https://sites.google.com/site/cabinviewbyrenmar/ this will show you Princess Ships choose Crown, Emerald and Rubby . These are built the same as Ventura and Azura. Pictures from each window shows how much obstruction you will have ,some a lot some very little . This will give you an idea if its worth going fror a non obstruction or not. If you choose one of these request no upgrade as you might end up with a bigger obstruction
  14. lanarkshire lad

    Ventura Ocean View cabin - Picture Window?

    Hello John, On the ships cabin plan they look as if they are balcony cabins,am I enterprating this wrong.?
  15. lanarkshire lad

    Taking alcohol on board

    We are doing a T/A on Britannia can you still get a bottle spirits to drink in the cabin from room service? is so aprox. cost