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  1. It's a super easy process done at the b2b meeting.... you get official results with your docs on turn around day, but if no one tackles you i the 3 or so hours after your test, you can assume you're negative lol 😉 Also, we honestly spent the first week socializing normally with people onboard, but almost never took the elevator.. off ship we wore masks whenever indoors or in crowds... had a fantastic & worry free trip both legs 🙂 enjoy your cruises !
  2. Hi Kat, now I had to look up the Denver Biscuit Company... dang, biscuits w/gravy are one of my all time favorite breakfasts 🙂 sounds like you know which friends to invite lol 😉 Then again, there is something about the joy of solo travel & being able to make all of your own decisions...
  3. Kat, I had to look up the ribolitta, it sounds heavenly! My car is still in the shop so I'm going to ride my bike to work in a few minutes... it's a beautiful day today here as well, feels like fall 🙂 & you, organizing your friends individual dietary needs in France & Italy 😬if you do that you are a better person than I am lol 😉
  4. Cynthia, congrats! that's an exciting adventure to go on, & you definitely have the upper hand, going from a SFR to a condo... that's a move I want to make someday, for the same reasons, a townhome, where we lock the door & can come back weeks later... we're still a few years from reaching that goal though 🙂 good luck & I hope your offer gets accepted 🙂
  5. Hi, I'm finally able to get my iPad to work, try logging out, & rebooting, then log in again... & keep those fingers crossed lol 😉 maybe some pixie dust lol
  6. thank you, this is what I was wondering, will send underthings that don't need pressing in a separate bag 🙂
  7. thank you Kat! Yes, housing is crazy...I feel sorry for first time buyers right now... We had some fantastic rain yesterday, but it's sunny & beautiful today... the bright spot of your gloomy weather is that the smoke for the fires should be gone in your area, am I right? Enjoy your planning... it's so much more fun than working 🙂
  8. fun topic, 🙂 I usually will buy a few items for our cruises, which somehow tend to be all cold weather cruises... we don't have much of need for base layers where we live, so I've slowly added to our light layers & waterproof items over the years 🙂 For our upcoming cruise in a few weeks though, I'd like to try & shop "in-person" something I haven't truly done in a few years... (does costco or target count, lol) I have popped in a tjmaxx once or twice, but I've given up on those as I only very occasionally have good luck there. I need to breech an actual Nordstrom or Anthropologie.. I'd love to get a cute, short sparkly dress for the gala nights.. if not that, then maybe a cute, sparkly sleeveless top to pair with a long silk skirt... knowing me I 'm going to end up buying it online 😂
  9. Hi all 🙂 I've pre-purchased the unlimited laundry package as well as the pressing package... does this mean I can just mark the things in my laundry bag that I'd like to be pressed daily? I plan on packing very lightly for this trip & will be sending out laundry daily... or perhaps I should send out separate bags, one for use laundry (such as undergarments, swim suits) & a second bag for laundry + pressing. Any insights from those who have had both packages would be appreciated... I've had the laundry package on HAL before, but not the pressing. TIA 🙂
  10. Hank, maybe "opportunity of a lifetime" is a better name for it... all I know is that we are grabbing the opportunity while it lasts, & I know quite a few others who are enjoying the same wonderful choices... I also can't foresee any of the requirements lessening over the next few years, other than in a few months, vaccination proof will extend the new groups that will be eligible. 🙂 happy sailing!
  11. It has been for us, what didn't you like about your recent ones? I also should add: the food also improved, even MDR dishes were better, I suppose because there are so fewer guests to serve... also, almost no kiddos on board which may be a plus or minus depending on your outlook 🙂
  12. Being that your cruise isn't until February, things really could change over the winter... so if you do decide to switch, keep in mind you may just end up with masks on anyway... We're on HAL in a little over 3 weeks, their mask policy indoors is similar to princess, we will adapt & have a great time 🙂 happy sailing!
  13. I have to agree with @Hlitner since being full vaccinated we've traveled a bit & thoroughly enjoyed it... some people have the ability & desire to adapt, & some don't... we're definitely in the former group & we're enjoying our travels & cruises greatly... wish we were retired, because this is the new "golden" age of cruising... no crowds, happy crew, & guests that have for the most part self selected themselves as happy go lucky, adaptable types, so far it's made for some happy sailing 🙂
  14. Hi Lois, it sold, & is closed thank goodness! It sold in less than a week for a lot more than we were asking & closed when we were on our cruise.. so grateful & happy to have that behind us... I mean really, really happy... it was so much work... I wish we were like the people on TV who have someone do it all for them 😉 & also, we did put hardware on the french door in the kitchen, I just noticed in the photo there isn't any lol 😉
  15. Hi we were in Iceland in late May a couple of years ago... whether or not yo plan to hike, you will be walking on unpaved, dirt & rock pathways if you plan on doing any sightseeing at all... to miss out on the waterfalls, geysers, rock formations, & fabulous beaches & cliffs would be a huge mistake in my opinion... I personally brought two pair of more rugged style boots to wear... we did have snow in May 😉 when I came home I immediately bought a barefoot hiking boot with a vibram sole....that or trail runners with a vibrum as mentioned by slidergirl would be your best bet. Bring a packable waterproof rain jacket for the waterfalls, you're gong to want to get up as close as possible, & if you're not waterproofed, you will get soaked, & I mean truly, completely soaked. we both had broad brimmed hats & wore our rain hoods over them, it allowed us to see, because otherwise the force of the water will blur your vision 🙂 Enjoy, it's one of my favorite places in the world!
  16. Hi ladies, happy Monday! Working from home as it’s pouring rain here (much needed). Going to try & post some pics of the house flip that consumed our summer. These are a few before shots:
  17. thank you for the clarification, so my "official" expiration date would be 15th January, 2022 🙂
  18. we flew home to LA on Alaska air a few weeks ago (From Seattle) , did the form for both of us online... our airline asked if we had done it, but did not ask for proof... it's very simple to do online......
  19. It actually didn't, which is surprising ... what we missed the most was the retreat... ( & we were practically the only ones using it lol) For our particular sailing there were some service issues in Blu tat were disappointing, so we made use of Specialty restaurants instead... we did the chef's table which was amazing, & Tuscan a couple of times... our sailings the weather was too cold/windy to use retreat deck... so that wasn't something we missed out on. Having the Persian Gardens second leg was wonderful.. We tried to do completely different things 2nd leg & was like being on a brand new cruise, except al the crew knew us already, it was just lovely! Enjoy!
  20. Ok, to clarify, my expiration date next to the hour glass is 15th of October, 2021... I was told the expiration date was officially extended to the manufacture one year date, which was 2nd February, 2021 (meaning my tests are usable through January, 2022... am I correct in this? We'll be using them in about 3 weeks. thank you!
  21. They said if it was more than a few hundred it would be problematic as they have to balance everything out on last night... I think we carried about $250 forward & it was fine 🙂
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