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  1. Thanks, I still would not want to be on one of those ships. Like my grocery store, I think many unvaccinated people feel they have the right to ignore rules. Maybe that's just true where I live.
  2. When I go to the grocery store the sign says "vaccinated customers do not need to wear masks, unvaccinated customers should still wear a mask" Almost no one has one on. Tennessee has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. So does ccl and rcl have a sign that says, "show us proof of vaccination if you want to"? How do they know?
  3. MI has been a very hard hit state, although they look very good right now. My wife's family is from MI, and several have had Covid. Lansing is very close to many of them, Owosso. At this point the problem seems to be at least partly political on both sides of the pond. Hope you get to visit your son soon.
  4. Frustrating for sure. We have a trip to Paris and London booked with miles USA-Paris(train)-London- USA. That's early Sept with travel from Paris to London on September 10. Gee, the cost to rebook miles and pay for seats as a round trip to Paris is crazy, and it gets worse almost daily. Well, I'll decide this weekend, or maybe wait on Mr. Johnson to give us the bad news next Thursday. What's another $1000 for air fare.😥 I miss that British sense of humor. Fish and Chips, Real Football, theatre(we'll miss two plays), etc.
  5. Does the USA allow UK tourist? I doesn't make sense to me to let UK citizens who've visited the US return if they have been vaccinated, but not let vaccinated US citizens visit. But we have nutty politicians in the US so..... I'll keep my fingers crossed for the moment.
  6. Hmmm, 12% humidity. What we would give for 12% in Nashville. I've always assumed you are in Portland, TN. (TN Titan)
  7. I'm there too, but the world is going to electronics only. I absolutely hate a phone for the internet, and use mine almost exclusively for calls and text. But we are going to two concerts, and they supposedly offer electronic tickets only. So everyone downloads them on their phone. Once downloaded I put the tickets on my home screen to make sure I won't be going nuts trying to find them. It never fails that a phone rings during the concert.😲 As phones get larger they might be as big as a tablet soon.🙂
  8. Ha, I remember all the engineering majors wearing a slide rule on their belt.. In my senior year they had mostly switched over to those tiny computers that cost a fortune.
  9. I thought that HAL had a ship wifi site that did not require data on our last 2 cruised. You used the ships wifi free and their site that provided several different types of information OTOH, perhaps this is something that I just dreamed? If true your ipad should work just fine. You can benefit from a smart phone without using data.
  10. Yep, best laid plans. I booked Hamilton and Agatha Christy 's The Mouse Trap. I haven't looked to see if they will let us change dates. I have a flight booked with miles back to the US. A big mess if things fall through. Hopefully we will know more on the 12th. At this point we'll just grin and bear it. Grateful to be alive and vaccinated.
  11. We are booked on Voyager, cabin 850. Almost all of the cabins that were more mid ship in that category were shown as taken when we booked. Suddenly all of those cabin are available. Any idea what happened? Group cancellation? Any known problems with with cabins 835-848? I've search, and all I could find was one complaint about some wood trim with a very bad squeak in rough seas in cabin 842.
  12. I booked a trip for Sept 3, 2021 spending a week in France, and then taking the train to London for a few days. No problem for us going to France, but as I understand it both The US and France will need to be upgraded to Green for us to visit London without having to isolate/quarantine for several days. I believe Boris Johnson has said things will open up on July 19. Do you expect that to happen? Covid cases in England have been going almost straight up, but have actually fallen the past few days. What do you think? Any idea when the announcement will be made? Thanks.
  13. Magnets: We have so many we can't recall where we got a few of them.😁
  14. Thanks Eager2travel, I had someone else offer in another thread. It was quick and painless. The sponsor just provides a little information to the new cruiser, so he can complete a form on the Regent website.
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