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  1. How do you look at available flights?
  2. I need only one injection on an eleven day cruise so I'll do what ever they want. It should be simple. Good to know about hotels too.
  3. I've started using a drug that is given using a click injector (like EpiPen). It is taken every 14 days and will need to be taken on the cruise we will be on in October. Will the ships medical facility let me dispose of the used injector at their facility? Anyone with experience with this? Or diabetes injection needles?
  4. Are there advantages to either. Is the price the same?
  5. We expect to book a West bound TA on Jade soon. One of the perks is the free unlimited open bar. What wines by the glass will likely be available? Any pictures of a alcoholic beverage menu showing wine by the glass?
  6. Sydney to DFW is about 16 hours. Another 1.5 to BNA. I'll take Qantas any day. LAX to NZ is about 12 hours. Some us in Nashville stay overnight in LA or Honolulu to break up the flights. Still not desirable, but better. At least it makes flying to Europe seem like a piece of cake. Third coast, north or south?
  7. Using your example you would have an average annual return on investment of roughly 22-24%. Not too shabby. I doubt there are many people who cruise on a CCL product that often, but if so it's a great investment. We have sailed on HAL once and Princess once in the last ten years. No other cruises on a CCl line, and around twenty cruises on other lines. Our cruise on the Zuiderdam to Iceland, Greenland and Norway last year was a very interesting and enjoyable cruise, and because we missed three ports we received a sizable credit for a future cruise. We now hope to soon take our second HAL cruise in about one year. More realistic for most people would be one CCL cruise per year. If the cruise is 14 days or more the OBC would be $250 and the dividends would be $200. If the cost of the cruise is $8000 the OBC amounts to an additional discount of 3%. That significantly increases the typical travel agent discount of 8-10%.
  8. You can also book with a different TA and also get the CCL shareholder OBC. I compared a big box store's price to other TAs for our next cruise, and big box was not the cheapest. Can one book with a big box and also get the shareholder OBC?
  9. The ports for a Canada/NE cruise are pretty much the same for all the cruises. Just guessing I'd say about 15-16 different ports. The cruise lines seem to be adding more though. Cattl331 provided the best link. I remember the restaurants and locations, but I don't recall names. Sorry Well FIVE FISHERMEN in Halifax.
  10. There is a play in town which might be available. Anne and Gilbert. You can book through the venue website or HAL. You might consider renting a car. Many US insurance companies cover rentals in Canada. Some travel credit cards also cover car rental as primary insurer. Anne of Green gables. We found the PEI very interesting. Eat mussels and raw oysters if you like them. They are different than the ones we get in NW FL. Saltier.
  11. You don't necessarily have to drag luggage across town. You should disembark near the Piazzale Roma. Maybe take a short tram ride from the ship. There are several hotels in the area. Antiche Figure is one of our favorite hotels of anywhere we've been. It is on a canal. Grand Canal? There are other hotels closer. Venice is small so any location is gonna be decent. TAD2005 gave good advice.
  12. All of these posts have been true. You might not like this, but I like the sedateness. The passengers are older. The ships have a roomy feeling. No music so loud that you can't have a conversation. You can find public places to relax and read. Very few out of control drunks. We go to bed, and sleep when we've had one too many. No fighting over seats at the evening shows. I've seen it on Princess. I hope you enjoy HAL. The onboard experience will not be like Carnival though. We've sailed on five other cruise lines. HAL and Celebrity are our first choice. Many things similar and a few differences
  13. Do the two of you use different credit cards? If not your gratuities alone will be about $30/day. Regardless, as Roz said, your card is not charged until the end of the cruise . All HAL charges accumulate until then. There is not an additional hold for daily charges,
  14. We used a credit card for almost every thing.you can get funds from an ATM if you need it. MC or Visa work best. Hopefully a "no foreign transaction fee" card. There are plenty available if yours is not. Use the airport in Amsterdam. We used cash for small purchases and tips for our tour guides. The ship also has currency, but not at a desirable exchange rate. VOV is one of the most interesting cruises we've been on.
  15. Fatcat 04 post has your information. SEVERAL ships are now non-smoking indoors including in the casino. On the Zuiderdam last fall smoking was allowed only outdoors on one deck. Deck 9. We did not sail on HAL for twelve years because of their smoking policy. They are finally getting into the 21st century.
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