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  1. Walfam mentioned a shuttle. Typically a fixed charge divided by the number of passengers or price per person.
  2. I recall being able to use the Princess website a few years ago, but I don't recall how. Is it possible to look at flights before booking. I use Matrix and Google flights.
  3. Maximum Medicare supplement coverage out of the US is $50,000 lifetime. OP might want to read the recent Forbes article "Best and worst travel insurance".
  4. I attempted to book a round trip from BNA to DTW using flying blue points. The flights were on Delta on July 20 and 24. I could not book the round trip so I booked one way for each flight. I booked on April 30 as my points were going to expire at the end of the day. I received a confirmation from KLM/flying blue for both flights. The miles were deducted from my account, 23k and 24k. The email confirmations were received at 6:52 and 6:56 pm. The difference was that the return flight said " not issued"next to our names. I though it was something that would clear up in a day or two. When I called flying blue they told me that the ticket would not have been issued until May 1 and my miles had expired. We have a 2.5 to 3 hour drive to DTW. I don't know how rush hour from Owasso will affect that time? We also need to return a car. The flight I booked 12:30pm is no longer available. The best flight is now 10:30 am or 10:30pm. Flying Blue gave me my points back and gave me 24 hours to book. The good news is I no longer have flying blue points. Anyone else experienced this or similar.
  5. Thanks for sharing. We are considering a Zaandam cruise this fall which departs from Montreal which we are looking forward to since we have never been there. It looks like there is a possibility that we will be bused to Quebec City. But, If you can't handle things like this happening you have no business traveling.
  6. Thanks for the replies. If we can't board timely on the first day I will contact HAL.
  7. HAL has a cruise that departs from Quebec City at 4pm on September 16. Boarding is the prior day so there is an overnight in Quebec City. How late on the first day can we board? What if we wait until the second day to board? I would not think that would be a problem. I've seen people catch up to a cruise, usually because of flight delays. Flights from our home to YQB arrive late and are expensive. We also requested to leave a cruise early last year, and received permission in writing.
  8. One or my favorite cities. I hope to see the Van Gogh museum again. However, if you are unaccustomed to bicycle traffic be prepared and look before crossing a bike path especially along a road.
  9. We are considering a seven night cruise to NE/Canada this fall. Both ships have the same itinerary between Montreal and Boston. I only see small differences in the ships. We prefer a balcony or small (cheap) suite. There's some difference there. Possibly an aft cabin? Same restaurants? Bars? Coffee/Crow's nest? We are not interested in the casino. If you have sailed on both what is really different?
  10. You and your husband have a good outlook on life. As my Dr. Said the other day when I ask about a cruise, "sure, you can't stop living". FWIW, I had the good fortune of having paddles used on me about six weeks ago. At least that's what I'm told. Fortunately I was in the hospital, and there were about six people around and on top of me when I came to. I would feel good about the use of an AED on a cruise ship.
  11. Prohibit indoor smoking. People have said in recent reviews that the smoke in the casino lingers and spreads to other areas.
  12. We are considering sailing on the Statendam in 2020, but given the gross tonnage and number of passengers it appears to have less space per passenger than Zuiderdam. Any thoughts? any areas that seem crowded? Theatre, Restaurants? Hopefully HAL will change the smoking policy before the fall of 2020.
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