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  1. Sorry, not KK. I only visit CC about once a week, and I get concerned when I don't see old friends posting. People that typically post several times when they visit. I don't post often, and I think it's because there seems to be very little to look forward to as far as sailing, and there are very few post about any topic.
  2. We know people that own travel trailers, and they are getting out. People want outdoors hoping to avoid crowds and indoor activities. We also know people that are using hotels, but most are at least somewhat uncomfortable do that. I don't know any older travelers that choose to eat at restaurants unless they can eat outside. Preexisting conditions for us so - - -
  3. Who's going to replace the US citizens? We typically spend January in FL. Not this year. Our friends won't be going either.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving from Tennessee. Wonderful people in Canada. Hopefully we will clean things up here, and be able to visit Canada again.
  5. Fall 2021 for Europe. Maybe not even then for Americans.
  6. We sailed on Jade in January-Feb 2010 to the Mediterranean including Egypt. The Hawaiian decor seemed somewhat out of place, but still one of our best cruises. We were booked on her TA from Rome to NYC which was scheduled to depart on 10-31-20. What a fantastic itinerary, and a chance to visit with old friends from the 2010 cruise. Ugh!
  7. I read nothing positive about BA business class. Since our flight will be during daylight hours we might fly premium economy on AA to either ORD or MIA. 3.25 hour layover including Customs in Chicago or make it a hotel stay in Miami. Neither of us is in the best health any more.
  8. Thanks, I'll keep looking. I thought the layout looked a little odd on the BA plane.
  9. The BA flights are quicker than other flights by a few hours. We can fly CDG-MIA_BNA for $155 or CDG-LHR_BNA for $382. The cost of seats round trip is $3000-6000 pp. That makes $382 + 57,500 miles seem not so bad. $6.50 +60,000 {UA} from BNA. We fly next May. I've come to the conclusion that I will use these miles for Business fare each way, and get my balance down to next to nothing. The pickens seem very slim using miles these days.
  10. Comparing going thru London and flying BA to the US or Flying from Paris to the US on American. i.e. CDG-LHR-BNA vs. GDG-ORD-BNA. The HRW flight might require another stop if we can't get the direct flight to Nashville. Using AA miles either way.
  11. I don't know. I guess since the ship hasn't sailed yet(as far as I know) no one really knows if it feels crowded. I'll be glad when some reviews start being posted. I guess I can look at nieuw statendam. Same design.
  12. Is that how you measure passenger area on a ship? 99,000 /2660= 37. Is this ship going to feel crowded? the old Rotterdam was 44.
  13. I don't see an explanation on the HAL website. Anything from the coffee shop included?
  14. We are considering booking a business class flight from Paris thru LHR to Nashville using AA miles. The cost is about $200 more pp to fly through LHR. Any opinions of business class on BA? My understanding is they break up business class into different classes? Plane is 787.
  15. Yep, the saying is "They give masters degrees in pickpocketing in Barcelona. PHDs in Rome."
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