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  1. Wow! That is our story to a T. We first sailed on Hal in the mid nineties about 4-5 times when we were In Our early fourties. We enjoyed talking to the old folks. Then we sailed mostly with Celebrity for around 15 years. An excellent cruise line, but we needed to move on. So we sailed the Viking Passage cruise in 2018, and loved HAL again. Yes,, they are a little different in good ways. Makes me want to cruise.
  2. I had 4. Bypasses in 2019. Left me with confusion and anxiety. And trying to read everything now to travel is nearly impossible. The rules of traveling internationally seem to change daily. At least now things finally seem to be opening up. We are flying to London in two months. No problem getting the test free at CVS when I looked ten days out. Good luck whatever you decide.
  3. We are in Hermitage and have the BinaxNOW that we purchased at Walgreens. We can get you a test if that will help. I don't know if the results will work for what you need. We were in the emergency room(Summit) Last week, and the person checking people in told someone that they have a list of places to get tested. I believe CVS on Lebanon pike in Hermitage offers drive by testing. The CVS website shows their locations that offer testing.
  4. You might be giving too much credit go "all" HAL passengers. Unfortunately there are many Americans where I live that believe they have the right to ignore any restrictions having to do with Covid. They will use fake results to board a ship. You should certainly test yourself at home. You could be positive and not know it. I would also like to see all passengers tested at the pier. That will make all of us safer.
  5. Unfortunately workers in The US are untrained for the most part. New workers receive minmal training, and they learn on the job. They make honest mistakes. We have a worker shortage, and employees rightfully have no problem moving from job to job so the worker you talk to might be new. If possible an email is preferred.
  6. Thanks, I didn't realize that there are two different cruises. Either cruise should be enjoyable, but if you have not been to Iceland you might prefer the Viking Passage cruise. The ship spends more time there, and Iceland is such a unique place. You will see something different everywhere you go. 👍 https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/find-a-cruise/E2T18A/J249.html
  7. One of the best cruises ever for us. 2018, and we want to return to Iceland and Norway. We are looking now. Book early!
  8. We booked a Med cruise on Voyager about two months ago. Covid seemed like it was going to improve then. Reading another thread has me thinking about final payment which is due in late November. Four months before the sail date. I think the total for the cruise is $12-13K. Right now the cancellation fee is $100 each, and that can be used as a FCC. Why wouldn't one use that as a FCC? Beginning November 26 the cancellation fee rises to 15% for 30 days. About $1875 January 26 the fee rises to 50%. for another month. Ouch! And we are still 60 days out at the end of that 30 day period. Then 75% - - - - - Will Regent likely offer a FCC if we cancel after November 26? Four months before the sail date seems early for a final payment. Any idea when they might cancel a cruise? This one visits Italy, France and Spain. If only Covid was more predictable. As an old acquaintance used to say, "if ifs and buts were candy and nuts what a merry Christmas we would have". I realize things could change since late November is almost 3 months away.
  9. Yep, not a surprise. We have a cruise booked for March which leaves from Civitavechia. Our friends have never been to Rome, and we would like to spend time there before the cruise. That's 6+ months away and things change. This could cause a change in which country a cruise sails from.
  10. We were scheduled to fly to Paris next month, but cancelled two days ago. https://www.forbes.com/sites/suzannerowankelleher/2021/08/28/europe-to-remove-the-us-from-the-safe-travel-list/ https://news.yahoo.com/eu-moves-reintroduce-covid-travel-140645729.html The second article indicates that individual countries can decide.
  11. You could live in TN. My card was given to me without a name.
  12. If visiting Lanzarote get out in the countryside. It's probably the most unique place we've ever visited. As in "not of this world".
  13. Novavax is also working on the combination jab. Very promising results so far.
  14. You never can tell. A cruise line might want to unload something to get away from the losses and some of the debt. If the price is right (very low) there might be buyers.
  15. Yep, good news. I've cancelled the London part of our trip.mostly because of flights cost. So it'll be just France this time. Hope to reschedule a longer stay in the UK for late November, early December. We will be watching Covid in US and UK. Hopefully the theatres in London will be open then.
  16. Thanks, I still would not want to be on one of those ships. Like my grocery store, I think many unvaccinated people feel they have the right to ignore rules. Maybe that's just true where I live.
  17. When I go to the grocery store the sign says "vaccinated customers do not need to wear masks, unvaccinated customers should still wear a mask" Almost no one has one on. Tennessee has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. So does ccl and rcl have a sign that says, "show us proof of vaccination if you want to"? How do they know?
  18. MI has been a very hard hit state, although they look very good right now. My wife's family is from MI, and several have had Covid. Lansing is very close to many of them, Owosso. At this point the problem seems to be at least partly political on both sides of the pond. Hope you get to visit your son soon.
  19. Frustrating for sure. We have a trip to Paris and London booked with miles USA-Paris(train)-London- USA. That's early Sept with travel from Paris to London on September 10. Gee, the cost to rebook miles and pay for seats as a round trip to Paris is crazy, and it gets worse almost daily. Well, I'll decide this weekend, or maybe wait on Mr. Johnson to give us the bad news next Thursday. What's another $1000 for air fare.😥 I miss that British sense of humor. Fish and Chips, Real Football, theatre(we'll miss two plays), etc.
  20. Does the USA allow UK tourist? I doesn't make sense to me to let UK citizens who've visited the US return if they have been vaccinated, but not let vaccinated US citizens visit. But we have nutty politicians in the US so..... I'll keep my fingers crossed for the moment.
  21. Hmmm, 12% humidity. What we would give for 12% in Nashville. I've always assumed you are in Portland, TN. (TN Titan)
  22. I'm there too, but the world is going to electronics only. I absolutely hate a phone for the internet, and use mine almost exclusively for calls and text. But we are going to two concerts, and they supposedly offer electronic tickets only. So everyone downloads them on their phone. Once downloaded I put the tickets on my home screen to make sure I won't be going nuts trying to find them. It never fails that a phone rings during the concert.😲 As phones get larger they might be as big as a tablet soon.🙂
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