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  1. Which cruise line. I have done quite a few on Princess. Slot pulls and private tours also.
  2. Wondering if Churchills smoking lounge access is walker friendly .
  3. I use a walker only. Can be a problem with elevators. If elevator is crowded? I will wait for another. When I enter an elevator, I let every one know where I am going, move out of the way letting those who are going to a lower deck stand in front. Yes. I will open doors for others and let scooters go first. I never have a problem. I just allow the time to get where I'm going. People wonder why I open doors for them. Simple. They walk faster than I do. I am on a cruise and have the rest of my life getting to where I want to go. LOL
  4. According to my information, and a cruise that we have booked, Feb. 15 on the Sky Princess is a VIP Casino cruise. I receive early notification. Guess they want some of their money back.
  5. Yes. I smoke. I also drink and gamble. I cruise a couple of times a year. When I was young, every one I knew started smoking around the age of 10. I have been smoking a pack a day for over 70 years. Interesting thing. I brought up the subject with my doctor about quitting and he kind of smiled and said "at your age and the time you have smoked, the stress of quitting would probably give you a heart attack before you came down with cancer". Hummm. At 81, I don't plan on changing my ways. Also, it seems that the smoking areas have the most congenial laid back cruisers on the ship.
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