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  1. I only say this because it is the subject. We are Elite. OK. I SAID IT, NOW FORGET IT. It's the loyalty perks that we enjoy. They are really no big deal but, it's the thought that counts. In all of our cruises, I have never seen anyone flaunt their position. Who cares???
  2. What brand of hot dogs does Princess use at the grill?
  3. Which cruise line. I have done quite a few on Princess. Slot pulls and private tours also.
  4. Wondering if Churchills smoking lounge access is walker friendly .
  5. I use a walker only. Can be a problem with elevators. If elevator is crowded? I will wait for another. When I enter an elevator, I let every one know where I am going, move out of the way letting those who are going to a lower deck stand in front. Yes. I will open doors for others and let scooters go first. I never have a problem. I just allow the time to get where I'm going. People wonder why I open doors for them. Simple. They walk faster than I do. I am on a cruise and have the rest of my life getting to where I want to go. LOL
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