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  1. Wondering if Churchills smoking lounge access is walker friendly .
  2. I use a walker only. Can be a problem with elevators. If elevator is crowded? I will wait for another. When I enter an elevator, I let every one know where I am going, move out of the way letting those who are going to a lower deck stand in front. Yes. I will open doors for others and let scooters go first. I never have a problem. I just allow the time to get where I'm going. People wonder why I open doors for them. Simple. They walk faster than I do. I am on a cruise and have the rest of my life getting to where I want to go. LOL
  3. According to my information, and a cruise that we have booked, Feb. 15 on the Sky Princess is a VIP Casino cruise. I receive early notification. Guess they want some of their money back.
  4. Yes. I smoke. I also drink and gamble. I cruise a couple of times a year. When I was young, every one I knew started smoking around the age of 10. I have been smoking a pack a day for over 70 years. Interesting thing. I brought up the subject with my doctor about quitting and he kind of smiled and said "at your age and the time you have smoked, the stress of quitting would probably give you a heart attack before you came down with cancer". Hummm. At 81, I don't plan on changing my ways. Also, it seems that the smoking areas have the most congenial laid back cruisers on the ship.
  5. This may help. https://www.gi.alaska.edu/monitors/aurora-forecast
  6. I will be donating two copies of Thor Heyerdals book, The Voyage of the Kon Tiki to the library on the Crown Princess in Sept. Non fiction of a trip on a raft across the Pacific to discover how people came from Peru to Polynesia. With pictures. 4,000 miles in 101 days on a hand made balsa wood raft. First published in 1950. Will make you appreciate how they do it now. Sit back, relax and picture your self on the trip of discovery.
  7. I was taught the cleanness is next to Godliness. Now with tongue in cheek. No matter how good the smell of the hand soap is. Please don't come out of the bathroom sniffing your fingers. LOl Hand washing is so important. We bring wipes for our cabin. Door handles, phone, remote and anything that we will be touching before we sail. Noro kill type. Wash hands often and use sterilizers often. I press elevator buttons with my fingers. I play slot machines. I use the hand rails and yes, I shake hands. It may sound a little paranoid but I bring a small black light called the hotel inspector. I look around the room. Floors and bedding, etc. Detects human activity that is not clean. We start off clean and stay that way. I have even had trays of food removed from the buffet because of some idiot touching and tasting and placing back. There are people that just don't know or even care. They are the ones that we need to watch out for. Noro pops up wherever people group together. Always hear about cruise ships but schools, shopping centers, ball games, nursing homes, etc. are prone to this also. On our first cruise in 1978 the wife came down with Noro. Not a good 4 days on a 7 day cruise. Not worth the risk.
  8. I love lobster but, not on a cruise. Small tails cooked early and held under heat lamps produce over cooked tidbits. Usually the same size as the 2 prawns that come with them. I live in Colorado. Long way from the sea and lobster is very expensive however, I will pay the price to cook it to perfection at home. I don't eat a lot so, usually what I do. I enjoy Escargo. I will order one or two (depending on how hungry I am). Request a plate of assorted cheeses, pair with a glass of wine and have the crispy bread rolls to sop up the garlic butter. Sorta my version of a French picnic lunch. Can always fill up with desert.
  9. Come on now. Just like fishing. I caught a fish THIS BIG. Everybody wins? Cruise Casinos are like Las Vegas in the 50's and 60" and I spent some time there. What happens in the Casino stays in the Casino. Everything else is just chatter. I learned this from a distant cousin who happened to own the Silver Slipper. I can say I won a bundle but, did I really? You will never know. LOL
  10. I am a smoker and gambler. Pack a day for over 70 years. I respect the non smokers. I stay out of their area and expect them to stay out of mine. What upsets me is the few who wander into the smoking areas and start to preach to us about how bad it is. Case in point. In an attempt to cut down a bit, I tried vaping. I enjoy sitting on the fantail (in the smoking area) and watching the sunrise. A lady was jogging one deck above. Every time she came around, she would slow down and glare at me. Finally she had enough, stormed down the stairs and started telling me that my smoke was blowing into her face while she was jogging. She was in no way polite and told me to put my cig out. Nasty. I pointed out the sign for the smoking area. She started shouting at me to put it out. She didn't care because I was impacting her health. WELL? I slowly took a big drag on my smoke. She did notice that it lit up blue, and I just dropped it into my shirt pocket. She just huffed "well" and stormed off. Never saw her again and my sunrise mornings were peaceful again. If you are a non smoker, I don't need your preaching. I smoke in the smoking areas. You don't like that? Don't presume to tell me how to live my life and I won't tell you how to live yours. OK?
  11. All of our players know the machine, betting, etc. Never ran into a problem. Every one is on the same page. We have even came out ahead a few times. That's why they call it gambling I guess. We don't cruise for 9 months yet and we are all set. I have even notified the casino dept. regarding our schedule for our two slot pulls just in case they would like to toss in a perk as we use a machine that gets very little play other than slot pull groups. Just another gamble. LOL Not like the crazy scramble to play the slot or blackjack tourney that the Casino hosts.
  12. I enjoy hosting slot pulls. In September we have 22 folks signed up. We each put $30 into the pot. Yes. My card is the only one used. Before the game starts, I load the amount into my player account. In this case $660.00 That's a lot of smalls to feed into the machine. People pay in small bills that I hold for any pay out. Trip to the cashier is a pain. Yes I collect the points but folks don't object because I am the one who put in the time and effort to do it responsibly. Rules are simple. Ready to play in short order and payout is simple. I print out sheets of the players and check them off when they pay to play and again when they receive their payout. The list determines order of play and payout. With a crowd around the machine it can get confusing in short order. All pays are rounded down to the nearest dollar and left over change goes to the person who won the most for the group. Every penny is accounted for. So far it looks like every person is a Princess VIP player in the casino and they understand how it is all being handled. If no one wants to play for whatever reason, that's ok with me.
  13. Have seen folks telling how to convert OBC to cash. Does not really work too well. OBC is on your card for ship purchases. You can sign at the tables or at the slot machines. That amount is charged to your credit card. Nothing to do with your OBC. Chips can be cashed in for money. Only the charges show up on your shipboard account. Winnings in the casino are on your Casino account and can be cashed in. Casino is a whole different animal. Completely separate from the cruise line. Nothing will show up on your folio other than your charges. No credits from the Casino.
  14. Sure they do. Get a Can of Sprite or Grape as a couple of examples. Just call it non-alcoholic sparkling wine.
  15. As I see it. I treat all staff and crew with the same respect that I give to the Captain. Deck crews, staff, servers, bartenders and the cabin attendant who cleans our toilet twice a day. They all go out of their way to provide me with a perfect cruise. I tip for great service as it happens. Many times just a dollar or two goes a long way. And they seem to always remember me. ;) Many times I make more friends on board. More than meeting other cruisers. It's not just the tip either. Just a good morning, afternoon or evening goes a long way. Learning the name of a server, bartender, waiter, deck person and calling them by name brings a smile to their face. They always call me Mister. Well, I know that they are required to do that however, they wear a name tag with their first name. Mister was my Father. I let them know, when we are alone and nobody is within earshot, I prefer that just call me by my first name. Sorta shakes them up a bit but, many times it works. :cool:
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