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  1. Wamos flew from Barbados to Bogata, Colombia and then on to Santiago, Chile yesterday with a return to Barbados. The aircraft is now landing at Mexico City from Barbados. Another Wamos A330 flight from Barbados is showing an unknown destination over Brazil and appears to be heading to Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  2. Well, to get back on what I think is the topic of the thread, Spain just had it's first day in 3 months with not a single COVID-19 death. That is really great news!
  3. I only responded to a poster that said that 'These rioters know no boundaries." The article posted directly related to 'these' rioters in an actual arrest. I assume you have the google machine and can quite easily find the information online if you have such a great interest in the issue. This is not the place to have that discussion really.
  4. I am not assuming anything. The gentleman bears several known tattoos that indicate affiliations. The individual has a presence on social media and was known by authorities. The fact that local media is not reporting that affiliation is maybe a part of the problem then. (?)
  5. I know. It is sad how they are distorting the message of the peaceful protesters. It was shocking to see the arrest in Nashville of the white supremacist that set fire to their historic courthouse following the all day peaceful protest that day. https://www.newschannel5.com/news/25-year-old-arrested-on-charges-of-setting-fire-to-nashvilles-historic-courthouse
  6. I think a comment from a real protester just now in Louisville best summed up what the real problem is all across the United States. "Do not even try to call us in and "listen" to our community again, you need to hear us not just listen." She went on to comment on how they also elect them and that they always expect them to take action and implement actual change. That never happens. They are citizens as well and now expect to be HEARD and not just listened to. If you actually hear what she is saying, it is a very just cause. As usual, those that then follow up a just protest with unrest or a riot drown out the message that is trying to be heard. Not to take away from their message but representative of the same theme, living in Europe, I have never had a conversation with a single well-educated, well-traveled European that does not have at least one story of how when traveling to the United States they have not been detained roadside for unnecessarily long periods, taken to a rural police station or had documents questioned, been harassed or intimidated, yelled at or threatened by at least one member of Law Enforcement, be it local or county or state police.
  7. Spain just had the first day with only one death from COVID-19 in three months. The plan for a Spanish minimum income guarantee went from proposal to approval in just 3 weeks and will affect 100,000 families already in June and will broaden to almost 800,000 households already by summer's end. This is the plan to keep those at the lowest end of the income scale out of poverty. It was already an idea being considered but the unemployment created by the crisis sped it through. One of the main benefits is seen as preventing civil unrest and crime. Spain will test international tourism with 5,000 German tourists arriving mid-June in Mallorca. All will be given a quick COVID-19 test at airport on arrival and quarantined for 6 hours in their hotel room. They will then be allowed to do normal tourist activities and the prevention of the virus will be tracked for these 2 weeks prior to the official roll-out of tourism on July 1st. This may result in tourism being allowed only region by region at first. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8371943/Tourists-tested-isolated-six-hours-Mallorca-Ibiza.html
  8. Philippine Airline flight from Bridgetown to Vancouver and now continuing on to Manila. Rhapsody and Freedom in port at Bridgetown today.
  9. Phillipine Airline 777 on way to BGI Bridgetown now from LAX. Harmony and a Seabourne ship are in port now.
  10. The Wamos flight did a turn- around and returned to MADrid from Shanghai yesterday.
  11. Wamos 747 leaving Bridgetown now for LHR London Heathrow. 2 additional Wamos aircraft sent to Bridgetown from Madrid.
  12. Wamos Airbus 330 lifting from Bridgetown to Podgorica, Macedonia soon.
  13. These ships are carrying European, Canadian and American and International crew that have transferred to them from other ships. They will be transferred directly to flights home. They have all been at sea for 3 months and Covid-19 quarantines have fully taken place. The ships that had Covid-19 cases were not used for the UK repatriation. Around 200 onboard are UK Citizens.
  14. I am not mathematician, but it seems these numbers on rising and falling cases are skewed to a great extent, when they use weekly number of cases. If Texas had a 22% rise week to week for last week and then they report that cases are going down this week by 15% , is that still not actually a 7% rise of cases versus where they were 2 weeks ago for the current week?
  15. Did Spectrum already repatriate the Chinese that was scheduled for May 11th previously? The Chinese might just be making it home now. I wonder if they are using the charter flight to send some others hope that they could not repatriate through the Manila or other calls. An Evelop Airlines Airbus 350 that holds 432 passengers also left Manila for a return to a currently unknown European destination. Royal Caribbean does operate schools in both the Philippines and China to train future crew members, but I have no idea if they are working to get crew back on these ships.
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