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  1. They have booked the 'Allure of the Seas' for the 7th of May at Palma and it shows that she is coming in from Marseilles, France , so that would appear to be a 4 day sailing. I have done a similar sailing on Liberty one time and they filled it with incentive and other groups at that time. It was a very international group of passengers with groups from Korea and Japan among others.
  2. Reports from the shipyard in the Diario de Cadiz do state that minor upgrades were done on the deck area and in the cabins. https://www.diariodecadiz.es/noticias-provincia-cadiz/Jewel-the-Seas-abandona-astillero-Navantia-Cadiz_0_1574842893.html
  3. Several enhancements to the Malaga port have been approved during the pandemic and the first full size autonomous bus route in Europe is now being tested with 8 daily runs from the port into Malaga city. http://www.surinenglish.com/local/202102/17/video-first-driver-less-20210217183402.html The Qatari Al Alfia group (Qatari Royal Family) has finalized and gained approval for a 5 star hotel tower to be built right across from the Cruise Terminal. This will most likely be an American branded hotel opening in 2023. Hilton will open a Conrad property on the coast that same year. https://www.euroweeklynews.com/2021/02/17/mayor-of-malaga-praises-the-design-proposed-port-skyscraper-hotel/ Marbella will see Hyatt, W Hotels and Four Seasons openings in 2022. I have sailed mainly with NCL out of Malaga and the embarkation was among the best I have had anywhere in the world with a fully automated modern terminal.
  4. RCI owns the charter airline, Wamos Air. It was the former Pullmantur Air. They have 10 wide body aircraft, but have converted 2 of those to cargo during the pandemic.
  5. Definitely. There are so many Domestic and International regular and charter flights to Cancun.
  6. Great solution for Vision. I will definately consider this sailing. I guess the best flight options are United from EWR and American from MIA. BA from London is great for Europeans as well. Round trips are often $300 to $400 when on offer from the US.
  7. Catalina is separate. They had Voyager booked for a long while and then the bookings shifted a few months ago to Navigator. https://www.lovecatalina.com/community-information/catalina-cruise-ship-schedule/2022-cruise-ship-schedule/
  8. The Navigator bookings for Catalina Island for 2022 are still showing as they have been for months. The Navigator bookings for Monterey are still there for 2023.
  9. I was on the Legend of the Seas sailing from Oslo in 2014 and just checked my guest invoice and I paid a total of $849 solo for that years 14 day TA. I did book a GTY cabin just a few weeks out though. That one had an overnight in Reykjavik that arrived early AM and that is something I would miss. It was great the way they had the booked rental cars just waiting in the port upon the ship's arrival. I am glad to see that Voyager is doing the Boston Canada season!
  10. The only ship that Royal had booked already for Maine ports previously for 2022 was Empress of the Seas. With Jewel heading to the MED and then possibly on to Dubai, it would seem that Voyager would likely head over to Boston or Bayonne. It would seem likely that in addition to Anthem that Oasis and then one other ship would do Canada / NE sailings as well. There are not port bookings currently to accurately predict the season.
  11. On an interesting side note, RCI just booked Grandeur of the Seas at Gran Cayman for a single call on May 4th, 2023. It would seem to be a transition sailing where they are moving the ship from possible New Orleans to another US port.
  12. Astoria Oregon port schedules show both Radiance and Serenade moving coastal following the Alaska sailings. Radiance bookings are limited in the Caribbean for 22-23 and it is hard to figure out. Serenade was booked almost a year ago to at Grand Cayman for the move to Miami and now confirmed with Astoria and Miami/Key West / Haiti booking.
  13. Serenade of the Seas has been booked for sailings from Miami for the winter season 2022 - 23 and will replace Jewel of the Seas. That would allow Jewel of the Seas to return to Dubai for the winter 2022-23 among other options. Grandeur of the Seas has been booked for a few sailings out of New Orleans from May to November 2021, but they still have Majesty as a place holder going forward into 2023. While unlikely these sailings will happen, it is interesting to see Grandeur still in the mix.
  14. Grandeur of the Seas has currently been booked out of New Orleans from May of 2021. She is currently only booked from May to October 2021 for most weeks at Key West. There would be a lot of uncertainty around that but the bookings were just recently made.
  15. RCG's 49% interest in Pullmantur Cruise retained the ownership of the vessels along with the aircraft held by Wamos. RCG would have received payment from the cruise line for use of the ships and the provision of management and operations of the deck and engine for the ships. Pullmantur ran the hotel and travel and tourism section of the business. They are in a very sensitive situation now with the company having taken a 'ERTE where the wages under the first part are paid by the Spanish government. The 270 remaining employees have most recently claimed that RCG is continuing operations in Spain without Pullmantur having transferred 20000 bookings over to RCG group ships. This is complicating the restructuring especially with the consideration of the Employment law in Spain. Springwater Capital, the holder of the 51% interest out of Switzerland and Spain would most certainly like to start sailing again when the market conditions allow. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out, but it would seem that RCG is a winner no matter which direction it turns.
  16. Another mystery has been the booking in the past week for Adventure at Palma de Mallorca on June 3 and then in September as well. They show the ship heading to Ibiza and then there is no booking at Ibiza, so I guess it is a fluke. P202200577 ADVENTURE OF THE SEAS BAHAMAS 311 9 137 276 2? ALIN. SUR DEL M.TRAFICO LOCAL 0 0 MARSEILLE IBIZA 03/06/2022 09:30 03/06/2022 20:00 S BALEARES CONSIGNATARIOS S L
  17. Funchal bookings were updated now taking away the INDY bookings for 2022. So, no INDY at Southampton. It seems they have been going back and forth as to whether to have Vision or Jewel at Amsterdam or Barcelona. It seems there may be some sailings from Tarragona, Spain in the late 2022 season. They have been trying to attract RCL to do turn- arounds from there, but I am unsure if that has moved forward. Jewel does seem to move south to the MED prior to a transatlantic. I found it interesting that when they booked the Odyssey of the Seas call at Funchal for the November transatlantic that they booked the destination port as a question mark and not just Ft. Lauderdale. Cayman bookings though would indicate that Odyssey does sail from Ft. Lauderdale for both the 2022 and 2023 winter season.
  18. Anthem will do varried sailings and they will not repeat with any frequency. The bookings at Le Havre show: ROYAL CARRIBEAN CRUISES LTD HUMANN AND TACONET SHIPAGENCIES ANTHEM OF THE SEAS 9656101 BHS 2015 347.06 48.9 8.822 PCA sam. 14/05/2022 04:30 sam. 14/05/2022 22:00 SOUTHAMPTON SOUTHAMPTON ROYAL CARRIBEAN CRUISES LTD HUMANN AND TACONET SHIPAGENCIES ANTHEM OF THE SEAS 9656101 BHS 2015 347.06 48.9 8.822 PCA sam. 28/05/2022 06:30 sam. 28/05/2022 17:00 LA CORUNA SOUTHAMPTON ROYAL CARRIBEAN CRUISES LTD HUMANN AND TACONET SHIPAGENCIES ANTHEM OF THE SEAS 9656101 BHS 2015 347.06 48.9 8.822 PCA jeu. 23/06/2022 06:30 jeu. 23/06/2022 17:00 LA CORUNA SOUTHAMPTON ROYAL CARRIBEAN CRUISES LTD HUMANN AND TACONET SHIPAGENCIES ANTHEM OF THE SEAS 9656101 BHS 2015 347.06 48.9 8.822 PCA sam. 10/09/2022 06:30 sam. 10/09/2022 17:00 LA CORUNA SOUTHAMPTON
  19. The spring 2022 TA sailings should be issued with the European sailings. There is no way to know for sure until they are released though.
  20. The booking was made with the port authority just 9 days ago on the 3rd of November. The call of the ship is in 2022 following the Alaska season.
  21. Bookings made at the Balearic Island ports of Palma and Ibiza seem to indicate that they are shifting things around a bit at the last minute. Riviera ports have not been updated yet. Allure of the Seas should be the summer season 2022 ship based on the 7 night sailings out of Barcelona with the same weekly Sunday departures. Bookings for Vision of the Seas and Jewel of the Seas do not give a clear vision of the sailings. They do not appear to be doing regular weekly or 12 night sailings. Jewel appears to be heading in and out of the MED with 2 cruises calling on Funchal Madeira. Ports of Nice, Allicante, Valencia and Tarragonia are booked. These will become more clear when Riviera ports updates their bookings. Anthem has increased now to 4 sailings from Southampton entering the MED. It seems that INDY will also return to Southampton based on current bookings. Rhapsody has calls on her way to Italy.
  22. I just see the bookings at Astoria, Oregon and Monterey CA at the moment. They have had Serenade booked for a few months at Astoria and Grand Cayman. They just booked Radiance on the 3rd of November for both 2021 and 2022 at Astoria. Navigator was just booked this week at Monterey for the 2nd of August 2022. I have no idea when they would finalize or release those sailings.
  23. Serenade of the Seas had been booked for months to depart Alaska following the 2022 season with a Pacific Coastal / Panama Canal sailing that also is booked to stop at Grand Cayman on October15th, 2022 after transiting the Canal. Radiance of the Seas is booked to also sail on a Pacific Coastal now in 2022 following the Alaska sailing. This would indicate most likely another Panama Canal sailing. They released the same sailing for the 2021 re-deployment. Radiance will most likely return to Miami for winter 2022-23. Navigator (possible Voyager or other placeholder) has been booked for August 2nd 2022 at Monterey California. I had previously posted the frequent 2023 Navigator bookings at Monterey.
  24. Thanks for pointing that out. I got confused by the 2020-21 deployment flyers. They have the updated Navigator and Freedom itineraries further down and not up top under Caribbean. https://loyaltoyoualways.com/deployment/ Well, they are still holding the Voyager Hawaii call on the 15th of June as well. Just confused as they deployed Voyager to Singapore after these changes were made. It would make more sense if it was actually Voyager making the move. I am just glad that they are going to the west coast no matter which ship it is.
  25. No port bookings indicate that yet that I can find. Navigator has been in port in Miami for several days now and no way to know what that is about as well.
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