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  1. I interpret it as $35 each visit, and you can visit it twice. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: • For one low price, your clients can enjoy their meals at our specialty restaurants as many times as they’d like, based on availability. – For instance, if they want to eat at the same restaurant twice in one night, they can! • For specialty restaurants with a la carte pricing, the Unlimited Dining Package grants your clients a $35 food credit per person for each visit. • Chef’s Table and culinary activities are excluded. • Package does not include beverages, but does provide 40% off bottles of wine under $100, and 20% off bottles over $100.
  2. When it says $35 food credit for Izumi, then you can do multiple visits, does this mean I can visit Izumi at 530pm for $35 credit, then come back later at 830pm for another $35 credit?
  3. I am going to the Ovation Dec 12 sailing and booked the Ultimate Dining Package, It was originally $240, then it went down to $180 during the Black Friday sale so I just cancelled and rebooked.. After Black Friday it went up to $199 and today it is back to $240. Unfortunately, packages are not available on holiday sailings.
  4. With Serenade moving to Alaska for summer 2020, any idea of a ship replacing it, until now I tried searching for Serenade's sailings from either Copenhagen or Sweden for 2020 and found no results.
  5. The main problem with the TS here is he thinks whatever his view is the majority view. Enough said.
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