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  1. Just received my guarantee assignment.... 3/22 cruise..... deck 10 S2 .... port side... satisfied
  2. Yes on Eclipse 11/20..... significant discounted from 4 months back
  3. Was perusing Celeb site our cruise. See the tours we pre booked had been significantly reduced in price. Some very comparable now to private tours. Pays to look! And Rebook!
  4. First unrest across Equador, now Significant rioting in Santiago Chile..... on 10/20 16 day sailing of Eclipse..... LA/Santiago. Not good.... whatcha all hearing?
  5. On Eclipse LAX to Santiago 11/20 cruise. See # of cruise lines have cancelled their stop In Equador due to civil unrest across country. Not safe. Any word on itinerary change?
  6. I have been following posts, news concerning unrest in Equador.... its not subsiding. Holland has canceled it's Manta stop. Any celebrity news, update on itinerary would be helpful.
  7. We were in Neptune suite.... not sure what happens for CO in main dining room.... I’m guessing nada
  8. On Oosterdam Neptune/Pinnacle breakfast in Pinnacle grill... single menu
  9. Just off Oosterdam..... Forget it. Only perk was expedited seating dining room, 1 additional entre on menu, no designated seating area. Seated with regular diners, bit awkward
  10. Rotterdam for its age has been well maintained. Was last in dry dock approx 1 1/2 years ago.... as I remember had some issues for weeks. Plumbing is major challenge. Past passengers love HAL smaller ships, but they are definitely aging and in my opinion just don’t take well to the venue updates as layout doesn’t accommodate the that well.
  11. Just did laundry on 7 day Alaska. Everything came back fine either folded or on hangers.
  12. Curious to know if pre revolution Eclipse has private designated deck area for Suites? Revolutionized ships do...
  13. What’s status on Oosterdam? Dining?
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