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  1. Anyone recently do the Chefs table on the Edge? Impressions?
  2. Those cruising next few Edge Eastern Sailings, what is Celebrity saying?
  3. How is Edge addressing St. Thomas and St Maarten 72 hr Covid test req?
  4. Very relaxing, little shade, service good….. front of ship, didn’t experience wind issue. Limited Cabanas, light dining area adequate…. But in the end, escapes the busy main pool area craziness. Get there early for Cabana, covers lounging
  5. Curious..... still showing January itineraries? S America still pretty closed down...
  6. I'm guessing with the covidsituation in SA, many ports not taking visitors..... these will be deep sixth as well.... thoughts?
  7. done deal. what about January cruises? I see Buenos Aires not open to tourists
  8. Thought I read somewhere on board or roll call Marina Dec cruises have been canceled. can anyone verify? Thx
  9. Just received my guarantee assignment.... 3/22 cruise..... deck 10 S2 .... port side... satisfied
  10. Yes on Eclipse 11/20..... significant discounted from 4 months back
  11. Was perusing Celeb site our cruise. See the tours we pre booked had been significantly reduced in price. Some very comparable now to private tours. Pays to look! And Rebook!
  12. First unrest across Equador, now Significant rioting in Santiago Chile..... on 10/20 16 day sailing of Eclipse..... LA/Santiago. Not good.... whatcha all hearing?
  13. On Eclipse LAX to Santiago 11/20 cruise. See # of cruise lines have cancelled their stop In Equador due to civil unrest across country. Not safe. Any word on itinerary change?
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