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  1. Thanks for sharing… good information to know…. See you on da auto-bus
  2. We also booked our own hotel…. Heading over to Egan Center for transfer to port
  3. Was on Eurodam Cruise November ‘23 when Morimoto came aboard. Dressed all in white, shows up in white limo, in Curacao. Was on to inaugurate his new restaurant and participate in filming last episode and conclusion, final of Top Chef with Emmeril Legase to be broadcast March of ‘24.
  4. We were on this cruise. Lots of filming on board.must have been 100-150 on board to shoot the finale… including Emeril Lagasse. Sat next to him numerous evenings in Tamarind…
  5. Received this today from tour planner Santiago/Valparaiso “Valparaiso has been affected heavily by wild fires over the last few days and is currently cut off. It might be wise to avoid the area for the near future.”
  6. on Reflection now…. In your room, casino bar
  7. Thanks for sharing your insight…. Reasonable
  8. Why does Specialty restaurant availability show none, some 4 weeks out before cruise every day of the cruise?
  9. We just did this in Santiago….. try ‘ Toursbylocals.com’ or go to Viator to find same
  10. Schedule your ride….for 30 min after Walk off….. plan for 1 hour drive….. 2 hours plus at airport… 12:50pm should work…. We just did such
  11. I was on a little over a year ago and it was very evident sitting in dining room
  12. As i remember the Eurodam does have a rear end vibration
  13. I have done this sailing. We had no issues with seas the full trip, short of a short rock of the ship at sea during earthquake.
  14. Lots of private transfer options. Anyone one run across a shared ride option?
  15. We were on same cruise. There was a letter left in mail slot outside room morning of 8/20 delineating the 25% credit, issued to all non group cruise passengers.
  16. Agreed, we were on for 2 weeks also Mar 4-18. Feeling the same good vibe.
  17. Got my refund today….. 1 week from return.
  18. Just off Pride. Due to canceled shore excursions we have a$300 credit. How long does it take to credit my credit card. Debits occur immediately!
  19. Just off of Pride, no AC issues. Was in old cabin mid ship in front new section…. Worked out well.
  20. Just of Pride 302 onboard…. No real space problems per se…. As earlier shared Veranda can get a bit busy periodically. Q44 is a smaller dining venue… but reservations spaced arrivals.
  21. How many aboard now, last few cruises?
  22. Booked Carli…. Compromise pick
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