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  1. I like variety, and I do like seeing what options I have. Right after posting these photos, I made some decisions. I think the sparks joy concept is a good way to describe it. I asked myself what had to go on the cruise with me. I immediately picked the chocolate brown dress and the print maxi. The golden ivory dress is close behind, but I need to try it on again. It's a heavier, textured fabric so I think it will work well. I then asked myself if there was anything I didnt really like in the group. I nixed the tropical print dress. I then put the short olive green dress back because it needs adjusting and I don't have time. So if I bring the ivory , print maxi and chocolate brown dresses, I only need one more because it's a six night cruise with two (maybe) formal nights. The somewhat cool olive maxi with the rivets is actually a heavy fabric! It has an a-line fit to it. The other green one is a fabulous color. It has a fit that I would describe as a shift dress. The orange dress isn't necessarily flattering because it could use some fine tuning. But it is comfortable and I love the neckline. So I have some thinking to do but they are all good options. Melody, thanks for the recipe! Your get togethers always look fun. I think I forgot to mention too that your new grandpuppy is a cutie. Anita,I i haven't looked in Kohl's in a bit so I'll check those colors out. I do have a few tops ordered from Macy's that might replace a shirt or two I have picked out for daytime. It's going to be interesting to see how I need to adjust for the weather!
  2. Here is that one outfit, then the lace dress with shoe options. I dont like the gold with it.
  3. Thanks, ladies. I am going to look for that tea. We have a Target and Walmart a very short distance from us. I really like the idea that it is natural. I didn't explain very well with my last bunch of photos, but the last two pictures are of a top I forgot to include, and I love it. The darker color is navy, so t picks up great with the navy skort, jeans or denim shorts. The majority of it is warm toned, so it is a great option. I took these photos here using the pro setting on my phone (I have a Samsung Galaxy) and the colors look so much better. The burgundy top works, but honestly, since I'm partial to any shade of red or orange, I'm kind of biased. However, I knew when I got it out that it wasn't really what I wanted. During the day, comfort is always important, and I never want to wear anything fussy in port...you know, dry cleaning, delicate fabrics, etc. But I have this desire to look pulled together, so I tried to put some thought into what I am wearing and maybe add a necklace or bracelet that adds something, or certain sandals as long as they are good for walking around in. On sea days, I will sometimes wear a nicer top, but it still needs to be fairly easy to care for. Most of the outfits I took pictures of seem to capture what I am looking for. I think the last shirt is replacing the burgundy one for sure. I am not sure about the knit tee. It may just be a mood thing? I have 7 outfits showing for a 6 night cruise, because we drive in the day before. As to going home, whatever I've already worn that's the cleanest, lol! One outfit that really photographed badly was the olive tee and floral print shorts. the tee is a Merona top from Target that I have had for a few years. Anita, I think we discussed once that you have seen it. It is a nice earth olive green. The shorts too have great colors. I'll post a new picture shortly. Sally, My plan all along was to bring my high low navy/purplish dress from the wedding, and that lace dress. Two formal nights, two dresses. Then yesterday I got to thinking about bringing a third dress that is long. My husband is on a weekend trip and will be home in a few hours, so I am going t get his thoughts about formal nights. I still keep thinking about how someone mentioned that they only have one for this cruise, but I the RCI website says 2 on a 6 night cruise, and that has always been my experience. Maybe in keeping with my desire to relax a bit more than usual, I will keep with the original plan and just bring two dresses. I have some pictures of the lace dress with a few different sandals. What I would really love is to bring my bronze ones. I like the bone colored sandals with the high low dress though. The color of the dress is rather cool - definitely air. I don't really fuss about too much luggage, so I may end up with both sandals so I don't have to choose. So I will bore all you to death with more photos soon, and I'm hoping you will add some thoughts on what you think are the ideal choices! Melody, all that food looks good. I love making pulled pork in the crock pot. I've never tried the Coke version before. I too use a pork shoulder. While it has a lot of fat, you can just skim it off the top during the cooking process and you are left with some tasty meat! When I want to make a small batch, I use a pork tenderloin. It needs a bit more flavor added to it though because it is leaner. That cabbage slaw really caught my eye. The pies too! Margaret, I hope all is well with you. I was thinking about that power outage yesterday. I know you aren't in Manhattan, but I was wondering if you were at camp or if you were home. I don't know how often you head into the city for shows and the like. I hope I am not hogging the thread with all the pictures. This has always been so much fun for me to do, and I love feeling like I'm returning to normal right now. It's also easy on the body, so I don't feel like I'm overdoing it or anything.
  4. Just a few more quick pictures, because the lighting in my room is so bad. These were taken in a different room. I'm not sold on the last shirt. I wear it fairly regularly but it's not earth. I generally wear it with the olive green shorts or skirt go pick up the warmth in the print. I have a much better option. The print tee bothers me too, because in real life, the background is kind of pink.
  5. Okay, I lied. That wasn't the last one. I got to thinking shoes and jewelry, but stopped myself until I figure out what I'm wearing first. Still, I have some cute things in mind.
  6. Lastly, daytime outfits. If I need more things for cooler weather, I will start by taking crops and jeans in place of shorts.
  7. Those weren't very good pictures, lol. Evening dresses. I need 4, so I got out all I was considering. The oli w green shorter one needs to be taken in at the shoulders and I dont think I have time so that may need to be eliminated. While I have a lot of thoughts, I would love to see which 4 you all would pick! It's always fun. Just a note: the short dress on the far right is a dark chocolate brown. Two maxi dresses are olive green. The one with rivets is better for a soft autumn.
  8. So here are some dress photos. These are formal night options. My dress from the wedding is at the dry cleaners but that is part of the group.
  9. Pam, you nailed it. Elimination is exactly the problem. It is in general for me, but it is a big problem after anesthesia. Where can I find this tea?
  10. I removed the picture of the kidney. Even though I cropped it to save it, it didn't show up that way and it ha my personal info on it. Sorry. Here is a revised one.
  11. Anyway, I'm excited to be having this taken care of so that I can feel like my old self again. I wanted to take this weekend to do some things, but not necessarily anything too physical. I am overdue to pick my cruise wardrobe, so that is what I did! The hard thing is not being sure about the weather. I know my daytime attire might need to be adjusted, but I started with tops and shorts, and then chose a pair of ankle jeans, cargo joggers and cropped jeans that I could swap with the shorts if it was cooler. Once we get closer, I can watch the anticipated forecast and see how to adjust accordingly. We are driving to port so I'm not overly concerned about the amount or weight of luggage. Honestly, I never worry about that...I just bring what I want!! I am going to post some pictures from my phone shortly with brief comments. I'm not a fan of the tiny keyboard so I wanted to add them with just a few sentences here and there. I would love to get everyone's thoughts. While not 100% mix and match, I can change around a lot of things should I desire to do so. With my dresses for dinner, I am not making adjustments for weather since I dress according the temp inside the ship. I'm never cold in the dining room, but I will figure out what to bring in the event that evenings are cool onboard after dinner. In the past, I utilized things like a daytime shirt with cropped pants. I haven't really looked at that yet but if I am already bringing some denim crops and what not, I may not need to add anything. It all depends on the overall forecast and what I need for daytime. I've been thinking long and hard about formal nights. Here is where I am at: I am bringing one long dress for the first night. It is jersey, and I will keep the jewelry toned down so that I don't worry about being over the top. For the second night, I will wear the dress I wore for the wedding or another one, depending. So that means bringing one extra dress. With the other nights, and even my daytime outfits, I got to thinking how I tend to bloat after medical procedures. I have had very little done, other than a few colonoscopies and my recent hospital stay. But I retain water and sorry if this is an overshare - I have trouble with going to the bathroom. They said it has to do with the drugs they use to put you to sleep. In any event, comfort is very important. I do not relish the idea of wearing a shaper, but I happen to have two smoothers, which are nothing more than a high undergarment that keeps me from having a bunch of lines showing. They are not snug or tight in the least. I just like them under the jersey items because jersey shows everything, you know? But I am focused on not wanting to fuss a bunch. I also like the idea of having my husband feel comfortable too. He loves wearing his suit, there is no issues there. I just want us both to feel relaxed and to enjoy ourselves. My attitude towards this cruise is different. It feels like a celebration of sorts - getting my health back, the wonderful wedding, and the upcoming birth of my first grandchild. The whole health thing though...I can't even begin to tell you how much it has me thinking, and how weepy it makes me sometimes. I'm grateful for so much. I do not wish to sound dramatic, but I can't help but to feel that my mental state affected me physically to a degree. I've been under a great deal of stress at work. While I know I am not going anywhere, I do realize I need to make some changes in my approach. It's a long story, but things aren't good there right now and I've been under a lot of pressure because I'm "the only person they can count on." That will change.
  12. Hi All! I finally had the visit with the specialist. I now know the plan of action, and it is a good one. On the 22nd, which is a Monday, I will go in for one day surgery. They will remove the stent that is currently in the ureter. They will then use a camera to guide them so that they break up the stone that is causing the blockage internally. They will then go into the kidney to find the other stone and break that one up as well. A new stent will be added which is smaller and won't bother me as much. I will need to go home and rest that day, as well as the next. If I feel up to it, I can return to work on Wednesday. On Friday, they remove the new stent. He said I will literally feel like my old self by Monday. That is great news, as I leave for vacation a week from the day the remove the stent! He was so thorough and explained so much to me, such as how big the current stent is. (it's really long!!) he also drew out for me a picture to show me where the stone is currently. It is sitting just above the stent in the ureter tube. When they put the stent in, they actually moved the stone up a bit so that it was in opening more, which is wider. That was essentially for pain control. The reason they couldn't break up the stone when they put in the stent was that it was too risky with the infection I had going on. Today, because I'm a nosy kind of person, I opened the disk that I was given for the doctor (he got the full report and CT results from Boston already) and took a look at the picture. The human body is fascinating. I'm not certain, but I think that circle is to show the stone?
  13. Now that I am on my laptop, I looked at the samples along with the outfits that they say correspond. Questionable. But if I'm going by the sample, the brown is a good brown after all. I'm all over many of these colors. The peach pink or whatever it was called would make a nice neutral if you go by the sample outfits. That would be a good alternative to ivory. The more color it has, the better. At least for me. And it is so hard to find neutrals. I can find these nice earth sweaters or sometimes jackets for work, but I can't find shirts to wear with them. I drooled over biking red. And chili pepper. And guacamole and... Wait, Margaret, did you say traffic cone for orange tiger??? OMG. I love orange, but I couldn't tell exactly what it was. I own pants in sugar almond! That is a beautiful rusty tone. I would wear dark cheddar, but I agree it has to be worn a certain way. I envision it in a wispy kind of top, styled like a loose camisole and worn with neutral shorts and blingy sandals. I don't know why, but that is how I see it. I hope your wasp sting is doing better! Melody, how is Les' mouth doing? I agree that the flossing needs to wait! The funny thing about the colors is that I do not migrate towards blue at all, unless it is teal. The dress I wore for the wedding looked like a navy when I ordered it but I felt like it was something I could wear and enjoy, and also wear again. It has purplish undertones so it looked different when it came in. I really do love it.
  14. Some of those colors...❤❤❤ I can't wait to see if there are any clothes out this fall in those shades. It was hard for me to pick a favorite, but my eyes always go right for the reds and oranges. The brown was interesting. On my phone at least, it seemed almost black so that might not work for me. With the variety of dresses on formal night, I'm flip flopping a lot. I'm driving to the port and it is 6 nights, so I might toss in something long and see what happens. With those dresses, the brown would get a lot of use if it fits right. They didnt have my usual size, so I went down a size. It's so hard to tell with clothes these days. I have dresses in size 6, 8 and 10 in my closet. The floral dress I could wear on a cruise, to a casual wedding or even to dinner depending on the place. I am thinking of a restaurant we went to not long ago, and I would definitely wear it there. Pam, I love when you join us to chat. I have trouble seeing you in earthy colors. You need those brights!
  15. Sally, I was wondering about the weather too. Maybe I should make sure I have plans for some cropped pants for during the day. When I Google the weather for some of the ports, they same high of 70 for August. That might not be shorts weather.
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