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  1. While I haven't had much time to post, I have been following along. I love hearing about everyone's trips. I feel like I'm getting glimpses into so many wonderful places. We are in full fall swing. Just like that, there is color everywhere. One picture is from my driveway, the other is from the parking lot at work.
  2. First things first...welcome back, Melody! It sounds like you had a great trip. Hawaii is on my bucket list, so please post lots and lots of pictures! That floral dress is so you, and was perfect for your trip. Margaret, Krysyn is pronounced just like Kristin without an "s" sound instead of "st". Chris in. I thought the name was different, but really nice. He is such a good little boy. I know I have told you all about my ups and downs with different things, but this little guy brings sunshine to my day like no other. While I don't get to see him every day, I do get texts with pictures!
  3. Wow the beach in October... you can tell I live in New York, and that I live inland. I only get to the beach on a cruise! Thst is a great idea, Anita. I never thought of that. I'm wondering about a small version for travel? I have this plastic hand held fake loofah. I'm wondering how that would work? It would travel easily on vacation because it is small. We got to visit our little grandson again yesterday, and his skin is looking better to me. His bloodwork Thursday was a little better and he goes back tomorrow. They seem to think he will be all set.
  4. While I haven't had a lot of time to post, I've loved following along on everyone's trips! I sure wish I could wear hats. I do love them, but they never fit over my hearing aid correctly. I think it would help if I wore two hearing aids, but I can't pick up any sound in my left ear at all, even with the strongest hearing aid so I don't bother. I just wear the one in the right ear. I bet they really help with the sun, and you probably don't need to use as much sunscreen in the face area? Your new shirt is really cute too. I am ready to look for a few new things clothing-wise. The items I got from Chadwick's a month ago are already getting put to good use. If anyone is looking for nice basics, such as twin sets, cardigan sweaters, etc., they have a great selection. I try to get really good earth colors, but I often focus on the less obvious fall colors so that I can get more mileage out of them. Nothing screams fall like pairing brown, rust and gold, for example. Olive green and teal and a warm purple can be great additions. When I can, I look for the spring and summer shades for earth, as I like to call them. They tend to be more in the mid-tone range so they work well in those seasons. Our weather here has jumped around a bit. The weekend before last, it was in the mid eighties and a bit humid. Last weekend was perfect- mid seventies. Today it is cold and rainy. Fall is here. London is fascinating. I've often thought about how great it would be to be able to visit so many places. I know I sometimes think of things a bit oddly...it seems like London has an urban feel, but with such a deep sense of history to it. My brother and sister-in-law are always asking us to join them to travel to Ireland. That would be fun to do someday. My husband is very Irish. He only has a small percentage of him that isn't Irish...just a hint of Italian and a small oddity or two that I can't remember too well at the moment. It was discovered in his Ancestry test. I think Afghanistan, or something like that. My mom used to say I was a Heinz 57. I remember asking her why I was steak sauce, lol. She explained that the name of the sauce came from having supposedly 57 ingredients, and she described me that way because I was a little of this and a little of that. In reality, there are four things that make up about 90% of my heritage. In order: Polish, British, Swiss and German. Then I have some Irish and French in small amounts with Dutch and a few other things. Margaret, I've been to Miami once, but only a very short time as we sailed on a cruise from there. If I recall correctly, it was when I got a cold a short time before we were leaving, and even though I was healthy enough to travel and cruise, I had this super bright red, chapped nose. 🙂 The fun thing was that when we were leaving port, there were dolphins jumping in the water on the side of the ship. My cute little grandson is so sweet. He's a really good little boy. His bilirubin levels are a bit too high, so they are trying him out with a special blanket to cure it. He goes for a check up tomorrow to see if it is working, and then has another appointment on Monday. We are hoping he shows improvement and will not have to be hospitalized. Of course, that has me scared no matter how much the pediatrician has been downplaying it. I know it can be fairly common, but still. My husband is such that he doesn't really venture out to new restaurants unless we are traveling. When we are home, he has some favorite spots we go to for our date lunches on Saturdays. We haven't had too many of those because he has been working overtime a lot. He is not working this Saturday, but he leaves for training in Albany on Sunday, so right now the plan is to go to the gym, go visit our little cutie grandson, and then get a late lunch/early dinner. If we are leaving from my daughter's, I must be able to get him to stop somewhere different. I can try, anyway! I don't have any Birks, but I do have sandals that are styled just like them, and have worn similar styles for many years now. I find that they are comfortable. I have a pretty rough time finding shoes and sandals I can wear with my different foot issues (neuroma, bunions) and this style always works so well for me.
  5. Thanks, all! Both baby and his mamma are doing very well. They came home today. I have to say, my daughter was just amazing. She was so determined, and followed every instruction she was given. She was allowed visitors in the earlier part of labor, and she had her husband, me, my husband her sister and MIL with her. I think she appreciated having hands to hold during contractions, and people to distract her from the pain. When the time came for delivery, she was only allowed two people, which were her husband and me. I have never cried tears for joy like that before. I had told her I would make extra on some of our meals and freeze them for her, so that when she got home, she could just dethaw and warm things up. Because she was two weeks early, All I have is homemade sauce, and a marinated pork tenderloin. It's funny, because I've been saying all along she wasn't going to last to her due date, and she didn't. I wasn't prepared though!
  6. Hello all! Well, my plan was to catch up on things at home, while finishing my work training, and posting here about my cruise that seems to have been oh so long ago... But more important things came up. My grandson is here! After a total of 23 1/2 hours of labor, Krsyn Jay has arrived. He is 19 inches long and weighs 6 lbs, 15 oz. He is soooo cute!
  7. I"m enjoying reading all the posts and catching up! London is a place I've always wanted to go. I don't know if I will ever get there, but it would be wonderful to go. I understand the letting go part with kids. Sometimes, we even forget what they are going through, and they may not wish to discuss it with us, particularly when it comes to going off to college. I know with my younger daughter, it was almost like she couldn't wait for me to leave after we dropped her off, ha. But within a month and a half or so, it was the opposite. But I'm not making my point very well. Generally speaking, our young adults have an awful lot going through their minds when they are going off to college for the first time. I think it is wonderful that you get to do some traveling with your husband, Anita. And like you are now, Margaret! My husband doesn't have to travel for work at all. Once a year, he is gone for 3 days and he is about two hours away. He and about 3 other guys from work have to attend codes training each year. If he did travel, I probably wouldn't be able to go with him much due to my work schedule. That sure sounds like a lot of fun though, and it's an opportunity to explore some new areas. Margaret, I find that when I travel, I love to be somewhere that I can just walk to a restaurant or local attraction, or take public transportation. Not taxis and the like, but trains and buses. Things like that. We do that in Boston. With where I currently live, there are some people who drive to a local plaza or similar area, park their car, and then take the bus downtown to work. Many people opt to drive even when they work downtown though because the bus schedule isn't that great around here. You also have to get off and transfer to another bus, etc. I'm somewhat fascinated at how easy it is to get around in other cities. My daughter is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her son, with two weeks to her due date even though her doctor thinks she will give birth sooner. I am hoping so, as she is steadily getting bigger and she has a pretty small frame. I worry that she is going to have a very difficult labor. Some day, I will finish my cruise report, but it has been so busy for me lately. In the meantime, here are a few odds and ends of pictures from the onboard photography...
  8. Sharon, that is right - you are heading out on a cruise too! Have a great time! I just realized I haven't finished posting pictures and all that about my cruise in August. Gosh, I'm so far behind these days...
  9. Hello! I've been so busy, I have not had a chance to stop in for a bit. Melody, have a wonderful vacation. I hope your dental issues won't interfere with your trip at all. It all sounds painful as well as expensive. Margaret, I'm glad you had a good time in Florida. It sounds like you got some cute things! I ordered a scarf that was backordered on Chadwick's, and I understand it has been shipped. I'm excited to get it in, and hoping the black I saw is minimal. I love finding scarves that aren't too heavy and hopefully not too seasonal looking. I have a few that I really love because I can go so much more out of them when they are not just for fall. Sally, I know Florida doesn't warrant much fall or winter clothing. Do you find the color selection there in clothes you can wear with your climate? I was just thinking about how I am always looking for good choices for summer and spring that are in earthy colors. I think I mentioned that I got some great things from Chadwick's previously, and I was thinking about the layering tops a bit and what I can get that can be worn year round. I've been just crazy busy at work, feeling very stressed and tired with 11 or 12 hour days. I'm hoping things get better. In the meantime, we are anxiously awaiting our grandson. While her due date is 3 weeks away, the doctor told her last week that his lungs and heart are fully developed, and he is in position and ready. At her appointment today, they told her she is considered full term, and she is 2 cm dilated. She is not in active labor or anything yet. If she goes to her due date, I think he will be a good sized boy. If it is in the next week, Krysyn will probably be around 7 and a half pounds. We've all written down our predictions, so it will be fun to see how close we are. Did I mention when our next cruise is? We have a long wait. It is on Independence of the Seas out of Fort Lauderdale in November of 2020. We actually leave the Monday after Thanksgiving. I wasn't sure if that was ideal or not, but we will make it work. I think the only thing I need to figure out is when we do our big decorating for Christmas. it's usually that Sunday. I have over a year to figure it out though!
  10. It seems like whenever hurricane season arrives, I find myself searching maps to see exactly where everyone is. I am fortunate to be inland enough so that the only thing we get is maybe some extra rain. Anita, I am sure with everything that is going on, responding is not something you can do until you return. I was just thinking about how much later your son must be starting school. At SU, the students returned two weeks ago. I would imagine with your son starting later, he will finish later as well? I am not familiar with schools for the fine arts so that aspect is quite new for me. Margaret, you look all ready for your trip! I really like your choices! 🙂 You are very good at bringing what you need, without overpacking. I know it seems like I never rewear things, but I do...it's just that when I am on a cruise, the majority of time we are in the Caribbean and it is hot and muggy so I don't want to rewear things. I do in other circumstances though. I like your glasses too. I really wish I could find glasses I like on myself! I hate my glasses! Those look so nice on you. I found an older picture of glasses I used to have, and I am wondering if I should go back to that style. I need to scan the photo because I can't find it on my hard drive. Melody, I checked on the recalls for cribs first. I too was concerned with all the recalls they have had. Have you seen the latest Athleta catalog? I think I need to save up some money. They have colors that appear to be perfect and we will likely never see them again. I'm going to go check online since catalog colors can be off.
  11. Anita, I'm glad you have been able to adjust your travel plans.that can be hard to do. I do think I will get a regular crib. They still make portacribs, but in my experience, a regular crib offers more options. The majority of them convert to toddler beds and I'm finding used cribs that are look new for less money. I'm more than happy to take them apart, put them back together in the room. There are playpens (they call them pack and play now) but I don't love those for sleeping. My daughter has one she can bring with her when the time comes and we need one. I haven't thought about high chairs yet. There is a baby consignment store that we can look at when we are ready to shop for those. I've never tried the kind that clip on to the table. I'll have to check them out because I dont really want to try and find room for a high hair. The crib is easy because when I moved the fish tank, I had this big, vacant area in the room. Margaret, those are one of my favorite pairs of sandals. I've had them for years and i got them on clearance at Bon Ton. I think i paid $8 for them and they seem to go with so much. I wasnt planning to bring them originally but i threw them on with my dress when we were leaving the house and i ended up wearing them a few times. I'll have to try that with the photos. It will flow so much better with the pictures in the right spot!
  12. I asked my husband to send me his pictures from his phone. He sent me the same few he sent me last time, lol. Well, I got mine from my phone and my camera together, at least! I still can't figure out how to do our pictodiary layout, so it means I'll type way too much and then add the photos at the end. First, you will see a photo from the shower that I liked. Then you will see my pedicure. I love that color, it's great for my autumn clothes choices. Then I'll post a photo or two of the outside of our hotel in Jersey City. Other than the high cost of parking, I can't say enough good things about the location.
  13. Hello all! It's been a really nice weekend. Since last fall when my daughter became engaged, it seems like almost every weekend, day off and even many weeknights have consisted of wedding planning, holiday planning, shower planning...then I had my kidney issues, my cruise and showers a few weekends in a row. This has been the first time in a while that I could just do what I wanted the entire weekend. For me, that means a lot of different things. I have found myself feeling more focused on doing things that need to be done. For example, remember my fun last year of converting the empty bedroom into a spare room? Well, I had my fish tank in that room, but my last two fish died and the tank has been sitting there. It has been moved, cleaned and set back up in the den downstairs. I feel this is a much better place for it, because I wanted it where I could see it and enjoy it, instead of having to make a deliberate detour into a mostly unused room to see it. And you know what? I think I am going to add a crib or mini crib to the spare room, so that Krysyn has a place to sleep when he visits grammy. Right now, I am checking different local listings to see if someone has a gently used crib that works out for me. If not, there is one I love on clearance at Target for $125.00. That is a great price, I'm just considering that I would still need to get a mattress, a few sheets, a waterproof mattress pad, etc. I'm not looking to turn the room into a complete nursery, but I think you guys know a bit about me by now. I enjoy the planning process and I would like this too look nice. I also don't want to go overboard. I saw a beautiful crib on Facebook Marketplace in a nice area not too far from us, and she is offering the crib for $50.00 including the mattress. She has indicated a few very small scratches. I don't expect anything used to be perfect, but sure...I want it as close to new as I can get. 🙂 The clearance one at Target comes in 4 colors, so I have options with that too. Anyway, on Saturday we took a drive. While we were originally looking to do some trail walking/hiking in Letchworth State Park, we had to postpone that because of the length of the drive. We didn't have anyone to readily stop by and take care of our dogs this weekend. We decided to just head out in that direction in general, and ended up in Seneca Falls. I think I may have mentioned previously that one of my lifelong loves is the movie "It's a Wonderful Life". Many have stated that Bedford Falls is based on Seneca Falls. They have a special weekend every winter that is devoted to the movie, but I've never gone to it. It's a rough drive in our winters here but we will probably do that at some point. It's a cute little town, but somewhat vacant these days. On the way up, we stopped in Skaneateles at one of our favorite places for lunch, then found a n ice cream stand on the way back. Yesterday, we went to lunch with my very pregnant daughter at the mall. It was fun. We stopped at her house to see how the nursery was taking shape as well, then headed home to watch the Red Sox game. Later on we ordered the last Avengers movie, so it was fun. Today I'm catching up on laundry and lots of odd and ends. I'm sure that play by play bored you all, lol. I'm also considering when to move our cruise to. We know that March is just not going to work out this year. I think we are going to focus on a Boston trip in June that is not a long weekend. Maybe 4-5 days during the week? I would like to catch two baseball games this time, and try out the monster seats for one of them. Then for a cruise, I am looking at August through November to see what is available. It seems like the options are more limited, but I have found a few good things. I'm going to get more info from my TA since the website is not always easy to navigate. There are two Bermuda options where we can drive to the port that are 5 days, then another one that happens to sail right after Thanksgiving that has my attention. I would have to re-check but I think all things are 5 days. If we sail from Bayonne, I really need to add an extra day for exploring, and maybe I could meet Margaret! Even if only a drink, it would be a blast. Then Baltimore is great...I've been to the Inner Harbor area once a long time ago, and always wanted to go back. Then with Florida, well...it's Florida! R&R!
  14. Thank you for the kind words. The truth is, how I was standing made a difference in how the dress looked. This was a very good picture of it, while most others were not. While we are tired of the same old poses, you will see as I post more pictures, they did allow for more individuality and fun than they used to. Still, I love the dress and would wear it again. There is something about wearing red that I love. I did not care in the least if anyone was as dressed up as I was. I just put on that dress and went out and had a good time! Don't you love it when your outfit makes you feel good? My order from Chadwicks came in. First, the quality was great. I haven't ordered from them in a while, and I loved the items that I received. First, they are very autumn like, but I can see how I can work these into other seasons. The have a cardigan that they call a boyfriend cardigan. It is a nicer version than many I have seen. It seems like the sweater knit is just the right weight to hold it shape. They had dyed to match tanks with these as well. Please check them out if you are looking for good colors for us - they had a good selection. I chose matching tanks and cardigans in chocolate brown, and this wonderful color called elmwood. elmwood is a gold/caramel type color. I also purchased a blazer in the Elmwood color. Then there was a twinset in spiced sangria. That is a rusty red. I'm really happy with these. I'm going to check out JJill next! Anita, I have issues with straps too! They fall down on me. I have to look a lot for bras where the straps stay in place without me having to adjust them so that they are tight. The Soma Enticing Lift balconet has these straps that once I adjust them, they don't fall down and they don't cut in. This is an unlined bra though, so I can't wear it under everything. I have a feeling they are discontinuing this bra. While I would normally never buy a balconet (I bounce all over the place, lol) this one fits differently. Melody, you may wish to check back with Victoria's Secret. They have many more bras in the bigger cup sizes now. While most people associate their bras with the whole image thing, they offer a lot of what I call everyday bras and undies that are good choices. Margaret, I really have to work on my posing. Especially because my husband and I are so used to the photographers posing us that we go right to work, just like models. Hand clasp, hand on hip, turn to the side, etc. I need to re-read what you have stated, and practice a bit. I should be able to post more photos this weekend. I have started to dream about the repositioning cruise from Boston to Tampa. I can handle the cost. The problem is that my husband doesn't feel we can do the 11 day. 😞
  15. I'm still combining my photos and my husband's, so there will be a lot more to share. It's just that I don't have them where I can post them yet. One thing about some of my photos is that we had some movement here and there, but nothing big. It always seemed to be at photo time though so some pictures are a little crooked. The last one I posted our feet our a little funny as we were attempting to stay balanced. You can't even tell that those sandals are a 3 inch wedge, lol. The stance makes my foot look bigger than it is but the overall picture is a good one. Anita, it must be so tricky trying to think of everything your son needs when he is going to school overseas. Brilliance is one of my favorite ships. An 11 night cruise won't work for us right now. We currently have a 5 or 6 day cruise on Brilliance out of Tampa in March, but I realized shortly after booking it that it wouldn't work. It is too soon for me after this cruise. Financially, it would be super tight because I need to get the airfare soon. If it wasn't for that, it would work.
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