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  1. banditoo

    Mexican Riviera Funtimes?

    Happy to help!
  2. banditoo

    Splendor questions -

    I posted link to the Funtimes and Camp Ocean from our March 2018 Splendor cruise on some previous threads, but here it is again. https://sharemytraveladventures.shutterfly.com/mexicanrivieracruise2018/205
  3. When we were there, there were plenty of loungers right at the water edge on the sandy beach to the right of tender dock when looking at the island from the water. You could drag them wherever you wanted.
  4. banditoo

    Medano Beach

    Heather, as noted in my earlier reply, we did have 4 young Children ages 2.5-7 with us. They enjoyed the boat trip to the arches. The boat ride itself, the fish through the viewing window, the sea lions on the rocks, and the pelicans. There are lots of vendors right at the tender dock. I don't recall what we specifically negotiated to pay for our group of 10 for the arches tour and return pick up to Medano but I know it was under $10 pp as that was the average I had been told it cost prior to the trip so wasn't going to pay more than that. The boats have life jackets including for children and you are all required to wear them.
  5. The Carnival cruise terminal at Long Beach will have an 'arrived early" line which you can get into if you arrive early. That doesn't mean you will board at that time though.
  6. banditoo

    Glass bottom boat for 2.5 yr old?

    We did exactly that a couple weeks back and had a 2.5 year old with us as well as other young children. The boats have life jackets including children's life jackets that are required to be worn. For getting out of the boat at Medano, it pull's up to the beach and if one adult gets out first, you can hand the younger children out. There will also be men on the beach to give a hand for a tip if needed.
  7. banditoo

    Medano Beach

    We just negotiated with one of the vendors at the tender pier. We had 10 in our family group including children ages 2, 5, 5, and 7. The boat name was Bonita I.
  8. banditoo

    Mexican Riviera Funtimes?

    Fun Times for Sea Day- Cabo-Mazatlan-PV-2 Sea days https://sharemytraveladventures.shutterfly.com/mexicanrivieracruise2018/205
  9. Just finished our Splendor cruise and here are the Funtimes for Sea day-Cabo-Maz-PV-Sea day-Sea day https://sharemytraveladventures.shutterfly.com/mexicanrivieracruise2018/205
  10. banditoo

    Fun Times for Carnival Splendor 7n-Mexico 2018

    Fun Times for the 7 night Sea day, Cabo, Maz, PV, Sea day- Sea Day here https://sharemytraveladventures.shutterfly.com/mexicanrivieracruise2018/205
  11. banditoo

    FunTimes Splendor Mazatlan/Cabo/PV

    This link to my sharesite should show you the Funtimes and Debarkation info for Sea Day-Cabo-Mazatlan-PV-Sea day -Sea day https://sharemytraveladventures.shutterfly.com/mexicanrivieracruise2018/205
  12. banditoo

    Long Beach to LAX

    When we debarked Splendor a couple days ago, there was a lot of traffic congestion in the port area and long beach waterfront by the Aquarium etc. It took our private transfer 1/2 hour extra to get through traffic to pick us up. Give yourself the extra time.
  13. banditoo

    New procedures in Long Beach

    We just returned from our Splendor cruise. Long Beach Terminal is very nice and well organized. Cruise before us was delayed in returning and debarking so they emailed us to arrive an hour later for checkin. Since we arrived at LAX in the morning and had private transfer booked, we went straight to port anyway. Arrived about 1015 and Platinum/Diamond and FTTF lines were just being set up though terminal not opened yet. Terminal opened at 1120 and we went in right away (front of FTTF line) at same time as Diamond/Platinum. Boarding did not start until an hour later as they were still getting other passengers off and preparing ship. Once boarding started at 1120, it was only minutes before FTTF were in after Diamond/Platinum and then all the general boarding started. Disembarking was also well organized and easy. Many people did carry off luggage which started just before 0830. Lines moved quickly through border control.
  14. banditoo

    Puerto Vallarta/ Mazatlan/ Cabo

    And the surf that stole my good Maui Jim sunglasses! Watch for rogue waves!
  15. banditoo

    FunTimes Splendor Mazatlan/Cabo/PV

    I agree that a 1140 flight would cut it too tight. Your ship may get into Long Beach late like the cruise preceding ours did and LAX can be very slow with security etc. Depending on how much time you have to spare, you could visit the Queen Mary or take the free Passport Bus to the shops or spend a few hours at the Aquarium like we did. The aquarium is great.