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  1. We were on that cruise in 2018 too. It was amazing - loved every minute. Hope you manage to make a booking in 2021.
  2. Well said. Hope to see you too .
  3. Hi DGHOC , Great to hear from you. I agree with your thoughts on the Med in Jan too. sounds like a fabulous opportunity. We are looking forward to it !!
  4. I deleted it, as it looked like a scam ?
  5. We watched it last night. Brought back some horrible memories I’d rather forget though -(helicopter airlift etc ) but on the whole I thought Viking came out of it quite well under the circumstances.
  6. I thought the Venus Ship was due to be delivered April 2021? So those of you who know where to look. Is it now ahead of schedule? thanks.
  7. I agree with you about Chefs Table on the sky having recently sailed too. However Chefs Table on the Star and the Sea have been outstanding both in terms of the food and the wait staff. I personally don’t like the pairing wines being served all at once at the beginning of the meal either on the Sky. Don’t know if that is now new Viking policy though?
  8. We were also on the 14th March sailing and agree totally with Howarth. the crew were fantastic. Their training really kicked in. They kept everyone calm under very difficult circumstances. For someone who stresses about nothing I was quite calm for most of the time. 🤣 Water in the muster station was scary as was the helicopter ride, but I shall always remember the crew member that said “think of it as a fairground ride” ( I hate fairground rides ) and squeezed my hand and the Helicopter crew member that gave me a massive two thumbs up. Viking did a very professional job in very difficult circumstances and I would feel safe travelling with them again. I keep thinking about the poor little water waitress who was working in the World Cafe and battling with sea sickness. I hope she is ok.
  9. Thank you so much for this. Have a wonderful cruise and I look forward to more updates .
  10. Pleased to hear that you had a good trip. Which tours had issues..? Interested to hear, as we are also doing this cruise in March.
  11. This is what I thought, but always nice to know from the horses mouth. Thank you for your help.
  12. Has anyone cruised into Canada/ not flown in, but sailed in? For instance Vikings "IN The Wake Of The Vikings"Bergen to Montreal cruise ? The reason for the question is ,do we need an ETA (we are British passport holders) .? While Viking customer service tells us we don't need an ETA or Visa a note on their invoice says we do need an ETA.:o Being a cautious person, I would like to hear from others experience, rather than what you might helpfully think. Many thanks
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