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  1. Our March cruise planner is showing Princess offering a bike tour with wine tasting. So there must be a local provider....you’d get the best of both worlds😉. Try checking Victor ?
  2. Walk outside the port gate and hire cab or a golf cart(drive yourself). You can’t get in trouble in Grand Turk on your own. The island is only 7 miles long and 1 mile wide. Drive the main road around the island, you can stop at Governor Beach, the lighthouse, Cockburn for a snack and drinks, visit with the donkeys that are everywhere, see the flamingos at the salt ponds.
  3. Our friends had P503 on the Coral last year when we all sailed the Panama Canal. They loved the cabin and had no complaints. It was super convenient. There is somewhat of a wall separating the atrium from the opening to the hallway for those cabins.
  4. Diligence in checking the pricing is always the key. I check every few days, and the upcoming promos are usually announced on the Princess board.
  5. The best promo in my opinion is “3 for free” however I don’t know when it will be offered and whether is would include your specific cruise. Since Princess let’s you reprice your cruise if it decreases prior to final payment, I would book the cabin catogory you want and then just keep watching the prices.
  6. DH and just had lunch at Raices just 2 blocks from the pier. It was excellent and the waiter helped us understand the menu and order traditional food. This restaurant was recommended to us by two different friends who go to San Juan regularly to visit family.
  7. Me too.. as long as it says that it fits the FitBit Zip you will be good to go. I got 4/18$ ( they were $7 for one so not a bad deal, and will give 2 to the other couple we’re traveling with. A little Bon Voyage gift 🎁
  8. This is good info, thank you. I am looking forward to having Vines on the CB. Last two cruises were on the Coral which is very nice, but I liked the Vines option on the Crown several years ago!! boarding Saturday and can’t wait!!!
  9. We are boarding this Saturday. Can you tell me if Slice is still pizza only or have they added other items? Is there Alfredo’s for lunch in Sabatinis? (Had that on the Coral and it’s a nice option). Do you have any Patters you can post? Yes i agree bringing your own conditioner is key!! I also bring a leave-in conditioner since the sun/salt/pool are brutal on my hair.
  10. Thanks for all the good tips. I do have a good TA but I always monitor promotions my self. It seems pretty similar to Princess with variations on the terms of sales but the end price is often the same. I always calculate cost per day in order to make comparisons, and factor in whether we get tips, obs, drinks etc. we always travel in a standard balcony, and for the cruises on deposit it’s very port intensive so having the drinks package is not a big deal.
  11. Hi, i am an experienced cruiser on Princess so I know how the various sales and promotions work. However I have some deposits on Mediterranean cruises for June 2020, taking advantage of the recent $20 deposit special. Any tips on what I should be looking for sales between now and final payment ? This asssumes that If a sale comes along I can re-fare at the new price or get the additional perks? Any advice is appreciated. We’d only be doing one of the cruises booked so watching the pricing/ perks for now.
  12. To get back to Bruin Steve original question....no on the Grand Class-ships there is no difference between c626 and c422 except the central location. The key is “Grand Class” as this does not apply to Royal and newer ships, Often on the 3 for free promo those two cabins would be priced exactly the same. Last cruise and the next two are in these C600 level cabins they are an excellent value and my first choice when booking, also applies to C300 and lower cabins. Had C317 on the Coral, excellent cabin.
  13. Is the free internet per person or per cabin? We are sailing the 23rd on a 7 day and I don’t need much internet,just to check emails from home a few times a days. We have an.elderly parent and elderly dogs, plus to check credit card transactions.
  14. I am a wine drinker but poolside I love a rum runner or Appleton Estate rum with ginger ale and lime wedges.
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