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  1. It should include mini-suites, and yes you can refare, just contact your TA. Not sure if clubclass minis would be included, but the regular categories should be. Of course Princess can change things at anytime!
  2. Checking my cruise prices and EZAir prices is my coffee time in the morning and a mental health break during the day😊....you never know!!
  3. I prefer the 3 for free. I find the included tips and booking the best cabin grade for the cheapest (within the category) to work out to the best per person/per day price. That’s how I compare offers. The Sip n Sail is good if you were going to purchase the package anyways. I have never booked under the Landmark sale because it doesn’t seem to be offered on the cruise we have or when I am actively searching for our next trip. I drink mostly wine so I bring my own ,DH is the only one who gets the $ worth from the package. Rumor has it 3 for free is early September
  4. Using the link above I was able to place the courtesy hold until 8/16. Try booking each leg separately also, you may have better luck
  5. Thank you for that link. I was able to put a hold on the 2 cruises we’re are interested in. I’ll call my TA tomorrow. Same ship, Enchanted Princess, but I could only pick a cabin if booked each 7 day leg separately. We are not sure if we want to do 7 day Barcelona-Rome plus 7 days on land, or 14 day Rome-Athens-Barcelona. i was getting the same response that pricing was not available on the regular site, even though we are elite.
  6. I’d suggest checking the Alaska board. There is a lot of detailed info there on all of the tour options. You may be better off booking independently. Key question is how much time do you have that day? We were able to do two separate excursions in Juneau: 3 hour whale watch on the MV Scania which was excellent (max 9 people just google it) then the flight tour tour to Taku lodge. I do remember when I was researching that a lot of the whale watch trips had the option of being dropped off at Mendenhall instead of the port. You’d then just have to take the bus back from Mendenhall (lots of details about this on the Alaska board). You’d be on your schedule that way instead of tied to a group. In my opinion large group tours are not the way to go in Alaska.
  7. Thanks that is good to know, we are on a 7 day in March, I wish it was available . Much easier than finding time to buy 6-10 bottles in SF and then get it to the ship. We drive to FLL so I have my wine packed days ahead of time 😁
  8. THIS!! I agree totally. My dad taught me how to read a map and it’s one of the best life skills I have. Excellent advice, especially having back up routes identified. Thank you
  9. We don’t always eat in the MDR, so I take my wine with me to Buffett or to the lounge prior to dining. In theory could I buy several or all of the bottles at one time to be sent to my room so I’d have them available?
  10. Try posting this on the West Coast Departures forum, you may have better results. Also check long term parking at the airport. Most airports can accommodate over sized vehicles in some of their parking areas. You could then taxi, Uber to the port, or take ship transfer.
  11. You are awesome thank you!!! DH is Big USC football fan since he was a little kid. So a look at the Heismans and the old stadium will be enough to make him happy. We have a friend on the athletic staff at UCLA so hoping to meet up with him plus see all the sports related stuff. The rest of the day is bonus time.. I like your advice to stop in Santa Monica, then make our way back to the ship.
  12. BruinSteve, You are such a great resource on these boards. Looking for some input on a slightly different scenario. We have one long port day, 8 am to 9 pm on a Wednesday. I did reserve a rental car in San Pedro. Our 2 must sees are UCLA and USC. Any suggestions you have as to what else we could fit in? Which to do first? Other good things to do near these campuses? Any help is appreciated.
  13. I would love to hear feedback on this Cruisetour. It seems very pricey? From other reviews and blogs it seems I could do something similar for less on my own?
  14. We really enjoyed this excursion. It did lot require any vaccine . I would just concentrate on proper mosquito repelling practices if you are concerned. Not sure when you are traveling. We went in March which is the dry season so less mosquito 🦟 activity. I don’t remember any serious bug issues.
  15. Booking early or during a promo frequently gets the best pricing which for many people is a key factor. Securing the price while you decide if the trip is viable is important info to have up front, especially if traveling with family or friends.. A lot more at stake here than a pool chair. I suspect that the majority of people work things out and cancel what they won’t use as soon as they know.
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