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  1. Thanks for all that info!! I think I’ll stick to The LA Beach area or Hollywood Hills..my DH wishes he’d gone to USC a fan since he was 10 so it’s a must do! You are always so helpful!
  2. BruinSteve, Is it feasible to stay in Long Beach and hit the highlights of LA? We will have a rental Car and the prices for VRBO & AIRBNB are reasonable compared to Santa Monica? Want to see USC & UCLA campuses, The Getty, maybe some shopping/lunch Rodeo drive? Hollywood highlights also. We’ll have 2.5 days
  3. I have a questioning another variation of this cancellation issue. We are booked on the 3/22 Grand Princess. I give us a 50/50 shot now of this cruise being cancelled. If I wanted to keep my air booking (booked through ez air) can I? We are considering still flying in to CA and renting a car and doing a self guided tour. The flights were very reasonably priced and are non stop.
  4. This is discouraging....we board the Grand 3/22 with 3 days pre cruise in San Francisco.
  5. Thanks to all for their comments and observations..we are boarding 3/22 for the 7 day California Coastal. I booked this knowing the Grand was an older ship, but the itinerary for us is a bucket list trip. I waited almost 5 years for this itinerary to line up with DH’s March school break.....booked the day it opened🙂. So long as the service and food are good, I can live with some rust etc. The pricing for this was very attractive especially since we have to fly, and allowed us to add 3 nights in SF prior to the cruise. I have differing opinions on what I expect from the ship vs the trip
  6. It a mixed result, depends on location...the site by Renmar is the most accurate. I can say that the Caribe deck most aft are half covered, except for the very last on each side. We were in c722 it was very nice. Below us on Dolphin deck had no cover
  7. Medallions can be fixed quickly, I was issued the wrong color and had a new one in 5 minutes. Just be sure they correct all the data on your account.
  8. I’d sign up for Groupon. It was back in 2015, but I got a few good discounts on there for Tours, including a flight tour to Denali, and for transfer from Whittier to Anchorage airport. These discounts were available beginning in Late December-early January for the coming season.
  9. Visitflorida.com is the official state tourism website.....there should be links to all the regions in the state.
  10. RE: bathroom sharing.......many of the low lead-in fares on sites like Hotels.com are for the smaller, older hotels.. Once you read the details, those prices are for rooms with a shared bathroom down the hall.
  11. The Ruby and Emerald ( and Crown)are virtually identical ships so that shouldn’t be a factor. DH and I loved Glacier Bay but I can’t comment on the other itinerary options. Also the Alaska board will have very good info on all the ports and the specific differences. Alaska for many people is a once in a lifetime trip so pick the itinerary that will make you happy.
  12. I’d recommend the salt scrub which includes a massage at the end. Leaves your skin feeling great.
  13. I see in your post your comments about “do not disturb”. You should be able to set it so that calls from your Mom are received. Look in the settings for “allow calls from favorites”. You may have to modify your favorites lists to only who you’d want a call from. Also enable “repeated calls” then if she call you twice within 3 minutes that call would go through, so perhaps tell her to call back if you don’t pick up. Maybe this will help... I have loved the blog for years and really enjoying the menu photos. Thanks for all you do for us at home traveling vicariously with you!
  14. Well it worked....we can only cruise in a balcony or above, DH won’t consider ocean view. We did one NCL cruise and DH said “ never again go back to Princess”. We’ve got our friends hooked on Princess. They booked an inside for their 1st Princess Cruise with us and got upgraded to ocean view. They’ve now done 4 cruises with 2 more booked😄
  15. This is important to know. The airline websites and the big online travel sites will show you the Basic Economy price which is not great since you can’t pick seats, or purchase the upgraded economy plus seats. EZAir is booking you in standard coach seats.
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