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    Martinis with Drinks on Us or the Classic package

    Do you know if you can upgrade any day right up to sail away date or do they have a deadline?
  2. I don't think martinis are included in Drinks on Us, but are they if we upgrade to the Classic drink package?
  3. uCruiser

    Seaside Embarkation Questions

    I feel my vacation starts as soon as I board the ship, so the earlier the better!
  4. uCruiser

    MSC Seaside - It's incredible. Ask me anything!

    said the guy and left.....
  5. uCruiser

    tipping on msc

    I believe you can go to the service desk and stop it and then tip whoever you want.
  6. I just read the review here https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=623744 and that person says the following: Is that correct? If yes, what is the charge and will it affect you when you are on the Drinks on Us?
  7. It's funny though, because on the main booking page it says "Experience: Bella", but under Price details>Price Breakdown it says "Experience: Fantastica". It's not a big deal really, but I wouldn't complain if we got free room service :cool:
  8. I booked a Bella balcony on Seaside, and was assigned a Fantastica balcony (according to their deck plan colors). Does that mean I will have Fantastica privileges on that cruise? I got the "Drinks on Us" included with the cruise, so I was more thinking about the free room service?
  9. uCruiser

    Daily service charge seaside?

    Good catch! That's for two people. I'm definitely not a light drinker on a cruise, but I not so sure about $833. Beer @ $5 each would be 24 beer per day. The fruity MSC signature drinks are $7.25 so that would be 16 drinks per day. We could maybe get somewhere near that amount the first couple of days, but not all 7 days. We tend to slow down a bit towards the end of the cruise. I think we will save some $$ on MSC vs NCL, but not enough to let it determine if we should cruise with one or another. Anyway, I'm looking forward to my first MSC cruise in September!! :cool:
  10. uCruiser

    Daily service charge seaside?

    Yes, Drinks on Us is what I am talking about. Thanks for the info (y)
  11. uCruiser

    Daily service charge seaside?

    So it's based on what I actually drink? I like that a lot better than NCL. To their "free" included drink package they add $250 in service charge for a 7 day cruise. I would need to drink for $1,666 on MSC to reach that amount in service charges.
  12. uCruiser

    Daily service charge seaside?

    What is the service charge for the included drink package? Is that included in the $12.50?
  13. Can we access the same internet package with two computers at the same time on Caribbean Princess? On some ships we have been able to do it and it count the usage for each computer and deduct it from the package. On other ships we could only log into a package with one computer at a time, so we needed to buy two packages in order to get online at the same time.
  14. uCruiser

    Just off the Caribbean Princess 11-17-12

    Be good to her please :). It looks like we will be on her the week after you.
  15. uCruiser

    Room service for breakfast

    Does any of you have a copy of the room service menu?