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  1. We are on the 12/3 sailing on Riviera. Stayed up until midnight last night and had no problem with 8pm reservations in all 4 specialty restaurants. Now I am ready to go for my first Oceania cruise! Can't wait!
  2. Last Friday I was in Miami going to a trade show with my boss and the cruise ships were lined up ready to go. They looked amazing after such a wait. I have a cruise lined up on Oceania in December but my boss said as we were driving by, why are you waiting for December? I thought about it for all of 5 minutes and emailed my travel agent and booked this cruise that very day. One week away! After having a couple cruises cancelled during covid I just couldn't wait any longer!! I have never booked anything with such a short wait. Very excited. Anyone else ever act so suddenly?
  3. Catlover, I am loving your report and especially pictures. Somehow my IPhone shots fall short of yours!! lol Enjoy your cruise!! art
  4. Glad to hear it Jeni. Now I hope you are feeling better too!
  5. Wow, love the quote from the Australian PM. That IMHO is leadership. art
  6. This will be our first cruise with SB (April 20th) and I must say reading everyones posts regarding communication with the home office leaves me wondering if this will be our last?
  7. Thanks Catlover54 for your insights and opinions both good and not. Hopefully we will be taking our first SB cruise on April 20th so I am all ears so to speak. art
  8. We cruise a TA on April 20th. While I have not cancelled yet and hope not to, I am left with a similar impression of Seabourn as you are describing. It seems that less expensive cruise lines are bending over backwards for their customers and Seabourn is not. Based on the reviews of SB I expected the opposite. Others offering 48 hour cancelations and we have 30 days as if that is comparable and poor communication with customers is not ok. It's disappointing. I wish you good luck and safe travels. art
  9. It sounds like it has been a mixed bag so far. Sorry to hear that. Hope it improves for you.
  10. Thanks SLSD for your thoughts. I agree on Dr. Fauci. I am going to wait as long as I can to make the decision. Catching the cruise is easy for me as it is an hour away, but very true on getting quaranteed and all. ugh....
  11. SLSD, I was thinking about how many cruises are out there and what the percentage of problems are to that number. I hopefully leave in 42 days and am watching news constantly to decide what to do. My wife is leaning towards canceling and my kids are pushing to not go too. I am in that age bracket they talk about -- 74. I certainly think this is a serious situation but do think that politics are involved in these cruise warnings. I could catch this going out to eat or shopping at the supermarket. This is a bucket list trip for us and I will be so disappointed to not go. Keeping my fingers crossed and watching the news! Wishing all good health and safe travels no matter where you go.
  12. Great pictures! Looking forward to reading about your adventures, Thanks for posting. art
  13. Leaving in 44 days and not heard anything. I am so hoping we will go! This is a bucket list trip for us.
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