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  1. Their site is pathetic. I have no luck with explorer but Chrome worked better. Maybe give it a try?
  2. We will be on Quest shortly and they have Solis instead of Keller. What is the scoop on why Seabourn is changing the restaurant?
  3. 30 days till our Transatlantic on Quest. 10 of 11 nights at sea. Hopefully that means the Restaurant will be open most every lunch aabd breakfast! 🙂
  4. With a little over 400 passengers I think it will be pretty quick. Waiting unit March 24th is more of a problem.
  5. That will be us after our 11 night turn. Best wishes for a wonderful trip! We love sea days and the calmness and quiet to chill and a TA affords that in grand manner. 🙂 Thanks to Stand and Hiltner for their advice!
  6. Hi Everyone. We are counting down to our first Seabourn cruise and very excited. The ship (Quest) is scheduled to leave at 5 out of Miami. Based on your experiences what would your guess be on boarding time. We are in a Penthouse if that makes a difference. Hoping to have lunch on board and need to schedule a ride. Appreciate any of your thoughts. Thanks a lot, Art
  7. Our upcoming cabin looks like it is 5 doors down.....918 I was thinking a goodnight drink every night if its open
  8. Thanks for sharing. I've never seen anything like this. It's definitely a highlight!
  9. Better, thanks. It's pretty massive!
  10. Very cool, thanks for posting.
  11. picture? Very cool.
  12. You just made my wife's day!! Transatlantic = plenty of sea days!! She is thrilled.
  13. Thanks Nomads. I appreciate the feedback. art
  14. We are on the same one. Look. forward to meeting you. art
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