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  1. Their site is pathetic. I have no luck with explorer but Chrome worked better. Maybe give it a try?
  2. We will be on Quest shortly and they have Solis instead of Keller. What is the scoop on why Seabourn is changing the restaurant?
  3. 30 days till our Transatlantic on Quest. 10 of 11 nights at sea. Hopefully that means the Restaurant will be open most every lunch aabd breakfast! 🙂
  4. With a little over 400 passengers I think it will be pretty quick. Waiting unit March 24th is more of a problem.
  5. That will be us after our 11 night turn. Best wishes for a wonderful trip! We love sea days and the calmness and quiet to chill and a TA affords that in grand manner. 🙂 Thanks to Stand and Hiltner for their advice!
  6. Hi Everyone. We are counting down to our first Seabourn cruise and very excited. The ship (Quest) is scheduled to leave at 5 out of Miami. Based on your experiences what would your guess be on boarding time. We are in a Penthouse if that makes a difference. Hoping to have lunch on board and need to schedule a ride. Appreciate any of your thoughts. Thanks a lot, Art
  7. Our upcoming cabin looks like it is 5 doors down.....918 I was thinking a goodnight drink every night if its open
  8. Thanks for sharing. I've never seen anything like this. It's definitely a highlight!
  9. Better, thanks. It's pretty massive!
  10. Very cool, thanks for posting.
  11. picture? Very cool.
  12. You just made my wife's day!! Transatlantic = plenty of sea days!! She is thrilled.
  13. Thanks Nomads. I appreciate the feedback. art
  14. We are on the same one. Look. forward to meeting you. art
  15. Our last cruises have been on Regent and Oceania (their larger ships). We were disappointed in the last O/ceania ship, especially with their food, so we decided to try Seabourn. We had booked a Seabourn previously that was cancelled during covid. I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to share the differences in the 3 lines if you have indeed taken the other lines? What should we expect. We are taking next Springs Transatlantic — we love sea days! Any tips, suggestions, or advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Art
  16. I think our last Seadream trip was in 2012. It was magnificent. Over the time since we have cruised on Celebrity, Holland, Regent, Oceania, and Royal Caribbean. The last few trips have been a let down. I think it's time to come home to Seadream. And especially after reading your report. It sounds like it is exactly as we found it then! Thanks for the reminder!! art
  17. this is going to change how i feel about cruising, and after 20+ cruises. ugh
  18. our resident dog was on the pool deck a bit ago.
  19. It is not what normal people think of when you say Cobb Salad 😉 i didn’t have my phone to take a pix but it was kid of comical. Picture: A piece of lettuce in the middle of the plate Cubes of steak on top (including gristle) 6 cherry tomatoes in a strait line up the left hand side of the plate next to the steak 4 scallion stems in a strait line next to the tomatoes on the left side of the steak stack: 6 1/4 inch cubes of avocado in a strait line up the plate A soft boiled egg at the bottom center of the plate. Something else on the top right I couldn’t distinguish, lol Voila
  20. we had late reservations and by the time we got our main courses it was probably 9:30. I just wanted to go to bed and call it a day. You are right that I should have said something but I just didn’t want to deal with it so late in the evening. I wouldn’t have wanted to wait for a replacement.
  21. Last night was Polo. I hate to say it but the food was not too good. I had a cobb salad with steak that had lots of gristle and was anything but a salad — literally had one piece of lettuce, lol. The waiter had said it was not traditional cobb but i didn’t think it would be this far away from that. I should have taken a picture. My wife had surf and turf with small portion of lobster and a small filet that she said was tough. This is disappointing. Tonight is Indian night and we are typically fans. Maybe I’ll be brave and try it.
  22. I am on Oceania Rivera on a TA and yesterday there was a dog in the buffet sitting next to and being fed by her owner. In the middle of the restaurant. Sitting in a baby stroller. Didn’t look like it was providing emotional support to me but who knows. If this becomes the common new way to cruise with multiple emotional support dogs/pets on board count me out.
  23. Why are you sorry the question was are dogs or cats allowed on Oceania and the answer is NO Jancruz1 Not true. I saw it myself.
  24. thats true but at least we did not know which nights the specialty buffets were on until that morning, after specialty restaurant reservations had to be made. Actually I misspoke earlier and the Indian specialty is tonight so maybe based on your recommendation I will give it a try! Thanks for the tip. Thank you! Art
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