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  1. Quest is now cruising along iceberg A23a
  2. Of course if is something that can easily be reduced in size it should be no problem (e.g. one egg rather than two). However, half a whole bronzino or half a Florentine steak does not make sense Order something else. There are plenty of other choices.
  3. I guess I could go and say "do you know who I am?" but I am a nobody and they might think I forgot my name and had dementia. In any event I thought that they limited reservations to once a week. I reserved two nights on-line and then saw the menu and tried to get reservation for weeks 3 and 4. App said inquire on the ship.
  4. I am sure some may want to pelt me with cabbages, but, in my opinion, if Seabourn can pull this off it is a big step up from TK.
  5. Tried SS once. Worst cruise of my life. Never again.
  6. You may get more responses if you create a new topic rather than posting off-topic.
  7. The boat ride to below the Falls is great fun with great views and you will get wet.
  8. Definitely bring them. There can be some very slippery inclines. There are good telescoping poles that are easy to pack.
  9. Cataracts hotel is on the Brazilian side and less than a minute to the Falls which can hear from your room.
  10. We did DIY last year. Stayed at Hotel das Cataratas. It was an amazing hotel right at the Falls. Our luggage was delayed a day and the hotel was amazing with amenities for wife and I and arranged to retieve luggage from airport when it finally arrived. Couldn't recommend the hotel and the Falls more.
  11. 12 variations? You are kidding, I assume.
  12. Why don't you donate some of them for people who are homeless in the cold? No use taking up closet space.
  13. I didn't mean to be critical. Just stating a fact I am with you CalTex. I rarely turn down any cuisine. As Anthony Bourdain once said he wouldn't turn down dog if it was offered by a host, and anyway he explained puppy has to be better than kale.
  14. You are vastly outnumbered. Well over a billion people eat it every day.
  15. Thanks. Having grown up on fried frogs' legs and hushpuppies I am well aware of the delicacy. Just felt the thought of them might give a French chef a coronary!
  16. Thursday, February 15 Stanley/Falkland Is/Islas Malvinas Arrive: 8:00 AM Depart: 5:00 PM Friday, February 16 New Island, Falkland Islands Arrive: 7:00 AM Depart: 3:00 PM
  17. Only Grytviken is open for landings. The others allow Zodiac cruising, i.e. no landing.
  18. I believe the site is accurate. If I read it correctly, as of November 30, all landing sites, except for Grytviken are either closed for the entire season ofr are temporarily closed.
  19. We are in Falklands a second day, but not sure if there are Zodiac landings. Unfortunately South Georgia is presently a no landing zone, except for one site because of Avian flu.
  20. Just did it the oldfashioned way a week or two ago and got approval within a couple of days.
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