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  1. The cruise is still showing up on "My Bookings."
  2. Just received this from my travel agent, " I just spoke with Seabourn and they do not see any revisions or notifications at this time advising of any cancellations…." We need to wait for further confirmation.
  3. I think it is important to note that Seabourn has not said they won't require vaccines for future cruises - they just haven't yet established a policy. My wife and I are booked on the December Quest Antarctic cruise. She is adamant that if they don't require vaccines, we should cancel while the cancellation period is in effect. I assume Seabourn monitors these Boards. Incidentally, Florida's ban on cruise ships sailing internationally from requiring vaccines is likely unlawful.
  4. We are booked on the December Antarctic cruise and are also planning a week in Italy in October. As long as Seabourn requires vaccination of all passengers (by December boosters will likely be available) the risk, according to published statistics is extremely small. I think by Fall Europe will be in pretty good shape and even in less developed areas the situation should markedly improve by late in the year, as vaccinations roll out. If Seabourn changes its vaccination requirements, we may very well bail out of the December cruise.
  5. As they say in Scandinavia, there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. Looking forward to the December Christmas cruise.
  6. Then Seabourn's offer was a hollow one since they raised the rates on all the cruises, so one could never change without paying more. In fact, the new cost of a veranda on the February cruise to which they transferred me gratis is the same as a veranda on the December cruise, so it should be no skin off their back if they transfer me to a suite for which they are charging $X to a suite on another sailing for which they are also charging $X.
  7. We were originally booked on the Quest Antarctic cruise on December 11, 2020. As the COVID-19 epidemic spread we decided that the February 21, 2021 cruise was more likely to go and changed our booking and paid in full. Both bookings were OB Veranda guaranteed . The February 2021 cruise was ultimately cancelled and we received the following notice from Seabourn: "Your booking has been transferred in the same suite at the same rate as your original booking. ... If you would rather sail on an alternate Seabourn Quest 2021/2022 South America & Antarctica voyage, please contact us or your travel advisor and we will transfer your payments and onboard credit to the sailing of your choice. We contacted our travel agent and requested that our booking be transferred to the December 2021 cruise. Seabourn refused unless we paid an additional $12,000+ for a veranda suite. Seabourn claimed that there were no OB rates on the December 2021 cruise. Two significant facts: The rates on the December 2020 and February 2011 cruises were identical and the rates on the December 2021 and February 2022 rates are identical. The February 2022 cruise has no OB rates either. This is directly contrary to the promise that they would transfer our payments to the cruise of our choice and is a terrible way to treat passengers with almost 100 days on board. This may be our last Seabourn cruise.
  8. In 2018 we booked from Manaus to Baltimore through Rio using Delta miles. First class except from Manaus. It worked well. Also aftr Manaus we stayed two days at Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge to get an Amazon experience. Well worth it.
  9. We already shifted to the February itinerary, which is in the opposite direction of the December one. Frankly, we doubt that will be a go either, but we can always move our payment to a later cruise. The Venture may be a bit dear for our blood. I guess one can hope that the Venture will not be ready on schedule and they will pull Quest for another year.
  10. For what it is worth (no cost for insured patients) I got an antibody test yesterday from Patient First. Just walked in an registered. Results will be texted in a few days.
  11. Patient First Centers in Maryland are reportedly offering antibody tests on a walk in basis. No doctor's orders required, covered by most health insurance.
  12. Yes, we treasure the freedom to kill ourselves and each other. Some would call it insanity, rather than freedom.
  13. Seabourn has not posted Quest itinerary past November 2021. Up to that point it winds up in Miami about the same time as in 2020 when it heads south. There is hope. The Venture itineraries are VERY expensive.
  14. Unfortunately the ship arrives at 10am on Christmas Day.
  15. We are booked on the 2020-21 Antarctic Cruise, which is at South Georgia Island on Christmas Day. I understand that there is a small Anglican church on the island which occasionally holds services. Does anyone know if they normally hold a service on Christmas Day?
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