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  1. My Husband and I just returned from our Mediterranean cruise on the Brilliance of the Seas. We used Italy EU in three ports and I truly wish we had used them in all 5 ports. They were wonderful. We did the Florence/Pisa tour. Best of Rome and the Vatican and Pompeii Sorento and the Amalfi Coast. The drivers picked us up in a nice air conditioned van literally right where we exited the ship. The drivers were so friendly in each port and we had 8 people in our group. I never felt at all nervous with the driving or that they would get us back to the ship on time. We had great guides in each
  2. Yeah!! All caught up so excited to follow along. I too am on day 8 of the coughing your lungs out mess and also just having to be patient and wait for it to pass. Leaving the 10th of October for my first ever Med cruise with hubby. Vick’s handheld inhaler has helped a bunch...and of course the giant DayQuil pills. I hope the sun bakes all your cold away and thanks for taking us along with you and your lovely wife this week!
  3. I have gotten them for the most part. Have purchased my Sagrada tickets. Thank you for your comments though! Good to know!
  4. I know you are all ready to go home by now but I don't know what I am going to do for entertainment after all the excitement following along the last two weeks. Sure have appreciated you doing it! Awesome review. 😊
  5. Yeah I actually looked at the Port Canaveral webcam after I posted that and still blowing hard there. Port Everglades looked good though. Hopefully you guys will be clear by this afternoon. 🙂
  6. Maybe you will end up in the same port as Cruiseliferick! He is headed your way.😊
  7. I hope you really enjoy your extra sea days in your beautiful loft! It has been very interesting following along with both you and Andrew in the same week and under such extraordinary circumstances. Thanks for sharing with all of us.
  8. Watching the local weather this morning in Atlanta, Landfall expected early morning hours of Tuesday then meandering up the coast dropping tons of rain. Going to still be soggy on Wednesday but the worst of it will be north and inland unless it changes direction again. Sounds like they are expecting flooding from all the rain and the pace it is moving. Sounds like you guys can just rebook your flights home and try and enjoy all the extra days as much as possible.
  9. I live in Atlanta local weather tonight said slowing so much it may not make landfall until Tuesday. Royal might be able to get up to unload all the passengers on time Sunday and get right back out. Hope it works out that way for you all.
  10. Holy Moly! Just realized that you were posting...I HAD TO catch up on 23 pages!!! LOL Thank you for doing your usual wonderful review. Hopefully you can sneak back before the storm hits but it is sounding like you might get an extra day or two. Nothing like hurricane season in the Caribbean to throw a curve ball! Hope you have wonderful sunny weather the next two days so you can enjoy the rest of the cruise.
  11. Beautiful pictures and I am just loving your review. Thank you for doing it!
  12. Following along! Love the pictures!! Thanks for doing this!
  13. Thanks again for this review. It was very enjoyable and so nice of you to take time out of your vacation! Enjoy London!!
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