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  1. Congrats! I also booked a GTY suite and pretty quickly was assigned a MCSS for an Edge sailing. I know it's considered the lowest suite classified room but I'm really looking forward to the XL protected bump out balcony and the big bathroom! Enjoy yourselves!! 🤩
  2. Thank you for taking the time to write up this more detailed X vs VV review. Definitely food for thought. I recently decided to make my next booking for 2025 on X again. I didn't see any VV itineraries/pricing that looked attractive to me. With kids still at home, we're not at a life stage yet where we can do those nice long 3+ week land + sea adventures where we fly in, explore, cruise and explore again before flying home. One day!!
  3. I try to regularly check my bookings for price drops. Some days I have seen prices drop by a couple hundred dollars on the same day. Today I was able to get a price adjustment on my GTY suite for a May 2024 Alaska sailing and shaved off just about $1000. If you haven't passed your final payment date yet, definitely check for savings! Good luck! 👍
  4. FYI I just checked the VV website and it looked like the status match expiration date is next year Dec 31, 2024, not this week.
  5. Anyone try VV and have a comparison to the Celebrity Experience? My husband and I are in the 40-50 age group and not party people but curious about the adults only vibe.
  6. I'm pretty happy with the MCSS I was assigned. I did get the gist that they are less popular because of the mental undesirability of having the MC potentially moving up and down outside. I am looking forward to having the larger, protected bumped out balcony. 🙂 I figure that by going the GTY route vs choosing the MCSS category, I've already saved about $1k. That being said, I do still plan to keep tabs on the suite GTY price and watch for future downward price adjustments. If I was going to do a price adjustment re-book, I suppose I could try, based on cabin availability at that time, to ask about releasing my assigned cabin and take my chances again with an unassigned GTY?
  7. I have been keeping tabs on the pricing for my upcoming cruise. I was already booked in a Concierge cabin on 11 and decided to upgrade to a GTY Suite. My TA called into Celeb and I guess since today's a holiday and a weekend, the person on the other end was taking a very long time to make the changes. By the time she came back, she was very surprised to let me know that they had already assigned me a cabin number - it was one of the MCSS. I'm not unhappy - just surprised. It does take away some of the mystery and hope that I might have gotten something in a higher category 😆 Is this normal for Celebrity to assign a GTY the same time of booking? Is this cabin assignment set or subject to a future change? I'm perfectly happy with the MCSS where it is, but all the mystery is gone of what could be. 😂
  8. Thank you for chiming in - this was exactly the type of information I was seeking!
  9. If I am not a drinker of alcohol, but I enjoy virgin daquiris/pina coladas - are these covered at all by the non-alcohol package or would I need an alcohol package because of how the drink types are categorized? I don't mean the fruit smoothies that are pat of the premium package - just the run of the mill stuff that comes out of the carton behind the bar. 😂
  10. Thank you both for the encouragement. 20 minutes into the initial hold and conversation, the guest agent tried to tell me that -I- changed the promo type and that's why it was messed up. 😒 After I pushed back and said, No, the website did what it did and I didn't -choose- anything, I was put on hold another 25 minutes. Thankfully at the end, everything was fixed and corrected to what I had been shown at the original booking. From now on, anytime I book with Celebrity in the future, I'm going to take appropriate screenshots. 🙄
  11. Am I going to have to call to get this straightened out? I stupidly did not screen shot my specific cabin and booking as proof. But the July 4th promos were still going on and I was able to screenshot the price breakdown of the cabin next to mine (same cabin class). I did email the customer service support but got a canned reply back that it will take them a month to get back to me. Anybody have the same issue and a happy ending?
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