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  1. It’s food not fine dining by any means. But it’s good basic food and all you want . something is open 24 hours a day
  2. Carnival ships need to have some rust. Or else you will think you are on the wrong ship
  3. I get free drinks in the casino. That is enough drinking for me. You Have to be sober some of the time.
  4. CPAP Allowed. You should request an extension cord from the ship. To keep room stewards happy. They give you to used a ocean approved cord
  5. All cruise lines kinda gave the finger to the us government, By playing games. On not paying crew normal wage, or benefits as workers. Not paying income taxes, or Corp tax as. Only the power the US government is allowing ship to port in the US. The US government is not going to do back flips for the cruise lines. Airlines pays there workers a good wage. Workers pay income tax, Corp pays Corp tax . Airline workers live in the US. Pay local taxes. Shop in local stores. Ect. So it’s important to keep airlines flying
  6. But you get hours of fun in the casino. If you are into it. Free drinks are a nice perk for casino guest. Plus you get money off of cabin rate and casino money
  7. I have seen Carnival set two tables together for big familys. I think you must ask for this in advance of your trip. Don’t really think this is a big deal for them
  8. When you get free drinks in casino you have to pay the tax in state waters. Until they are out of the state limited normal mid night
  9. My feelings what ever it’s worth. All cruise lines will require vaccinations before letting on a cruise. They don’t want to look bad by having an outbreak on the ship
  10. You have to drink more then six or seven drinks per day. Including the first day. Getting on the ship after noon. And days dock in ports
  11. Even though Carnival and all the big three have offices in the US. And have to pay property tax sales tax ect. The Corp is a foreign Corp. so not paying corporate income tax the big one
  12. Some day hopefully all of this will be forgotten. Like polio, it will be just a memory. Things will go back to the normal for the times. Remember all things go around and end. In the 40.s 50’s people stayed in hotels for vacation. Then the islands. Then cruising . Something new will come around what everybody will want to do. Nobody cares about how the crews are treated, So we can have our Cheap prices. One example of what can change
  13. Stock is now around $15 a share. Was up to $50 $60 before virus hit. Do you think it’s time to buy ? Really think about it. If they go back to cruising in full. The prices will go up fast.
  14. I agree CCL. Don’t have the greatest ship, food or entertainment. Actually there ship ,food and entertainment is at least second class. But they were the cheapest cruise line. Best bang for the buck. If money is more important to you, or me. If they raise there fairs to RCCL or NCL they will lose . They do have the most cruises out the most ports in the US. Saying that, my Loyality is to my money. I will equate, fair vs ship,food, entertainment casino. An go with what is best cruise line for me,
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