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  1. You have the butler phone number, next to the cabin phone. Did you call him. To find out ? Butlers do expect a tip at the end of the cruise. Him not showing up is costing him or her There tip money
  2. Carnival casino are just not big enough for that. How many people an fit into a casino? One depends on the ship. If a ship has a capacity of 2000 can 500 fit into a casino.? If you really start to lose. Slots odd can be change by the casino What can you do?
  3. If you are going to reduce seats in MDR , MT, clubs, you are going to have to reduce passages by 50%. Or dinner is going go be four seating times ? Then there life boat drill. Elevators. The pool.
  4. Being on many cruises, Most ports look all the same. Unless you are big into beaches. It’s really should not matter. I would go on a port less cruise. As long as the casino is open. My biggest concern is the cruise industry as a hole did nothing about other virus on there ships. Hard to believe now they are going to change. What are they going to do to insure safety on there ships. If someone doesn’t wear a mask in public ? If someone breaks virus rules on the ship. ?
  5. Before this the cruise industry did not do a good job in protecting the health of its passengers. Virus ran though out the ship. They know it came from the buffed type food service. All you need is one person who has there rights to be a jerk to infect half a ship. Still today cruise lines are selling tickets for cruises but are not saying anything on what going to happen? Are they going out with a full ship, 50% of the ship. How Restaurant Are going to work, elevators a major problem. Ect
  6. Think about the life boat drill at the beginning of the cruise. How are they going to move that many people with social distancing. Or elevators? Are you going to spend three hours taking a elevator with only three or four people on it. just boarding the ship or leaving after the cruise how long will that take ?
  7. Most people fly in to take a cruise. So you have the airplane problem first to solved . And what will be the cost of the flight if they fly with half the people ?
  8. I don’t think they will add or remove anything. They have bid contracts for buying all there food items. Things will just be plated and served. No help yourself. Actually help yourself could be just done for forever
  9. In MDR only family or a group traveling together only be seated at one table. As not different people at a table. There are certain thing commonly used. Salt pepper. Pictures of water, bread basket, as some examples
  10. Until a vaccine. Itsgoing to be hard to cruise if you don’t want to get sick. You will have a bunch of drunk people doing what they shouldn’t. I being one of them. You can’t wear a mask and drink. When cruising opens up and people get sick on the ships. That will be a. Major blow
  11. When you pay your money the cruise line as airlines used that money that week. Knowing that money will always be coming in. With no sailing, no one is buying cruises. So no money is coming in. I love cruising but I will have to see How the first cruises go before I will be committing to go cruising. what Entertainment being offered, how food is being handled. Can’t wear a mask in a pool Ect.ect.
  12. Theater Are going to be a major problem you would have to seat each group one at a time. Giving a front seat to that group, Then sit the next group Six feet apart. Not used the next row. Then repeat
  13. If you check the price list for individual items of clothing. $15 is a great price. If you roll everything then stick socks type of stuff into cracks in the roll up. Things you can fit lots of thing in the bag.
  14. Depending on how much money you play. Money in. More money in better perks. People get free cruises and all expenses on ship comped. All food and bar, and extras. Do not know how much they gamble, has to be a lot
  15. I find, and maybe it’s my phone, that apple closed it down, and asked for your Apple ID. What since you don’t have real WiFi, this can not be done on the ship. Have to go into port get free WiFi and fix my phone
  16. Four points on Burbon street. Take cab to ship it’s a flat rate price for taxis
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