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  1. We love seafood and it is one of the perks we are really looking forward to. We are both foodies, which is why we signed up for this cruise. So we are salivating in anticipation of all the great food, both on board and on land.
  2. DW does not need any more encouragement when it comes to enjoying gin -- she is a martini lover, as am I! We're hoping that the storm and strike issues won't impact us, and that everything will be smooth sailing (excuse the pun). We have both been trying to lose weight in advance of experiencing some very fine onboard cuisine, but so far I've gained a pound!! This last week I will have to get more serious about it.
  3. So very true. The young people that we have enjoyed on cruises have been with attentive and responsible adults. But as others have commented, even with great parents/grand parents, a toddler is going to have some disruptive moments that may negatively impact other people's enjoyment. So why should I be paying full fare for the privilege of cruising with infants who sail for free or 75% off? Somehow that should be the other way around to compensate me for a less than satisfactory cruise!
  4. I recommend Milan. It's a 2 1/2 hour train ride from Venice, and well worth the trip. I just wrote about our recent visit to Milan on my blog, which you can find here: https://gentlemansportion.com/2019/09/09/italys-best-kept-secret/ Hope this helps.
  5. So here we are a week away from flying to Scotland and two weeks from the start of our cruise. Hurricane Gabrielle looks to be heading to Scotland later this week, and British Airways, with whom we are scheduled to fly, begins rotating strikes tomorrow. It seems the universe is lining up against us! DW is worried, so I just gave her a good 12-year single malt. Now the universe is looking better!!
  6. I've cruised on luxury ships with a few, well behaved children and it has not been an issue for anyone. The problem is when luxury lines promote deeply discounted fares for children, particularly for infants, on small ships without facilities and programs for children We all know what can happen, and it does not make for a relaxing and rewarding trip. So I avoid those types of sailings, and will continue to do so.
  7. I'm fine with Silversea promoting special fares for kids on selected cruises (e.g. holiday periods) as long as I have other non-kid promoted sailings from which to choose. I will simply avoid the kid fare promotion sailings on Silversea and other cruise lines.
  8. The free ones I went on went to the bridge, the galley/pantry/storage area, and behind the show production staging area. It took about one hour and 15 minutes. I'm sure the current tours include much more, but there are some areas of the ship that I don't want to see at any price (such as the morgue!)😉
  9. PS- Does anyone remember when ship tours were free? I took several free ones back in the old days and find it hard to believe that people will now gladly pay $100 or more for one.
  10. Yes, they were beautiful ocean liners, and I was lucky enough to sail on several of them. I think the QM2 has captured some of the best attributes of the Normandie and the Queen Mary, as I wrote in my blog a few years ago: https://gentlemansportion.com/2017/12/11/last-of-the-great-liners/ And let's enjoy her while we can -- the QM2 may be the last true ocean liner ever built.
  11. This comment on the Virgin Voyage board shows what can happen when parents are given incentives to bring kids on a cruise: "No kids is a big winner for us! Did you read on the Celebrity thread where it sounds like their "kids sail free" promotion bit them in the ass, when about 600 kids showed up on a recent cruise. Their ships aren't designed for that and made the cruise less than pleasant for many. It would have been our cruise to Hell. Thank goodness for Virgin!" I hope someone in Silversea's management takes notice before Virgin and Viking eat their lunch.
  12. We sailed on the Silver Galapagos in December and had a wonderful time. I wrote a two-part story about our experience, which you can read on my blog at this link: https://gentlemansportion.com/2019/04/15/the-gorgeous-galapagos-darwins-dream-destination/ If you have any questions, I would be happy to attempt an answer.
  13. Good to know. Guess we can leave the repellent at home and count on the crew to spray us! Thanks.
  14. We will be cruising the Inner Hebridean Island the last week of September, and wondering if midges might be a challenge. Anyone with experience out there who might enlighten us? And if they will be present, what can we do to mitigate their attacks? Thanks.
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