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  1. Much anticipated and expected, but nevertheless welcome news. I like the sound of Mr. Anderson's letter to TAs, and hope he will be a much better communicator than his predecessor, Mr. Wobler. His first move should be to fire the head of marketing and public relations, who should be held accountable for the glaring lack of communication and tone-deaf messaging by Crystal. Hopefully, this move is the start of a concerted and genuine effort to treat customers with more respect, and to restore some measure of their past reputation for customer excellence. The future won't be easy for Cryst
  2. Comas, it is entirely within the realm of possibility that I got your refund by mistake. After all, if Crystal's management is so numerically challenged that they can't count how long 120 days is, can we expect their spelling and English comprehension to be much better?
  3. Thank you for this detailed response and for providing another perspective. You appear to have a passion for the Storylines' concept, and I do hope that in the end it is justified with the delivery of a great ship on time and at the quoted price. If Storylines can deliver on its vision, it will be one more attractive option for people who love to be at sea. Best wishes to you and the company.
  4. I thought folks might be interested in reading this recent blog post about Storylines called "The Mysterious Case of the Baffling Cruise Line.” It is reasonably fair in that it covers the early mis-steps by Storylines, but also goes on to describe the positive things the company has done to get closer to its goal of creating the first affordable residential community at sea.. The final sentence sums it all up. You can read it at: https://gentlemansportion.com/2020/09/07/the-mysterious-case-of-the-baffling-cruise-line/
  5. Was this a Freudian slip by Capital One?
  6. When a company announces a debt restructuring, whether via a Chapter 11 in the US or under different regulations in their home market, the negative news makes it even more difficult for that company to survive in its current form. For example, fewer people will make future bookings with Crystal, most suppliers will start demanding COD, liens may be placed on assets at some point, competitors will smell blood, the hedge funds will start circling, and many creditors will take a haircut. Depending on the amount of debt that can be restructured and at what terms, Genting may have to sell par
  7. If you have not already filed a dispute with your credit card company over Crystal’s late refund, this story from the August 9 edition of Inside Asian Gaming, which details massive losses and cutbacks at Genting, may give you the impetus you need: Genting Hong Kong says six month loss to exceed US$600 million Global cruise ship and gaming investor Genting Hong Kong has revealed that it expects to record a consolidated net loss of over US$600 million for the first six months of 2020 due to the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the company’s primary business arms. Th
  8. Crystal just announced that they are increasing staff in the refund department by 25%. Yes, that means they are looking for half a person to supplement the 2 people currently working there. I'm not sure whether they want the top half or the bottom half, but given some of the poor decision making by Crystal with respect to refunds in the past, I suggest they take the top half because it has a brain.
  9. Yes, it would appear that the 2 people working in the refund department are handling refunds in order of receipt.
  10. The only thing we know for sure is that Genting has more money than I do, and for that matter, more than everyone on this board!!
  11. 100% agree and support your suggestion. It would be a nice gesture that many would appreciate. Thanks.
  12. Filed my CC dispute a week ago, but I don't think one week would have been enough time for the process to have had any impact. But I encourage others to file a dispute if their refund request is several weeks or more away from 145 days.
  13. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah! Let the bells of St. Mary’s ring out! May the fireworks be set off and soar into the skies! Let the marching bands parade to the town square! Praise be upon Neptune. May the clouds part and golden confetti rain down upon us. Good tidings to all. Hosanna in the highest. After a long and disappointing wait, my patience has been rewarded. My dreams have come true. My persistence has paid off. Today, after 147 days, Crystal finally repaid my deposit to my credit card. It was just US$3,347. But given the length of time it took for Crystal to pay it, I hope i
  14. It’s Day 146 of my patience with Crystal and I am still waiting for a refund. And according to Crystal, it may take up to 180 days for my refund to arrive!! YES, 180 days. I found this mind-boggling admission of incompetence by Crystal on the website of the Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles, which currently has 20 complaints about the luxury line. We all know that Covid has not been kind to the cruise industry, but some cruise lines have gone out of their way to be kind to customers and to refund money in a reasonably timely fashion – less than 90 days. However, there are other
  15. It’s Day 142 of my long wait for refund freedom, and low and behold a rather strange customer survey from Crystal arrived in my in-basket today. Dear customer: While we experience a paws in our operations, I am reaching out to all our Crystal Society members to get your opinions on our performance over the past several months. I also want to assure you that we have adopted a variety of health protocols to keep all our passengers safe should you be reckless enough to cruise with us again. For example, I am wearing a face mask as I write this letter to you. I also washed my hands this
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