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  1. Bron62, the big cruise lines recently pushed back restarting their operations until September 15, and even that is ambitious, so you may not be far off with a July 2021 restart for most cruise lines. Although, as I reported in my recent blog post, smaller lines that fall under the CDC passenger limit for sailing in US waters plan to open sooner, although those that embark/disembark outside of the US may have challenges with international airlift. As for cruise lines that impose greedy cancellation policies, the travelling public may have a longer memory than cruise executives think. And those who have not yet booked, would be silly to book a cruise before July 2021 with a cruise line with unfriendly cancellation policies.
  2. I was told by my travel agent that the 2021 itineraries will be almost the same as 2020 because most will not have been done. But 2022 itinerary will also be available soon, and it will be different.
  3. Mancora Girl, glad to hear that Hebridean has resolved your situation in a positive fashion. I agree with Knotty. The staff at Hebridean are pretty awesome! And we are all hoping they come through this pandemic in reasonable shape and continue to offer cruises for many years to come.
  4. Rich and Cathy, you raised two very important points that I had not given much thought to. I think that if cruise lines want to put forward a consumer-first brand, they should lengthen the expiry date for thier FCCs. On the other question of crew still be repatriated, I think the large lines will have to go with a phased approach to restarting sailings -- because they will not have enough crew or passengers for all ships at first.
  5. I feel your pain on the cancellation issue. I cancelled our cruise with Crystal on March 20 and still have not received a refund for our down payment. As a result, when I do start booking cruises again, guess who will be at the bottom of my list? As for the size of ships, when ever the industry starts up again in earnest, I believe that smaller ships will receive more consideration because, among other things, they offer fewer opportunities to spread infection. You are correct on the travel insurance. As long as government no-travel advisories are in place, it will be an economic challenge for many people to get insurance and travel outside of their own country, and to travel inside it unless they have adequate health care coverage at home. Europeans in the Schengen Zone may fare better as they have reciprical health care benefits. However, I do think that a good number of Americans and Europeans will return to crusing in their own territorial waters as soon as the CDC and/or local governments allow it. As for cruising cross-border, it may take longer -- perhaps not until a vaccine or effective treatment for COVID-19 is available. When will that be? If I could answer that I'd be buying lottery tickets right now!
  6. I've started a new discussion thread on CC as per above that you may be interested in. I'd certainly like to hear your views. Thanks.
  7. As E. F. Schumacher once wrote, “Small is Beautiful”. And when it comes to cruising, the economist's theory that big is not always better may just inspire a sea change. If you'd like to read my take on the issue, please go my cruise blog at: https://gentlemansportion.com/2020/06/15/small-is-beautiful/ And weigh in here on the topic with your views. Thanks.
  8. Hebridean has stepped up and allowed me to apply my non-refundable deposit to a future cruise. I am very impressed with their consumer-friendly decision. As a result, we will be rebooking for next year, and will continue to book more cruises with them. All's well that ends well!!
  9. We've managed a cash refund for our cancelled river cruise in June, and for deposits on a TA in October, and a Japan cruise next March. We are not counting on a safe cruise until at least mid-summer 2021.
  10. This should not be a huge problem. The cruise lines can purchase small, old vessels for their hospital and quaratine ships -- kind of like the supply ship model. Or some third party can start this as business and offer the service to all cruises line by region.
  11. Seabourn has already announced all sailings are cancelled until at least October. That is a forward thinking and consumer-friendly policy. Some other cruise lines have put greed before safety and announced earlier start-ups this summer, which will likely not happen. One small U.K.- based cruise line is only cancelling cruises one month in advance, which is putting their passengers through hell.
  12. I just wonder how many people will either make a final payment for a cruise they booked before the outbreak of COVID-19, or make a new booking now when there is so much uncertainty. The only bookings I've kept or made are with cruise lines like Silversea who will allow me to cancel and get a FCC.
  13. I recently read that some airlines and at least one cruise line (Genting) are putting in air filters that extract all airborne bacteria, etc. It's certainly an issue we all need to keep an eye on. The cruise lines that make this a priority will get my business.
  14. Spraying alcohol all over the place?! What a waste. I was taught at a young age never to waste the stuff as millions of children around the world go to bed sober every night!
  15. With the exception of the few expedition cruises we've taken, we do the same and just stay on the ship when it's doing the regular routes. We did a Silversea cruise to the Caribbean in December, and we got off the ship just once. It was wonderful when we had the ship and the facilities mostly to ourselves.
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