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  1. Once the exclusive retreat of young adventurers in hiking gear, the land of sparkling glaciers, active volcanos, and hot geysers is fast becoming one of the world’s most sought-after places to visit by cruise ship. In fact, more than 50 cruises will depart Iceland during the summer of 2022 for a variety of intriguing itineraries, including week-long circumnavigations of the island, and longer voyages that sail to windswept places like the Faroe and Shetland islands on the way to England and Norway. Find out more on my latest blog post at: https://gentlemansportion.com/2021/10/04/iceland-may-be-the-worlds-hottest-cruise-destination/
  2. It appears to me that Iceland has suddenly become one of the hottest cruise destinations in the world. I explore why in my latest blog post at: https://gentlemansportion.com/2021/10/04/iceland-may-be-the-worlds-hottest-cruise-destination/ What do you think? And are you interested in cruising Iceland? Let me know. Thanks.
  3. I agree on the length. It should have read "75-ft" not 65 and I have amended accordingly. I found this definition in a story about chartering super yachts. Thanks for alerting me.
  4. I think so. And I have included SeaDream in my story as an example of one of several small luxury lines that come close to a super-yacht experience at a fraction of the cost. Click on the link to read and comment. https://gentlemansportion.com/2021/07/19/super-yachting-isnt-just-for-the-super-rich/
  5. Here is my latest blog post. The mega-rich can afford to build their own super-yachts and fill them with expensive toys. And more are doing so than ever before. But for those who don’t have $50 million to spare, there’s always the option of chartering someone else’s yacht, or cruising aboard a small luxury vessel that just feels like one. https://gentlemansportion.com/2021/07/19/super-yachting-isnt-just-for-the-super-rich/
  6. Thanks for your kind words. I also like to watch The Love Boat reruns when they are available. My grown-up kids don't understand why I like it so much. But the show is the reason why I fell in love with cruising before ever getting on a ship!!
  7. Today's blog post is a tribute to the late Gavin MacLeod who played Captain Stubing in The Love Boat, and an update on what has happened to the rest of his team. https://gentlemansportion.com/2021/06/21/farewell-to-captain-stubing/
  8. Here is my tribute to the late Gavin MacLeod and the rest of the Love Boat crew. Did you enjoy the show as much as I did? https://gentlemansportion.com/2021/06/21/farewell-to-captain-stubing/
  9. Silversea reluctantly came to the same conclusion that most had made weeks before -- there won't be any cruises in Scotland and Norway in July. I cancelled mine last week and rebooked for next year.
  10. Barbara, thanks for the response. I'm afraid I will probably cancel as I have other reservations connected to the cruise for international and local air flights, trains, and hotels, some of which I need to cancel soon for a refund if the cruise will not be going ahead as planned. Just too much uncertainty right now which is making travel to certain destinations a huge question mark.
  11. I'm wondering the same thing. This was billed as a Q&A with Barb Muckermann on Tuesday, May 18, with most of the questions posted many days in advance. It is now Wednesday, May 19 and hardly any questions have been answered.
  12. I agree. In addition to the cruise cancellation deadline, many of us make our own air arrangements and additional travel plans (hotels, trains, etc.) pre and post cruise that must also be cancelled by a deadline. So, Silversea needs to think about the entire impact on their customers of waiting too long to make a decision to cancel what most of us already know will be made, or it will leave a bad taste in the mouth of many loyal customers.
  13. The UK's listing of US and Canada as Amber on their traffic light system for international travel means up to a mandatory 10-day quarantine on arrival in the UK and two PCR tests (5-day release possible after negative texts on day 2 and five.) In addition, Norway is still closed to all international travel. Will Silversea need to change the itinerary or cancel the voyage for the Silver Whisper from Edinburgh to Tromso sailing to/from the UK this summer?
  14. My blog post of today, inspired by SargassoPirate, is called "Should vaccine passports be required for travel?" https://gentlemansportion.com/2021/04/19/should-vaccine-passports-be-required-for-travel/
  15. Here's my take on this controversial subject. What's yours? https://gentlemansportion.com/2021/04/19/should-vaccine-passports-be-required-for-travel/
  16. I just added a reply that supports your message.
  17. Thanks for you comment. I support your letter and if I'm not mistaken, some cruise lines have already announced they will be doing this including Saga Cruises. I suggest you go to the comments section on the blog, particularly at the link below for a story published in January called "When will it be Safe to Cruise Again?", and provide a copy of your draft letter for other people to use. I think it will strike a chord with avid cruisers. WHEN WILL IT BE SAFE TO CRUISE AGAIN? – Gentlemans Portion
  18. When the Covid-19 pandemic started, it caused panic buying of household staples like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Now, the panic buying has move on to world cruises where extended voyages to multiple continents are selling out years in advance for huge sums of money. https://gentlemansportion.com/2021/03/15/world-cruises-selling-out-in-record-time/
  19. In honour of Cupid and Valentine's Day, I have taken a nostalgic look at cruising and romance at sea. Hope you enjoy this look back in time. You can find the story on my blog at: https://gentlemansportion.com/2021/02/14/romance-on-the-high-seas/
  20. Me too! We're praying that we and enough others will have received Covid vaccines by July that we can take our Norway cruise, and sail home on the QM2. We don't sail again after that until 2022, so I'm thinking that things should be well under control by then.
  21. I’ve rescheduled our cancelled Hebridean Islands cruise from fall of 2020 to September of 2022. It is one of 5 cruises we have booked over the next two years to make up for an absence of travel in 2020. I’ve listed the cruises we have signed up for and why in my most recent blog post. https://gentlemansportion.com/2020/12/21/my-wet-dreams/
  22. We cancelled 4 cruises scheduled for 2020 and early 2021, so we are desperate to start cruising again when it is safe to do so. Where are we dreaming of cruising to? We've got 4 new cruises already planned to some of our favourite cruise destinations. You can read about them on my travel blog at: https://gentlemansportion.com/2020/12/21/my-wet-dreams/ Feel free to add your sea dreams to my list!
  23. Much anticipated and expected, but nevertheless welcome news. I like the sound of Mr. Anderson's letter to TAs, and hope he will be a much better communicator than his predecessor, Mr. Wobler. His first move should be to fire the head of marketing and public relations, who should be held accountable for the glaring lack of communication and tone-deaf messaging by Crystal. Hopefully, this move is the start of a concerted and genuine effort to treat customers with more respect, and to restore some measure of their past reputation for customer excellence. The future won't be easy for Crystal, but I expect and hope they will survive in some shape or form, even if it means fewer ships and new ownership.
  24. Comas, it is entirely within the realm of possibility that I got your refund by mistake. After all, if Crystal's management is so numerically challenged that they can't count how long 120 days is, can we expect their spelling and English comprehension to be much better?
  25. Thank you for this detailed response and for providing another perspective. You appear to have a passion for the Storylines' concept, and I do hope that in the end it is justified with the delivery of a great ship on time and at the quoted price. If Storylines can deliver on its vision, it will be one more attractive option for people who love to be at sea. Best wishes to you and the company.
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