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  1. Of course you are right. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy wants to go home because there is no place like home. When people get annoyed about anything that is different from home - like having champagne and caviar — they are sometimes called Dorothy and/or advised to remain in Kansas. It’s an Oz metaphor.
  2. Tipping is a personal issue and everyone should feel comfortable doing what they wish to. Personally, I will on occasion tip individual crew for outstanding service- this can include our room steward, maître d’s, waiters and bar tenders. I rarely give money to the crew fund.
  3. My apologies to all those wonderful people from Kansas, some of whom I have sailed with, for insinuating that someone on this thread was kicked in the head by a horse there. Metaphorically speaking.
  4. I’d like to chat with you more, but I’m running late to meet some friends for champagne and caviar, over which we shall choose our next cruise. 😀
  5. Good idea. Is Uber allowed access to the cruise terminal?
  6. Better yet, there is no caviar on Carnival. But they do have bologna sandwiches and Kraft dinner.
  7. I get so annoyed by people who like champagne and caviar that it drives me mad. My knickers get in a knot, I get all hot and bothered, and steam comes out of my ears. What annoys me the most is the thought of that golden hued magic sparkling elixir being consumed with those tiny delicious balls of caviar. The only thing I can say is “Where and when can I get some!”
  8. Another day, another day without shade. Traversed the entire ship twice without finding a aingle lounger in the shade and it’s only 10:00 am.
  9. Speaking from our experience this week, with only 650 on board with a capacity of 900, we have not been able to get shaded lounges on most days. Now, part of this may be chair hogs, but only a small part. Once again, please post if you have actual factual numbers that prove Explora has the same number of shaded chaise lounges as Regent and Silversea on similar sized ships. I can’t verify Oceania numbers as I have never sailed on hee ships.
  10. Glad you responded. First, Oceania is not in the same luxury class or price point as Explora, Regent or Silversea, which one expects more from. Putting that aside, there are just 24 chaise lounges in the shade in Explora’s Conservatory Pool, which is the ship’s largest pool area. In contrast, the main pools on similar sized Regent and Silversea have nearly twice that amount. Furthermore, Explora has no dedicated shaded loungers in its bow and stern pools. If one doesn’t want a shaded area to sit in, that’s not an issue. But for the many people who want shade, Explora is indeed deficient and a poor choice for hot weather cruises. It’s a consideration that is important in choosing a cruse line.
  11. Yes, there are a handful of shaded lounges in the Conservatory pool, but where many would normally have been are replaced by two very long hot tubs. As for the other 3 pools, they have been nicknamed Melanoma 1, 2 and 3 for their lack of shade. I challenge anyone reading this to point to any other ship with less shaded chairs per passenger than Explora. This is a well known fact and already an accepted issue by management, and I was told they are looking into possible fixes.
  12. Those are the cabins reserved for livestock and magicians.
  13. Personally, DW and I love the caviar and champagne on both Seabourn and Silversea. We also love people who don’t like it as it leaves more for us!!
  14. I think you will find you are in a very small minority with your opinion. Start a conversation with anyone on the ship, as we are doing this week, and the first comment about the ship is lack of shade. This is our 83rd cruise, and we have never been on any ship with so little shade as the Explora 1. Does it matter in Alaska? Heck no. Does it matter in the Caribbean? Absolutely!
  15. Maybe the new guy will do some listening. If he does, he will discover that the biggest issue with the ship is lack of shade. It’s a criticism that is universal.
  16. Thanks for the tip. I will need to transport 4 people from FLL to POM in January. I will try tvis company.
  17. Prices from Explora for disembarkation transfers in Miami are scandalous. As per their form below, transfers from pier to hotel/airport in a sedan start at Euro 275 ($300 US). In contrast, I just booked the same transfer with a local limo company for US $50 im an SUV. Why the rip off prices?
  18. They could always add some travel agents at the last minute. We have quite a few on our cruise.
  19. Just checked with guest services. 650 this week, 400 next week. You will have a half empty ship to enjoy!!
  20. Have seen one toddler and one infant so far. Both well behaved.
  21. Playing scrabble with the Captain right now. Will see you later at the bar.
  22. That’s a good description of Crystal- graceful. I will gladly try them again when their prices begin to reflect reality.
  23. A lot depends on itinerary. There is a severe paucity of shade in the pool areas, which makes Caribbean cruises a big challenge. On one now and would never do another with EJ. However, we love the crew, ship and food, so would return on itineraries where pool shade is not an issue
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