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  1. I agree. I like a country club casual dress code for the Caribbean. But I’m not into the gangsta dress code. Guess this will be our first and last cruise on Explora.
  2. I’d rather keep an eye out for two gals with interesting T-shirts, but I’ll take the bait anyway.
  3. I wanted to follow in your footsteps, but kept falling over!
  4. We’ve fully cruise booked until spring 2025 with Explora, Silversea, Celebrity, Princess, NCL and Emerald Ocean. But actively looking for summer and fall 2025, and winter 2026. In particular, looking for a cruise call at Easter Island on the way to Tahiti, and a cruise from BA or Rio to Florida or the Caribbean in February 2026.
  5. Good to hear. Haven’t considered a return to Crystal yet, but your experience may be the push we need.
  6. Us too. We got the dates and times we wanted.
  7. It’s a no-no to tell-tell other people-people how to tip-tip!
  8. Agree. In my view, the best way to reward exceptional service is to tip the person who renders it. If that person decides to share their tip with others, it’s their choice.
  9. When companies make up their own language to describe what consumers are used to calling something else, I often wonder if it’s because they don’t fare well in direct comparisons.
  10. It’s sad and a poor reflection on the ignorance of some people that even on a luxury line that some pax feel they need to hog pool chairs. If everyone left them empty when not in use, there would likely be no issue with finding one when needed.
  11. I was not able to provide the requested information or check in via the EJ website. I had to ask my TA to do everything for me. My TA told me that the EJ website is the laughing stock of the cruise industry and that they are constanty having to intervene on behalf of clients. I spent 2 hours trying to check in before asking my TA to help, and that was extremely frustrating. So, at this point, my opinion of EJ before even getting on the ship is 0 out of 10. The crew will have to work overtime to make up for the useless website and incompetent shoreside management. At this point, I'm thinking it's one and out with EJ.
  12. While we enjoyed our SeaDream cruise, it did not knock our socks off, mainly because of the design of the ship. However, the crew made up for some of that with their terrific service and attitude. I always thought if I could take the crew and put them on a newer vessel, it would be perfect. I'll report back next January on my experience.
  13. I've decided to take the easy path and do Emerald first to do my own evaluation.
  14. Frankly, can’t tolerate these types of reviews. All hyperbole and takes ages to provide any information, some of which is useless. Are there any serious reviews out there?
  15. MiszterCruizer, I would be interested in your view of SeaDream after your upcoming voyage . I have not been back on SD since they renovated their two ships. I found SD1 a bit tired looking before the renovation,
  16. I am always curious about new ships. Tried the new Seabourn Pursuit in October and signed up for another one while on board. Trying the new Explorer 1 in March based on strong recommendation from my TA. She also recommended Emerald, which is why I’m leaning towards it unless I see negative reports.
  17. It's time for us to sail on a luxury small ship again. Our last two were on the Hebridean Princess, thanks to Knothead, and before that on SeaDream I. We will be sailing on the Explora I in March, but at 650 pax, I don't consider that a small ship. And we are sailing on the Silver Shadow in July, but at 382 pax it's still a bit larger than we want. We enjoyed our last SeaDream cruise, but our TA has recommended the new Emerald Cruise line ship, the Emerald Sakura for a Carribean cruise next winter. It's a new ship, carries just 100 passengers, and is a subsidiary of Scenic, which has a good reputation. I'm tempted to try it. Any opinions out there that might be helpful?
  18. Taking our first EJ cruise on March 1. Been on most of the upscale luxury lines and found only slight differences among them. We are now looking to try a small ship experience. Been on SeaDream but found the ship a bit tired and the outdoor space limited. My TA has suggested we try Emerald Cruises which has twin ships that carry just 100 passengers. Anyone out there ever been on the Emerald ocean yachts (as opposed to their river ships)?
  19. Thanks. Some posters mentioned that they called EJ office before the cruise to book dinnig venues. Is this for just Residence class, or all classes of cabins?
  20. We are staying in a balcony cabin. Does one have to be in a residence to call ahead of the cruise for dining reservations, or is it also available to the proletariat class?
  21. We are looking at sailing on the Sakara in February of 2025 from St. Martin to Barbados. As we have never sailed with Emerald, I would appreciate any insight that people may have who have sailed on one or both of Emerald's two ocean-going yachts. Thanks.
  22. Oceania is one of the few cruise lines we have yet to try. I look forward to hearing about your experience.
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