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  1. We actually broke out laughing when they served the prime rib. We then rationalized that they didn't say what it was a prime rib of!
  2. Yup.... As much as I love the YC product, you must be realistic - they provide superb value for the price paid but that price doesn't and can't include many "luxury" items.
  3. 100% for sure..... I would wait until you're in a port day otherwise the delivery charges are astronomical!
  4. Too bad - I thought that it would have been fun to talk about our various multi-cruise experiences!
  5. Are you going to the M and G? Just sayin’ /asking!
  6. I was referring to the on board product but I've hear about the Regent forums! Many of the posts (and posters?) have *ahem* some entitlement issues!
  7. Bea - I completely hear what you're saying! Perhaps using the word "confrontational" was incorrect - what I meant to say is that I'm getting to the age where after all my cruises and my having run my own business for about 30 years, I'm tired of having to push to get what I actually paid for. That's why I go on vacation - to escape the nonsense! Having said that - I still have another 4 YC's booked and still get excited with each one! In the next year, I will also stray and return to The Haven, Oceania (great itinerary) and *gasp* Regent. I want to see what the fuss is about and it was only 20% more than the YC!
  8. Thanks for all of your expert advice! I am sooooooooo not willing to deal with the MSC nonsense on my upcoming Meraviglia cruise and really hate getting into confrontational situations while on vacation. We had similar problems on February with wine selections in the specialty restaurants on Seaside. I found that actions speak a hell of a lot louder than words. When the v*&%^(&^ (rhymes with "that pole") sommelier in Butcher's Cut refused to serve me anything but the $1.95 plonk that the menu allowed, I simply got up, walked to the Top Sail Lounge and requested four glasses of the red that I desired and walked back to the restaurant. I (thankfully!) passed Robert, the YC Director on the way who looked at me quizzically as to say: "OK, now what?". We have followed Robert in each of our YC cruises as he ascended the management ladder. I told him what was going on and (literally), all hell broke loose. He and the Specialty Dining Manager and Sommelier got into a knock-down argument about what was the "standard". I've told my partner, even though I remain THE master of spilling sauce on myself, it remains a marvel of how many glasses I can carry at high speed without causing a train wreck! Ah, the curative and restorative powers of alcohol......
  9. Oooops .... just saw emmas gran post which made me realize you responded a few hours ago! Yes - just a shower but they were very nice on Seaside. And with the extra storage, you can adequately store all of the stuff that you'll take *giggle* from the minibar! (I just had to get some people riled up!)
  10. Congratulations! While I like the "concept" of a balcony, I spend most of my time at The One Pool with one big exception: The balcony is just fantastic to have your morning cappuccino/espresso/latte with a couple of pastries. They're sooooo fast in bringing it to your room after you order it!
  11. You know why I never get anything done anymore on a day off? Because things like this become my mission. I did a bit of searching and found his review but *curses* .... no pictures with the damning evidence!!!
  12. An interesting topic with many valid viewpoints from all sides! The provision of an included minibar has likely been a low expense item for MSC as while it's a great "come-on" to entice cruisers, my guess is very few people actually use it! Personally, I generally don't want a drink in my cabin unless it's a late night scotch and then I get it in the Top Sail. Be that as it may, we're all different and have different wants and needs. Where the wheels come off the bus for MSC is where EVERYONE actually starts to use it or, as many have stated, start to empty out the bar twice daily. There was a previous frequent reviewer/poster who proudly showed pictures of his stash of miniatures on the last day - there had to be at least 50 bottles. I think that a reasonable solution for the liquor "problem" would be to leave a note kindly asking you to leave your empty bottle on the tray and that it would be replaced at the first opportunity by the butler. Them's that drink it would be satisfied and it would put the kibosh on those who are a wee bit greedy. Even if you wanted some for your trip to the beach - no problem as long as you bring back the bottles! As for the snacks .... still not an expensive item but limit it to one replenishment daily. There really would be no extra work for the butlers save for collecting the empties.
  13. Like your wife, I have been *ahem* politely know to challenge people about their lack of sanitizing. The usual (serious) response of "but I washed them when I left my cabin" usually leaves me gobsmacked. When I ask if they used any handrails or opened a door or touched anything, I'm met with a blank stare! And to all the naysayers, research FULLY supports the use of hand sanitizers and is now indeed the standard of practice in most North American hospitals!
  14. Thanks for responding so quickly!! I was trying to figure out whether the glass "pergolas" actually did anything! As for the "I think I'll rub my bottom and have an eclair" ladies, unfortunately this is just what you witnessed!. The "I think I'll put my hands down my pants and have potato salad" gentlemen were behind schedule and not yet visible!!! That's why I always have a pocket hand sanitizer with me - it's important to get your hands after touching the communal tongs which are only two letters away from communal tongues!!!
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