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  1. From the sublime to the ridiculous … who do you think you are…. me? Those Toronto people….. ps - I haven’t even HEARD of Emerald Ocean …. Is that like Irish ☘️ Spring? Ok - just realized they’re part of Seen-it
  2. It was 60 days for both my sailings
  3. We thought that it was too quiet last time but hopefully I won't be bemoaning the crowd this time! The young and eager staff were actually a bit bored - I think that they will all enjoy being a lot more challenged this time around. I totally agree re the Shorex.
  4. Progress!!! My cancelled reservations have finally disappeared and all by bookings are now listed in order of date of departure. As you said, still not functional for my upcoming sailing but definitely in the right direction. ps - did you end up making your dining reservations or are you "winging it"? I know that the March 1st sailing currently has close to 800 (!) passengers.
  5. I'm not sure why people think that this is funny.... On an upcoming fall cruise, I too booked Concierge as it was the only way to get a footstool/ottoman on our large hump veranda. For the small price difference, it was easier than lugging my inflatable ones .... I could care less about the swill, I mean Sparkling Wine-oid product, embarkation lunch or daily cheese poofs. I guess the inflatables are going back into my luggage!
  6. For central Toronto, Dixon Road and then Lawrence!
  7. I’m restating …. I stopped counting my AC flight back from MIA this March after the TENTH CHANGE!!! 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Actually rebooked after the second change as there was ZERO way to make the flight and they then rescheduled my original flight so I could have actually made it! And this is how a near monopoly operates…. I view this as Alexandria does - make it a POSITIVE experience! Grab an Uber to a hotel with a day pass and enjoy a few hours in the sun. Alternatively, use a luggage storage facility on FLL beach and go for a walk and have lunch! About $100 (including your data roaming!) will buy you a GREAT day!
  8. I’m weighing in on this again because I feel so strongly about it! Odds are - you’ll be fine but you’ll likely start stressing the night before arrival and continue to do so until you’re off the ship! If you’re NOT fine and you miss your flight, you’re on your own. You’ll have to buy a new ticket unless the agent takes (unlikely) pity on you. None of these CC members extolling you not to be negative are pulling out their Visa cards to pay for your new flight. And…. Most flights are beyond full these days - no guarantee that you’re getting on a flight that same Sunday. Again, I have witnessed people FREAKING OUT on board on arrival day as we’re one to 4 hours (medical emergency) late and they’ve missed their flight.
  9. It's three hours officially for a full refund. With all of my cruises and in the situation described by the op, I have NEVER paid a change fee! But .... it's the call center, not online. In fact, if I've said "I'm sorry, I booked this to get back from a cruise and this new time simply doesn't work", I've actually gotten a refund a few times and used it to rebook at a better fare! Coming back from my next Explora cruise, my flight has now been changed ..... 10 times! (actually - I STOPPED counting after the 10th change.....)
  10. If AC has moved your flight time at all, the change is free. I have been on many cruises that have arrived late in port because of weather including fog and medical emergencies.
  11. I need to clarify my position on the wines! I did enjoy them .... the FIRST time but not the same ones 9 days in a row. They should have a 7 day rotation .... there are literally hundreds of wines at the same price point for them to choose from. They need to mix it up a bit. I'm not backing down on the bathrooms! No electrical outlets, the mirror fogs in 14 milliseconds and the door opens into the entrance of the shower making it difficult for two people to get ready at the same time. Oh, and while you're at it, put in a night light and don't have the bathroom door immediately opposite the bed in a Penthouse! A much better arrangement in the OT's....
  12. Isn't it great that we have the health and means to enjoy and compare these superb new products?
  13. As a proud Canadian I've got this covered ...... we're packing 5 large Maple 🍁 boughs. I will use the leaves instead of toilet paper, tap the branches for the sap and ask one of the chefs in the Emporium to boil half for syrup and rapid ferment the other half for maple wine. Obviously, I will be the source for the new Alternative Gas Engines.
  14. You'd be crazy not to book Crystal with that difference in price! At this stage in life and with ageing animals, I'm can't really go over two weeks. But your points are taken - as the Explora fleet expands, I expect to see some significant changes. Say "hi" to Bali, or "Bali Hi!"
  15. With that logic, why should I expect anything from Regent or Oceania as they're owned by NCLHI, Seabourn and Cunard by Carnival and Silversea by the Royal Caribbean Group? You've made some valid comments but please don't be an arbiter of what is and isn't important to a cruiser. As someone who is spoiled enough to see about 30 live performances a year in Toronto and NYC, most cruise ship "entertainment" is an oxymoron to me. Explora is trying something different - I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either. They're on the right track. Racing through my meal to make it to a plastic show? Not luxury. Or how about only having one show (I'm talking to you Oceania and Regent) where if I like to dine late, I don't even get to see the show. Not particularly luxurious. You are also equating "luxury" almost entirely based on your meals. As someone who likes to sit on deck during the shade and read, Explora is provided me a fantastic canvas on which to do that. Great bars and different vibes. ALL the luxury lines and in particular, Regent and Seabourn are known for their overcrowded pool decks with people fighting for chairs. Not "luxury" to me. But if it doesn't work for you, it doesn't! It's not simply "bad" because you didn't like it. There ARE problems - the wines are not up to snuff, the bathrooms are a disappointment and there should be daily specials in Fil Rouge and Med Yacht Club. I have 4 more booked and am NOT cancelling!
  16. Thanks for taking valuable time out of your vacation to post!!!
  17. Ok, time for you to change out of your cranky pants! Why is it “dreadful” to have movies under the stars in a venue otherwise not used in the evening? With headphones on, in what way, shape or form does this affect YOU? It’s a nice outdoor entertainment alternative. Period.
  18. .... and you would be wrong! On the Joy this past May and that's what people were wearing in The Haven Restaurant and Cagneys. While we're not "judging", just not the atmosphere for us. We won't be back.
  19. Basically, because you may not get the time that you want! The restaurants are very full and even extra reservations when we were on were very contingent on the time that you were willing to accept.
  20. Will also be curious to hear the comparison! I'm going on Celebrity Apex in the spring so am wondering how we'll readapt to big ship cruising!
  21. Thanks! I will be curious to compare Explora to .... Explora! Back later this winter but it appears that we will have almost double the passengers of the first time.
  22. Have a great trip - will be eager to hear all about it!
  23. When we were on in November, it was all "elegantly casual". Men in chinos and polo shirts in the evening, many with button downs and some blazers - very few ties. Definitely no shorts. No formal wear as such. Afternoons were very casual - t-shirts and shorts in the Emporium, Sakura and Med Yacht Club for lunch. But again, all "neat" and definitely not slovenly!
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