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  1. I agree with you to a point. However, as Azamara has far fewer ships and capacity than X, one should expect there to be fewer negative threads on the Azamara board. The bottom line is that while there are fewer complaints than X, there are still to many for the “luxury “ line they claim to still be.
  2. We love the Solstice. Took our 2 children with us on a Med cruise when they were in their late teens. I wrote a funny story about it on my blog which might give you a smile: https://gentlemansportion.com/2019/02/18/the-old-man-and-the-sea/
  3. I've decided to give Celebrity another try even thought our last cruise was disappointing. We are doing an 8-day Bermuda cruise with friends next May. Hoping for the best.
  4. When the onshore problems are properly addressed and fixed, I would certainly consider cruising with Azamara. The more options we have for cruising, the better.
  5. New sales, too. Check these threads: An Azamazing Voyage to Mediocrity which details a couple's nightmare trying to get mistakes on their reservation corrected for the last 3 months with no resolution. Also the thread directed to Carol Ceberas the CEO. On the positive side, it does appear that onboard service is still good, and that once the onshore troubles are fixed it may be safe to cruise with them again.
  6. I've just finished my first class in sensitivity training. I am now offended by everything and everyone. Mr Luxury, I find your comments hurtful, damaging, insensivitive and unduly harsh - please keep them coming so I can convince my therapist to recommend a cruise for recovery! 😂
  7. You may want to check the Azamara board -- it has several threads lamenting the decline in service and lack of attention to customers, particularly by onshore management. It would appear Celebrity is not the only cruise line that has changed for the worse.
  8. Why do the Acqu class cabins have extra body jets? Are the people in these cabins harder to clean? 😆
  9. My guess is that SS is trying to see what the market will bear in terms of pricing for these tours. DW enjoys them, as well as cooking school excursions. I've been on a few, but don't get nearly the enjoyment out of it as DW. The price is now at a point where I will not go anymore, and DW is having second thoughts.
  10. Agree. My wife and are are big fans of the buffet for breakfast and lunch. However, we took no offense whatsoever to the "feeding at the trough" remark, and it actually made us smile. Maybe we are not sensitive enough.
  11. My general comment about private investment companys and their expectations for their assets is based on dozens if not hundreds of newspaper stories about how these types of companies operate. There is plenty of evidence out there if you look for it. With respect to the financial performance of Azamara, nobody including me knows precisely how they are doing. But judging from comments on the Azamara board and the story mentioned in the original post, they are clearly good at something: giving refunds. That can't be good for the bottom line.
  12. Due diligence is all that is required. The recent performance of Azamara requires it. Conspiracy theory? Kind of a weird statement in the circumstances of this thread.
  13. Some people have lost their life savings and homes by not being pessimistic. Life is so much better by being careful!
  14. At least the emails I am getting now say my cruise is on the Pursuit. For several months, they said I was on the Venture! In any event, I guess patience truly is a virtue!!
  15. That might eventually become the case if revenue and net income suffer because of the onshore managment problems. Private investment companies are notoriously impatient when it comes to the financial performance of their assets. It doesn't help that far too many people have had negative experiences with Azamara management in the past 2 years, and that some travel agencies have started to caution people about booking a cruise with Azamara. These two factors have and will continue to impact financial performance on Azamara until they are successfully resolved, which could happen if the CEO makes customer service a top priority. But the outcome is clearly in the CEO's hands, and she has a limited amount of time to address it.
  16. For the last several months I have been getting this same message from Seabourn about booking shore excursions: “Very soon you will be traveling on board a South America Seabourn voyage, discovering new places on an ultra-luxury cruise. Enrich your vacation with our optional shore excursions and our world-famous spa treatments. Take a few minutes now and plan your optional shore excursions and spa experiences. Then, when you arrive on board, you’ll be ready to immerse yourself in the adventure. Let’s get started!” However, there are never any new excursions to book. Of the six destinations where we will be going ashore that are not included as expedition excursions, only 2 have optional excursions listed and they have been there for months. So why am I getting these same messages every week? And when will the missing excursions finally be listed so I can see them? The cruise departs October 10. Please help solve the mystery.
  17. One needs to decide which risk is worth taking -- carrying a passport ashore and having it stolen, or going ashore with just a copy in the hopes if stopped by police they may be forgiving. I have also chosen the latter and have never had an issue. But it's a decision each person needs to make for themselves with full knowledge of the consequences of one's choice.
  18. Sounds like a great strategy by cruise lines to make their air programs more appealing to customers!
  19. The reviews so far are disappointing. I hope the onboard product improves before our cruise in March. Vistaman, I am retired and looking to supplement my meagre pension. If you need someone to carry your bags onboard I would be happy to accommodate you for a small fee! 😉
  20. I get it. Today, very few if any senior cruise line execs follow their board on Cruise Critic and see our comments -- good or bad. In fact, if a cruise line has its own FaceBook page, it's more likely that our comments will be seen there, although they tend to cancel anyone who criticizes them. But it wasn't always that way. I recall when Regent was taken over by Apollo (who at the time also owned Oceania and a minority stake in NCL), there was lots of criticism about it on Cruise Critic. To his credit, Frank Del Rio, who was appointed CEO of the newly acquired Regent, responded to a bunch of comments on the Regent Board. Everyone was impressed by this as it made a loud statement that Del Rio cared about what people were saying about his cruise line, and that he was listening. I think we need more Del Rios in today's cruise industry.
  21. The suggestions are going to Carol on Tuesday. It’s up to you and others if you would like yours included. Otherwise, it’s just mine which I am happy to send on their own.
  22. However, i do have Carol’s email and can send her everyone’s suggestions next week! At least someone in her office may notice that!
  23. …or should I say Chief Executive & Customer Service Officer!!
  24. Wishful thinking I guess. Fixing some of their onshore service issues is not rocket science. The CEO just has to make it a priority.
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