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  1. Updated for a 5-day cruise Clothes Packing List 4 Cruise Casual outfits (I normally pack 2 dresses and 2 pants w/dressy blouse) 1 Cardigan (to use in the dining room) 1 Jacket (for this trip, I am planning on a denim jacket) 1 Formal outfit (a LBD or something that I would wear to an evening wedding) 1 Travel Home Outfit (usually legging and a t-shirt) 4 casual daytime outfits (I wore these more than I thought) 3 swimsuits (I find that these can take a long time to dry on ship) 3 cover-ups (I love the terry cloth cover-up dresses from Lands E
  2. Excursions- We originally planned for the Elite Champagne Catamaran Sail & Snorkel excursion in Cozumel. We were notified the night before that our excursion was cancelled due to not enough people signing up. We were so disappointed, and a little bit annoyed that we didn't receive the notice until we got back to our room after our late dinner seating and after we had checked out a comedy show. So at 11pm, and a bit tipsy from our cocktails, we tried to figure out our plan for Cozumel. Oh, and we were arriving earlier than originally planned, which was now 7-3pm. We signed up fo
  3. Itinerary Change- We left Saturday and had a Sea Day on Sunday. On Sunday, they notified us that we would not be stopping in Grand Cayman on Monday like planned, but instead would head straight to Cozumel and do Grand Cayman on Tuesday. Essentially, they just flip-flopped our days which was no big deal to me. Since we had booked our excursion through Carnival, they took care of adjusting our tickets and times since our time in port also adjusted. Later I found out via internet research, that GC was reluctant to let ships port for fear of the Coronavirus. I guess once the ships coul
  4. Our Final Budget: $698 for our room (including port taxes)* $68 trip insurance* $140 prepaid gratuities* $140 Cozumel Excursion (our original excursion was cancelled) $160 Grand Cayman Excursion (we switched this up after our Cozumel Excursion got cancelled and we picked another) $241 for our ship account $43 off-site parking $221 cash spent $1711 TOTAL SPENT We received $243.71 in credits to our ship account- $18.42 in refunded port fees, the $44 price guarantee for the Cozumel excursion that we knew about and $175.98 for our refunded
  5. Dining- This is where there were some total hits and some blatant misses. We were unfortunately seated at the most awkward table for dinner on the first night. The conversation was terrible. This is the second time we have had this happen when we have sailed as a party of 2. As soon as dinner was over, I zipped to the maitre'd and asked to switch to Dine Anytime, but they said that they were full, however, they could keep us in late dining and just move us to a table for 2. This was a-okay with me. I was not impressed with our dining team at.all. There was no real conversation like, "Hello, Li
  6. We just got off the Paradise this morning. I agree with a previous poster- I didn't feel like Carnival increased hand washing/sanitizing measures. Yes, there were hand sanitizer stations sitting around, but I didn't see many people using them. This is in stark contrast to the Disney cruise we were on last year- every time we entered the buffet area or the MDR, there was a crew member handing out a hand sanitizing wipe. Our itinerary also got shuffled around. We found out the reason "why" from the internet, and not from a letter from our captain, which was very disappointing. There
  7. Okay- we are fresh off the Paradise and home! Here’s the first part of my review- Parking-We went with an offsite vendor, Parkway Parking, and they were super easy. The only surprise was that the balance of our parking fee was due in CASH and no where was that listed on our receipt after we paid the deposit. So thankfully, I had grabbed the extra $100 cash for our trip. An annoyance, but not the end of the world. They were very prompt with shuttling us to and from the pier. I also should have considered tipping the shuttle drivers into our budget, so that was another $10 ($5 each w
  8. Budget Update: We were just going to utilize the Global Passport on my husband's cell phone and call home on the days we were in Cozumel & Grand Cayman at $10/day, but then my anxiety about leaving our kids and not having contact with them on our ship days really started to kick in. So, we just added the "Value Plan" to our account and, therefore, our budget. This will be something that will help me relax while we are away. Running Budget: $698 for our room (including port taxes)* $68 trip insurance* $140 prepaid gratuities* $220 Cozumel Excursion* $1
  9. Buffets are the easiest way to feed a lot of people quickly, and therefore cruise lines, hotels with breakfast included, and weddings will often have them. The end.
  10. I agree with the “taste of the the port,” however that might not be a bad thing. We took our family of 5 to Europe for 20 days a few years back- we stayed in 4 different locations (the Cotswolds, England; Edinburgh, Scotland; London, England; Paris, France) and moving between locations (especially with our 3 kids in tow) was very stressful. Managing luggage, accommodations, transportation, etc was at times very not fun and didn’t feel like vacation. [Note: Traveling with children is a trip, not a vacation.] There is a bit of appeal with the cruise ship in that your accommodations are moving wi
  11. You are so welcome! I love to save a little money and still get to do the things I wanted to do anyways!! Glad that this tip helped you, too! ❤️
  12. Technically basketball shorts aren’t allowed, but he may be able to get in regardless (enforcement of the dress code is somewhat of a gamble). If he’s willing to chance it, I would just throw in a pair of nicer shorts/pants in his bag, and let him know that someone might say something and he might have to go back to the room and change. He may decide on his own that he’d rather just wear the nicer shorts/pants and not chance it. and this is why shorts are allowed and basketball shorts technically aren’t. One just looks a little more appropriate for a sit-down dinner.
  13. A few things I forgot on my packing list- -water flavoring (I like the Gatorade-esque ones) -glasses/contacts -playing cards -book/kindle -puzzle book (sudoku/crossword) from $1 store and we ended up in the ER after DH accidentally got a drill bit through the finger after the bit broke in two. Thankfully, it didn’t hit the nail or the bone, so besides packing his antibiotic, I also need to pack some neosporin and waterproof bandaids.
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