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  1. Four years ago we stayed at both . Pre cruise we were at the Crowne Plaza . For our purposes that time the location was ok as we were visiting the Vatican etc . We used the hotel shuttle to our meeting point for the tour . On the way home we stayed at the Hilton which was convenient for the flight home . Both hotels were fine . However, this time we will stay pre cruise at a more centrically located property as we will want to see the Colosseum ,Pantheon etc . The hotel on the way home will be the Hilton if we don't fly home directly from Venice .
  2. The package probably is still good . I would call anyway . It never hurts to reconfirm .
  3. We did a transatlantic and found that our best deal was through the cruise line .That surprised me but we paid a deviation fee to fly out 5 days post cruise and had a very positive experience in terms of cost and actual 1 way flight .
  4. You can drop your bags with the porters . By the time you get your bags and Uber to Flynn you'll have @ an hour . You can check in before the 10:30 time slot . Then you'll be given a number and go and sit and wait until boarding begins .
  5. If I recall the laundry slip asks if you want the laundry folded or on hangers .
  6. if I remember they may have charged during the energy crisis but not since 2005 . This is a vague remembrance . I may be wrong but at this point I wouldn't anticipate a surcharge .
  7. We used the park and cruise package last Oct. We found it to be good and would use it again . You may have to call about the package . It was not easy to find on their website.
  8. We've done it both ways The last few years we've booked directly via phone with NCL . Our PCC for the 5 years has really been helpful . He's given good advice as well as giving us heads up on cabins, price drops ,upgrades etc.
  9. I believe if it is considered a closed circuit trip it would apply . We also were told they could not stop us from disembarking when and where we did and that we needed to speak with guest services . I do not know the specifics when the cruise originates in a foreign port .
  10. We disembarked in Kauai on our POA cruise . We cleared it ahead of time with NCL . While they were not enthusiastic about us doing it but allowed us to do so. We explained that we were staying in Kauai post cruise. We Guest Relations were helpful . We handled our bags . There was no extra charge
  11. We call and make our dining reservations before we sail. Yes, even for the mdr . Perhaps you could your pcc or general reservation folk and ask them if being seated with a number of others diners is possible .
  12. They just haven't released those itineraries yet . Stay tuned . If you have a pcc give then a call and see if they have any info,
  13. Day stop is in Old San Juan . Cruises beginning and ending there embark at the Pan American pier.
  14. 14 day Caribbean this Fall on the Gem and then 11 day Mediterranean on the Getaway in Sept. 2020.
  15. On our last b2b we met @8:00 in Shanghai restaurant area . We were given transfer tags . Customs came checked us off and reviewed our passports . We were then free to stay on the ship or go to off if we chose . This was on the Dawn out of San Juan .
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