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  1. The no drink in the pool or immediate surround area of the pool was enforced in October and November 2023 on the Joy and Sky. Bummer. Would have liked to at least be able to imbibe while sitting on the pool edge.
  2. We usually call our PCC and he goes into our booking and makes the reservation for the large group at the MDR we request.
  3. We stayed at the Marriott Biscayne Bay. It overlooked the ay and you could see the ships. It was walkable to get something to eat.
  4. Foot loose will be on the Oct.16-28 sailing. It will not be on any following that time.
  5. On Microsoft Edge my username and password are deemed incorrect yet on Chrome everything is fine. On Edge I can't go in and see cost of booking a stateroom online but can on Chrome. Since we check in for a cruise on Monday, I guess I'll have to use Chrome. I have cleared cache and cookies to no avail. NCL's website makes me crazy.
  6. We had a price drop for our Fall cruise and because of the current price on the club balcony being less than our OA outside, our PCC was able to do the upgrade for us at no additional cost.
  7. We booked both in 2022.From what I understand the addition of water to the package was effective as of 1/1/23.Since our cruises are 2023 and 2024 respectively, they show as part of our beverage package.
  8. We currently are booked on 2 cruises. One in the Fall 2023 and the second April 2024.Both show the 6 liters of water.
  9. Dawn x6 Bliss Sun Spirit Star Upcoming: Joy, Escape Gem Jewel x2 Jade Pearl POA Breakaway x 2 Epic
  10. We ordered currency from our bank, and it is the CPF. We indicated Tahiti as one of the locations in French Polynesia where we would be staying a few days.
  11. Yes, they do. They usually run a special to reduce price at least once during the cruise. They also offer dry cleaning and ironing service should you need those services.
  12. It does end in Miami and yes, technically it still is hurricane season. We have sailed many times in October(mid to late) and it's been okay. So, you have to figure in the risk. It's a personal decision.
  13. We're booked on the Joy out of NYC mid-October 2023. I don't how long you're longing for, but our trip is 12 days.
  14. I used our Diamond upgrades on a Fall 2022 cruise and a Fall 2023 cruise. Both upgrades were to a balcony. One was mid ship and the other more aft. We're were happy with the results.
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