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  1. Had a similar problem for our Breakaway cruise . I tried the chat feature and the agent was able to resolve whatever was holding up the release . Printed them out . I think the whole process took about 10 minutes
  2. We had the same thing . It turned out to luggage tags and some information about edocs and check in at the pier . When I saw the letter I had feared the worst but it was ok.
  3. The promo code for double latitude points currently is showing as LATDBLX -- at that's what's on my Nov. reservation
  4. With regard to the change in final payment date being changed to 60 days , booking our dining was not affected . We were able to book 120 days out . Our sailing in on the Breakaway on Nov.7 .
  5. Also symptoms they be the flu or a cold may be a trigger as they must be reported . It may or may not be covid related .
  6. I believe the cruise lines are accepting mixed mNRA vaccine ie. Pfizer/Moderna . Check the article under "News" on the Cruise Critic home page .
  7. We did our first full transit on the Pearl ( Jewel class) so it went through the "old" canal . Fascinating . In February we are doing a full transit on the Bliss from Miami so this time we'll sail the new locks . Looking forward to it .
  8. We have made main dining room reservations when we had a group in excess of 4 people . Any other time really isn't necessary . One might have a bit of a wait if an early dining time is desired but even then it's not all that long,
  9. We have an OV booked for Nov. and an IA booked for Panama Canal in Feb.2022
  10. We also have Tmobile . Travel is one of the reasons we have kept them as our carrier . PS-- I'm not pushing them just going on my experience
  11. You are given a letter in your stateroom explaining what you do . In the past we met in a designated spot and were given a transfer tag to wear . In Europe we did not have to disembark and embark. Once immigration checked us off we were free to move about . Pretty much a normal day aboard . In the US we were disembarked one time and then turned around were escorted back onto the ship . This was done on the Sun out of Cape Canaveral. In San Juan we stayed on the ship . All in all an easy process.
  12. Our PCC offered the Cruise Next certificates when we booking the NCL Prima . We purchased one and had it applied directly to the new booking .
  13. We are booked on the NCL Spirit in Oct.2022. NCL recently stated that they were allowing private excursions .
  14. Personally, I applaud the decision . We have 3 cruises booked on NCL . Aside from the protocols required requiring the vaccine give another layer of comfort . Please read the letter that was sent to the CDC . It really breaks it down . As has been pointed out the vaccine requirement may change as the virus climate changes .
  15. You can remove air as long as it is before final payment . With everything in a state of flux just double check that this policy still applies . It did 2 yrs. ago.
  16. We always have a lot of fun at Teppanyaki .Just a fun atmosphere and good food .
  17. I received an email from my PCC earlier today and was told it was a website glitch . Checked my booked cruises a few minutes ago and they are back to normal ie. no message about cruise on hold make a payment .
  18. Thank you for participating . You have helped countless folks .
  19. Get the darn vaccine . Let's establish herd immunity .
  20. Your latitude points will be awarded after you sail so 14 pts x 2 will show in your account after that .
  21. We really like the Jewel class ships and have sailed on them a number of times . I wouldn't hesitate sailing on the Jewel.
  22. You might call and ask . We booked one way air from Barcelona a few years ago . We paid a deviation free and were able to stay 5 days post cruise . Because that was almost 4 years ago policy may have changed .
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