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  1. DMH15

    Does MSC issue an actual card?

    I kept my email that matched me. Think I will take a screenshot of it for my phone.
  2. DMH15

    MSC Comedy of Errors

    You are seriously thinking of cancelling? I have read many many positives from YC pax. You should try for yourself.
  3. DMH15

    Seaside 12.08.18 with mom live-ish

    Enjoy your cruise with your mom. Would give anything for one more with mine. Happy travels.
  4. DMH15

    On the Seaside now. Impressions and answers

    Downey wrinkle release. Five bucks for travel size. Lay wrinkled item on the bed. Spray and smooth with dry clean hands. Aptly named.
  5. I almost did the same thing. But my type A personality led me to do a lot more research. So, my first MSC is in YC on Seaside next May. That being said, Aurea and your particular cabin looks good. I would not cancel, but rather use it to see how MSC meets my needs. I remember when friends on the NCL Jewel in the Haven had us up for lunch brought in by the butler, we could not wait to book our next cruise in the suite life. We still enjoyed that cruise and did not lament with "what ifs".
  6. C'mon. Nowhere did the OP say anything negative about the other pax, or even hint they are "frightening". It's just if you have cruised both ways, as I have, mostly NCL Haven, there is a HUGE difference. For instance, it is less crowded, quieter, fewer lins,, more flexibility, better food and service, more choices, etc. isn't it wonderful there are choices for all of us?
  7. DMH15

    MSCs Missed Opportunity: Solo Cruisers

    My first solo coming up in May. I booked double rate in yacht club. I have a small but very friendly roll call who I hope to spend time with in the top sail lounge. I also meet people in trivia, at the pool, watching sports. I also enjoy alone time to chill.
  8. DMH15

    Docking in Puerto Rico at 17:00?

    Some of us are going in to have dinner in Old San Juan. We will have about 2 hours of daylight to walk around first. I am just excited to go to a new port, get a taste of the culture and hopefully go back. Perfect? No, But better than another stop in Cozumel.
  9. Thank you so much. I just booked my air for my cruise next May leaving from Fort Lauderdale at 11:45 AM. I have always said I would never book a flight before noon but I did it. I am an early bird so getting up and out and going from Miami to Fort Lauderdale does seem doable. I realize every cruise is different and my experience may be different than yours but hearing it from you makes me feel good about my decision. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts.
  10. DMH15

    Connecting flight out of Philadelphia Help

    You are on 2 weeks after me. Have a great cruise!
  11. DMH15

    Connecting flight out of Philadelphia Help

    Which date/ship? I am on Seaside in May.
  12. DMH15

    YC More Items now not included!!!!

    Thanks, Todd320
  13. DMH15

    YC More Items now not included!!!!

    Here is my poem: After my Haven-ly NCL Jumped up prices and perks went to hell, MSC said "try Yacht Club, ya know... You get Champagne, crepes and gelato! Fact or fiction? Only time will tell.
  14. DMH15

    MSC Yacht Club * VS* NCL Haven ????

    Well folks, it seems like the comparisons change day-to-day. I was once completely loyal to NCL Haven but became disillusioned after Sheehan was out and Del Rio was in. He gave us less for more and as a outright suite booker I hate the Priceline-esque bid system. Fast forward to MSC's status match, followed by tons of research on YC. I booked for May 2019. Recent developments hint that much of what I expected has changed. Yeah, hotel is paid for. I could cancel and take a small loss but I am a "see it for myself" kind of gal. So yeah, I will go in May and decide if I am one and done or if I have a new cruiseline. I am wondering if the honchos at MSC have been hitting the links with Del Rio.
  15. DMH15

    Ncl Haven VS. MSC Yacht Club

    I have several Havens under my belt. In the beginning, there was definately value. After a change in top management I saw a definate shift. Haven prices escalated dramatically. The bid system was implimented. NCL figured we'd blindly pay the price while discounting to upsellers getting the same for a lot less. I heard about MSC YC and the status match. I have my first booked for May 2019 on Seaside. The price is definately lower and I will go with an open mind. Through my research, I have seen which things appear to be different/better on each line. I am a little bit miffed about the recent changes to the drink program and just what will be complementary in the yacht club. It is still unclear. It's frustrating to have your heart set on something and have the rules changed after you booked but before you cruise. I will wait and see what shakes out.