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  1. DMH15

    Seaside - YC - January 12, 2019

    Thank you, Jules. Glad you are having fun! Counting down to May!
  2. DMH15

    YC tender priority

    We have friends who only cruise in top suites who always waited in lines when returning by tender. We loved this perk because it was difficult for my elderly mother to stand for too long. Nobody seemed to mind in that case.
  3. DMH15

    Too many ports?

    Used to cruise with my mom before she passed. She hardly ever got off the ship in port, or minimally. Great we all have so many options.
  4. DMH15

    Mass or church services?

    I have been on many cruises with my mom. I had a nickname for her, "the Catholic police" because on Sunday she would always asked me have you been to Mass yet? I don't know if it was by chance or what but on our first couple of cruises together therebwas always a Catholic priest on board, including our transatlantic. Then on our South American Cruise there was no priest so we researched where to go when we were in Port on Sunday. Unfortunately our ship was late and we were not able to attend Mass, so we just said a rosary together. I lost mom last year but I still think of her when I cruise and make my spiritual plans. Now that I get the Internet, usually unlimited, at sea I can stream some kind of service or at least the scripture readings.
  5. DMH15

    Seaside - YC - January 12, 2019

    Following your live review. First MSC, First Seaside, First YC and First Solo. I came over to try after the status match to Black. I come from NCL Haven. So excited.
  6. DMH15

    Yacht club question

    LOL. It is funny how I ended up in the DOS on Epic. I usually book aft PH suites on NCL, and I originally booked one on Jade... then NCL pulled out of Houston, so we re-booked the same suite on Jade for Tampa, then that cruise got chartered by Sixthman. NCL offered to price protect us on Dawn or Epic only. I had been on Dawn and wanted something else, so we chose Epic. Problem is that we were three adult ladies, myself, my sister and her daughter. They were not willing to slot us into a 2 bedroom suite without additional payment, but offered us one of those suites with the round bed and an inside across the hall. Even with them offering to guarantee my niece in the inside full suite priviledges in advance in writing wanted to be all together. So, ultimately we decided to pony up for the DOS, which was ended up being just a little bit more than the 2 bedroom. So, that was how that happened. When I booked Seaside I figured that the inside was fine as I was solo. I also thought with the way everyone raved about the common space in the YC I could get out of the room and utilize those spaces. My first cruise was an inside on the Norway with a roommate and I had said "never again", as I am a bit claustrophobic. But I am giving this a go. I am definately looking forward to YC as I have read so many great things about it. Thanks for your comments.... much appreciated.
  7. Seriously, I was kidding. I agree. Spandex hides nothing. We have a family joke about spandex. My brother was an official Marvel Spiderman for over 10 years. He was young and trim. Not many could wear that suit like he did.
  8. DMH15

    NCL VIP?

    LOL. I have organized 2 of them. But I was already booked in a suite (not by upsell, paid full price).
  9. I am cruising solo in May in YC on MSC Seaside and I am packing some very fancy new dresses. Flying first class, so no baggage fees! Will pack the Louboutins in my carry on. This is my vacation. It is what I desire to do. Do I care what you wear as long as you are within the cruise line's dress code? Nope. My ambience is what I choose to perceive. Next cruise I might go more casual. Who knows.
  10. DMH15

    Yacht club question

    As a solo I decided to book the YC inside on Seaside. My last cruise was the DOS on NCL Epic. Am I in for a shock? I already heard the shower is tiny.
  11. Actually, I had a super trip planned to Las Vegas. All paid for. When my wonderful mother was terminally diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and given 6 weeks to live, I cancelled. Some of my trip was refundable. Some was not. All trip expenses are refundable if one chooses to insure with "cancel for any reason coverage". To not is to self-insure and take the loss. What I lost was on me. Not because some corporation was not sympathetic.
  12. DMH15

    Cruise Critic Meet and Mingle on Seaside

    My 5/11/19 Seaside Roll Call is more active than many others on CC-MSC but still way less active than ANY of my CC-NCL ones!
  13. DMH15

    YC Royal suite worth it? Kids and Royal suite?

    I know! I want one for late 2020 or early 2021 when my niece graduates college. She would love the private hottub and cabana.