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  1. DMH15

    MSC Yacht Club Butler Service???

    Did you call him with any requests?
  2. DMH15

    Vegan on Norwegian Gem?

    My niece is a vegan and she has cruised with me twice, Jewel and Epic. We were in Haven but she did find things in the buffet she loved. We went to a couple of the specialty restaurants and we went the night before our reservation to discuss it with the manager of each restaurant. I could remember at La bistro they modified the stack mushroom entree to eliminate any thing that wasn't plant-based. She said it was delicious. I do remember that my niece thought the soups that they modified for her were too salty.
  3. DMH15

    MSC SeaSide

    Which "level of room"? Have you tried google? If that doesn't help, there is a paid site called cruisestaterooms.com. I joined eons ago and got a lifetime membership. It is truly awesome.
  4. LOL!!! First time I have quoted myself!!! I just learned that all you have to do is click on the blue dot next to the Thread title in the list. Viola!!!
  5. The way I have to get to the most recent is go to the last page and for now look for anything AFTER October 9, since that was the "down date" for CC, but later it might be cumbersome to identify "last read"... yeah, I miss that feature too.
  6. DMH15

    MSC Yacht Club Butler Service???

    For a minute I thought MB was back
  7. DMH15


    Of course the "TIPS" are a pool of which many participate... glad you did not take away. Did you attend the Cruise Critic Meet & Greet? Did you receive the Hotel Director's Information? He is the one you should have visited with to voice your concerns. The bed-making thing would have bothered me too.