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  1. I'm going to bump this because the thread has been around for a long time, and I guess it deserves to stay alive! I really don't see how one can blame a cruise line (I sail on CCL Corp Lines) because it's passengers are unfriendly. Some people just don't know how to communicate unless it is on Facebook, a text, or something anonymous. Face to face? Horrors! I can't claim always, but I tend to be pretty gregarious on a cruise and will cajole most timid souls into a conversation or plain old bull crap! We can say the others are stuck up, but if we don't try to overcome their shy
  2. Pastrami or Ruben... always with double meat! But thanks to everyone for some great new ideas that I am certain to try as soon as I can!
  3. I'm going to give it a try on my next cruise. I figure with specialty coffee, a morning Bloody Mary, a malt here and there, and I will certainly save something. Don't have to drink all 15 drinks a day! With what they charge, it's not difficult to see breaking even when I look at the entire menu.
  4. I know I see things through "cruise colored glasses," but I don't expect any more out of CCL than I expect of Marriott, Disneyland, travel show at my local convention center, etc. They are going to do their best and follow whatever advice given them... which seems to change on a simi-regular basis. We have vaccines for a lot of things that we still catch. My three grandkids expose me to danger when I pick them up from elementary school in winter. I went to war and never thought hand-wringing served any purpose. I started a business rather than work for someone else all my lif
  5. I won't change much. 2 bags, but one of them is carry-on that has all essentials, and is the one I carry off at disembarkation. I hated trying to get everything out in the hallway the night before. The checked bag I can survive without if something negative happens. I used to send everything to the laundry before the cruise. No more. It was too difficult to pack without wrinkles, so now I stuff it in and first thing I do is unpack and send to laundry, No wrinkles on my cruise and not really that much extra cost vs. easy packing... everything comes back on hangers!.
  6. While I, of course, cannot certify that drinks are or are not premade, my experience (on both side of the bar) is that a high volume/multiple ingredient drink is premade, although some of the premade mixes may not include the alcohol; they will top it off with a shot. This is particularly true with drinks like Margaritas, (at almost any bar, not just at sea) or the drink of the day. Time is money.
  7. A very logical and practical response!
  8. By now, everyone should know that it is the first two letters of the ship name, followed by maitred@carnival.com
  9. I've laminated my tags (info visible on both sides) with no problem, but most often I cover the tag with clear shipping tape and then staple. In addition, to aid the porters, I've also created a small laminated business card size tag with just the last name and cabin in big, bold lettering. I came up with the business card tags to attach to my camera, day bag, towels, etc., so in case anything gets misplaced on the ship it increases the likelihood of its return.
  10. I've enjoyed reading these hacks. I'm usually ready for the way I like to travel but I'm looking forward to taking the grandkids on a cruise, so some of these will be great for newby cruisers! -Like many, I used to send all of my clothes out to be laundered before the cruise so every article of clothing starts off clean and fresh for my cruise. Clean and fresh, but not unwrinkled. So now I forgo sending things out before the cruise and on the first day send what I need out to be laundered/dry cleaned on board. Usually a few dress shirts, slacks, suit. It costs slightly more bu
  11. I can't state for a fact what would happen, but here is an experience I can share. I was in charge of a small group, which meant only that I had access to everyone's booking numbers and information. A few days before departure, one of our group (a solo cruiser) decided he was not going to go on the cruise. I explained that at that late date there would be no refund, he said, "oh well." We did not advise Carnival of the cancellation because I thought there was always the chance the 'cancellee' would change his mind. The night before departure, a few of us on the cruise gathered, and a
  12. Puerto Vallarta will open a new cruise terminal this summer. “Our main objective is to become more competitive as a port destination,” says Carlos Gerard, the founder of Puerto Mágico, the private company responsible for building the new terminal, noting that the project would allow Puerto Vallarta, as well as other ports on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, to become more competitive worldwide. “We’re not competing versus the ports down south,” Gerard says, referring to other popular calls out of homeports on the West Coast of the United States, “but all the other ports in the world. We’re
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