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  1. Some CD's have headed out to ships now. From what I have seen: Hugo Arenas on Adventure Joff Eaton on Anthem John Blair on Serenade Brian Leavitt on Symphony Mitch Merucci on Quantum Marc Walker is also on a ship (possibly Allure?).
  2. An 8 nighter on Oasis Class does sound quite good in all fairness, always wanted to see something a bit different to 7 nighters on them (often not enough time to do everything and really experience the ship).
  3. I believe Voyager is heading to San Juan after her stint in Boston. No idea on Navigator - her deployment is one that does interest me as I thought she'd be a cert for short cruises. Really liked the look of her AMP 2 years ago so would definitely be interested in a sailing on her if something a bit longer. And yeah - not really any mid ground options for 7 night Caribbean now. I love Oasis Class but as you say, it gets stale doing the same one each time.
  4. And that's great for them that they've found a successful market and no problem putting 1 or 2 of them on that route. But all 3 just seems like a middle finger being stuck up to non American markets (and it's not like some of the ships we have in Europe are anything to write home about, the likes of Voyager, Brilliance, Rhapsody and Vision are just what's left over).
  5. Until Oct 2022 then joining her sisters on the short cruises.
  6. Not at all happy reading the deployment schedules. As a European, I feel like it's a major slap in the face that all ships in the class are to be assigned to a specific market which is inaccessible for anyone from abroad to travel to. Indy was the ship that got me into cruising back when she was in Southampton. Been a few years but I was hoping to sail either her or one of her sisters in the not too distant future. No chance of it ever again by the sounds of it. Sure, it's profitable but could they not have had one in PC, one in Miami and the other doing longer itineraries somewher
  7. What ship do we think is going to New Jersey alongside Oasis?
  8. My guess would be the new Wonder of the Seas going to Oz, splitting time between there & China.
  9. And I've sailed ships other than Independence - I've also been on Jewel, Enchantment, Explorer, Serenade, Oasis, Allure, Harmony, Symphony and Anthem. It's an issue with Anthem and not an issue with "not Independence" - I'd be quite happy if we had a Voyager, another Freedom or an Oasis in the area. Ah well, Allure looks to be Barcelona bound at least.
  10. 3rd year in a row it's happened so I think we can safely say that we'll never see Indy again in Southampton. They clearly think that the only thing that the UK wants is so-called Royal Caribbean ship Anthem.
  11. Bobby Brown is on the Quantum which has resumed sailings as of today! 🙂
  12. I can't see where it says that but fingers crossed it is true!
  13. Never been a mega Quantum Class fan but this seems like too good of an opportunity for me to pass up so will look into one of these sailings.
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