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  1. I agree - prices are too high and then they withdraw a ship because it isn't selling. I hope that Indy is back for 2021, although would most people be able to tell the difference between the revamped Indy and revamped Liberty? Anthem is like marmite - people love her or hate her and she has to do well next year otherwise I can't see her coming back to the UK. Her last season in 2015 didn't go too well. Given that she is so different to the other ships and isn't everyone's cup of tea, I would hate if she (or Odyssey) were the only option in Southampton in 2021. I also don't see one of the small ships being in the UK.
  2. Does anyone know what song the new CocoCay theme song is based on? I heard a very similar song played in a shop a few weeks ago and don't know the name.
  3. I have no doubt that slides will be added as Indy got them and she's in Europe, but the Navigator pool deck just screams "Caribbean" to me and seems a bit over the top unless they are trying to target a specific demographic (in Nav's case, they are clearly trying to win over the millennials with a top notch 3/4 day party ship). EX is in Europe for all of Summer 2020 and is looking to be there for 2021 as well. With Voyager being committed to Asia/Australia and the others moving into the short cruise market, EX will probably be the token Europe based Voyager Class ship - they usually have one per year.
  4. I've seen a few people that seem to think that Explorer will get a similar refurbishment to Navigator. I personally don't get why considering that Navigator was completely redesigned with the 3/4 night market in mind and in particular, the entire pool deck is designed for the Caribbean and wouldn't work in Europe. I have noticed that she is out of service for 2 months, so it looks like her drydock is fairly extensive and certainly much better than what Voyager will be getting. I am thinking of cruising in Europe next year and Explorer from Civitavecchia is one of the options, so am intrigued. Hoping that they add solo cabins. What do you think will be added?
  5. Trust me, you don't want to sail in Europe at the Winter. The weather in the Med was bad enough in October let alone Dec/Jan/Feb.
  6. Enchantment is the only ship that is yet to do a Europe season (bar Majesty), so hopefully it happens. After all, given what @SummmerInKefalonia has said about Rhapsody's cruises being sold out early, the slight increase in capacity on Enchantment might be what is needed. I think that RH will likely leave the fleet and EN would replace her in Venice. It makes the most logical sense. since unless they have plans for another ship to come to Baltimore, I reckon that GR will neither leave the fleet nor be redeployed.
  7. Radiance Class hands down for the itinerary. The Oasis Class itinerary is not particularly exciting and the ship's amenities are wasted on itineraries with only one sea day.
  8. Cuddy Cudworth is on Indy until sometime in October, per post #1342. Please refer to the most recent 2-3 pages of the thread for future reference - you'll always be able to find a current update, the list doesn't usually go more than 3 pages without an update. The list on the first page is from 2018 and is no longer relevant.
  9. Adventure is probably sticking around on the 4/5 night run.
  10. Katy is likely only on for a 2 month vacation fill. My guess is that Patricio will be back by your cruise.
  11. She was Activities Manager on Symphony for 4 months prior to joining Freedom, so my guess is that she is covering Patricio's vacation for 2 months and he will likely return soon. That would mean that he will be onboard for 4 months which is perfect timing for Cory to join FR in December.
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