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  1. Never been a mega Quantum Class fan but this seems like too good of an opportunity for me to pass up so will look into one of these sailings.
  2. If they sell ships then there may be some that don't return or are moved to the offices. If not, then they'll still need the same number of CD's. I don't know about any of their personal circumstances and it's not my business, but I imagine that some would need to return quicker than others depending on how many other irons they may have in the fire (since some have taken on other gigs during the last few months).
  3. Richard was one of a kind. I wonder if there ever will be a Richard 2.0. Who knows? There could be a new CD in waiting that "takes off" the way he did. Indeed, there were a fair few promotions in the last year before cruising came to a halt, could even be one of them as they haven't had that long to prove their talents.
  4. I said in my post 'unless you like Quantum Class'...you might, I certainly don't.
  5. I hope that Europe gets an amplified ship (Oasis, Voyager or Freedom class) or Symphony for Summer 2022. The 2021 selection is as dull as dishwater unless you like old ships and Quantum Class (Harmony is cool but we've already sailed her).
  6. I can't think why Allure would be seen as boring. I'd quite like to sail the unrefurbished Allure, last of the class without that awful Abyss and more of the original Oasis Class features. Interior wise, I also prefer the decor on Oasis & Allure to that on Harmony & Symphony - the older two are nicer looking ships than their younger sisters IMO.
  7. They always send an Oasis Class to Europe for the summer. I also never said that they weren't using the larger pier, I stated that she would likely be headed to Galveston around November. Even if she was to go to Galveston from Sept, where would she otherwise spend May-August? And I highly doubt that Europe would have no Oasis Class that year - it's always been popular.
  8. Left - love Harmony & Symphony. Did Anthem once, didn't really get it and whilst it was cool to do that class, I don't have much interest in returning.
  9. It was mentioned on the Deployment thread. Allure has no bookings beyond April 2022 whereas HM & SY do hence why I think she is Europe bound.
  10. Allure isn't booked for any Caribbean ports in Summer 2022 whereas HM & SY are and OA will no doubt stay on the NJ run. That makes me think that AL will go to Europe that summer and then in November could head to Galveston to replace Liberty.
  11. Nice to hear that she's staying for now. Hopefully we can get a few more years out of the Vision Class. I doubt any of them will be there in 2030 but it would be nice for Grandeur to make it to her 30th birthday before she goes. If they want to sell a ship for money, I'd probably say Majesty. Empress plays a fairly important role in the fleet as she can go places that the others can't and some of the Vision Class are still quite popular. I wonder where she is going. She could stay in Baltimore and EN could go elsewhere. Probably depends on the bookings since EN has more capacity.
  12. Another few months passed, still no news on ships returning. Some of the CD's appear to have taken on land jobs whilst the ships are out of service. Hope all the regulars here are well. 🙂
  13. Was thinking it was about time that one of the HM captains switched, over 4 years in. Hopefully Captain Gus enjoys Indy, had him several times as Captain on HM and he’s great.
  14. Yes - he has a two week quarantine onboard before he presumably takes over. Glad for both him and Captain Gus (who has been on since March - a hellishly long contract).
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