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  1. Yes, lots of groups monopolizing the areas. Too many people at once. Towels all over the floors everywhere. No nice changing area with typical spa amenities like nice lotion, etc. No main area with things like juices, teas, fruit, relaxation zone. The rooms smelled moldy and dirty. The mud room in particular smelled nasty like the whole place needed a deep bleaching clean. The salt room wall to wall with people talking loudly and the salt room had same gross moldy smell.
  2. We had terrible wifi on our 5 nt to Cozumel three weeks ago. Very slow, often wouldn’t connect at all. And this is with the premium service. I’m really glad I used time off and didn’t plan to work on that trip. Too unreliable.
  3. Because if the air is off, and you are outside for an hour, then the cabin has gotten uncomfortable while outside and you have to wait again until it gets to a lower temperature. Found this to be annoying.
  4. Yes, ha! I can assure you, anything I order (especially a salad bar salad) has WAY more modifications than that. High maintenance eater.
  5. I found it fine for initial bookings. Got everything we wanted once connected to ship Wifi on both cruises. It seemed easier on 1/2 full Valiant to walk up or find a new time for dining real time. It seemed a lot harder this time if you wanted to change dining day of.
  6. If you know exactly what you want and you aren’t a “customization” person, it’s fine. The example of the salad bar is perfect though- I’m not going to memorize all the ingredients I want/don’t want, repeat that to a server and then hope it’s the way I want it.
  7. Scarlet was almost full on 11/5. We sailed 1/2 full on Valiant last year. Didn’t feel any substantial difference. Other than ease of getting/changing dining reservations. It holds capacity well
  8. See my thoughts following each of yours in bold for others to get a second opinion. We sailed Nov 5. (And last NYE on Valiant)
  9. I HATE the server concept and I’m glad it’s gone. We greatly prefer going up to the various counters, seeing what’s there and placing any customizations right with that window. Walking around, having to remember where you wanted a little of this as a little of that, then telling it to a server was a pain. Glad it changed!!!
  10. I don’t know what “messy” means. It’s a bracelet. Have them put it on so loose that you can take it in and off. Mostly useless as the perks are connected to your account. Never needed to show it for anything.
  11. We had only done it once before and it was breeze. That parking lot was completely full two weeks ago. And they did a terrible job getting people out/paid.
  12. Not true. You can do it before the safety video. In fact, while on line for deep blue extras last week, right around 1:30pm, in the terminal, I was blue to connect to the ships wifi and do it all. And after boarding as well.
  13. Possibly. We arrived at noon two weeks ago on a Sunday departure and it was very, very crowded already. Had to go up a few levels. another warning- it took us. 45 minutes to exit the parking lot at around 10:30ish. The line of cars was so long!
  14. I would highly doubt they’d do such an elaborate special menu
  15. Yes fine on other lines because they are beds. These are couches. Fairly comfortable for a couch. Definitely not for a bed
  16. 2. We are not into group dining and have lots of allergy issues. We requested a table for 2 at Gunbae and they were happy to oblige.
  17. On Scarlet now- very disappointed in the spa. Overcrowded, loud and not clean
  18. Two thumbs down for the spa! Looked forward to a “day” pass today (which is really only 3 hrs). It was loud, crowded and filthy. Walked right back out after 10 minutes. Ick!
  19. So rest of cruise: Food remains exceptional. No fall off from our first cruise. Haven’t rotated all the way around yet but favorites so far: chowder and bone marrow at the Wake, everything from Pink Agave, the ramen from the Galley. All the food is wonderful. I LOVE that you now order at the various counters on your own rather than sitting and finding a server- we didn’t love that last time and this works much, much better. Room service food is incredible! The bolognese is some of the best ever! other than the bed, the room is very good. I was worried about storage space- there’s plenty. They hammock is awesome (we bought two after we can back from our last cruise!). The bathroom is small but the rain shower head is great. Love the water decanters. Our room person is fine- not particularly friendly but mostly does what is asked and does it efficiently. entertainment is mixed. Two of the three bands/ solos we’ve seen around the ship are just so- so. One is really good (flute loops). We saw Ships in the Night last night and the lead was a great singer. Many great dancers. Weak story line. We have a magician/ comedian tonight and it’s Scarlet night which was fun last cruise.
  20. Ah, we are those people! Guess that explains the less than happy face of the room steward.
  21. Really? Why? It’s so much nicer having the space during the day! If this is true though, then it’s extra stupid to even have the couch concept
  22. In my opinion, toppers always make it worse. They make it jiggly and too soft. It always slides around a bit. I’m not a fan of any kind of topper. No to on top of each other. Each has an attached wooden frame around the side and bottom.
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