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  1. Agree with what onlyslightlymad and Little Monty said. This article might give you some insight into the Australian government thinking. The Federal politician quoted is Greg Hunt the Minister for Health. https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/covid19-vaccine-wont-guarantee-the-return-of-international-travel/news-story/4316d15554490c3d5796ab9e6c2a615a
  2. What Little Monty said.... Also, check out the Australia/NZ section of Cruise Critic. Lot of helpful people there. And a few from overseas who originally posted to ask advice, had their cruise derailed by coronavirus, and stayed around to chat. Closest they can get to Australia for the time being.. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/564-australia-new-zealand-cruisers/
  3. Exactly as zalusky said . It's the same as the long summer holiday in the US - but with Christmas/New Year in the mix. School finishes about mid December and doesn't start again till end of January. Mind you, since we haven't been allowed out of Australia for a year we are all exploring our own country. So by the time 2023 rolls around everyone will be ready for a change - and might have headed off overseas again. So you might not have competition from domestic tourists.. We long to be on a Viking cruise again - should have been on one in NZ over this Christmas/New Year just past.
  4. I see Viking is doing this itinerary in Jan and Feb 2023. Be aware that January in Australia is our major summer holiday period, so if it were me i would choose February. Also I should have mentioned - jet lag. That would definitely affect the pre-cruise excursion. I lived on the east coast of the US and it always took me a week to recover from jet lag after i flew to Australia.
  5. As said, Australia is a very big country, much the same size as the continental USA. I lived in the US for seventeen years, and found that many people didn't seem to realise this. Very good advice above to organise your own itinerary with your TA. This link might be useful to get a feel for the size of Australia, and the resulting impact on travel times: https://www.virtualoceania.net/australia/states/ For example the Northern Territory (where Uluru is) is 1,349,129 km2 in land area, with a land border of 3179 km and coastline of 10,953 km. The Northern Territory is slightly bigger than South Africa, about two times the size of Texas, and six times the size of the UK.
  6. I would like to add this quote from an interview yesterday (23 June) on ABC Radio National with the Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt: "I do think that the border- the international border closures will remain in place for a very significant time." Full interview was posted on the Minister's official government website - here: https://www.health.gov.au/ministers/the-hon-greg-hunt-mp/media/interview-with-fran-kelly-on-abc-radio-national
  7. Agree with what my fellow Aussies have said above, it isn't looking likely for international travel this year and on into next year. The most recent information I have seen is at the link below on the ABC website, from a speech made by the federal Minister for Tourism Senator Birmingham to the National Press Club last week. (Note that ABC is our national broadcaster - like BBC in UK, not like the ABC in the US. For those trying to make travel decisions it is as good an Australian news source as any.) https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-06-17/borders-likely-closed-until-next-year-coronavirus-restrictions/12365978 Quote from article: "I do sadly think that in terms of open tourist-related travel in or out of Australia, that remains quite some distance off," Senator Birmingham told the National Press Club. "Just because of the practicalities of the volumes that are involved and the need for us to first and foremost keep putting health first." Asked whether that meant the border would not open until next year, he said, "I think that is more likely the case". If this turns out to be what happens, then …..exactly when next year is the big question. The government's approach has been very cautious to date and I for one cannot see that changing. So for the foreseeable future Australia is pretty much the Hermit Kingdom at the end of the world. I wish things were different…
  8. Flossie - Thank you so much for this picture and your earlier post mentioning that Voyager was going to transit the Suez Canal with Norwegian Jade close by, followed later by Nautica. Last time I checked on Voyager she was near Mumbai, but I had lost track of her. We never managed to take our first Regent cruise (originally 1 March on Voyager - Hong Kong to Tokyo) as it was one of the first cruises to be cancelled. However we have cruised a bit with Oceania and in fact we went through the Suez Canal on Nautica in 2012. Despite being mainly landlubbers we have clocked up well over a year of sailing days with a dozen or so different cruiselines over the years, and that Nautica cruise was one of our favourites. Meanwhile I have been checking in regularly on the ever-expanding large group of ships in Manila Harbour (not that we have sailed on any of those). However we were booked on an Australia circumnavigation on Queen Elizabeth - which also was cancelled. So I had been keeping an eye on her (via Marine Traffic) while she was anchored in a northern Australia port "awaiting orders" and I followed her slow journey to Manila with a companion P & O ship. Actually from the deck of our house we saw her sailing way out to sea on her journey north. Probably the closest we will get to her. "Watching" via Marine Traffic or Vesselfinder all the cruise ships dispersing all over the world is very sad to see - I hope they are all heading to safe harbour and the crew returned home safely..
  9. Scheduled sail date: 3/01/20 Cruise cancelled by Regent: 2/20/20 Refund request date: 2/20/20 Deposit only refunded (15% of total fare): 3/8/20 Remainder of cruise fare refunded (85% of total fare) : 5/15/20 SusieQft. Thank you very much for taking on this task.
  10. Saw Queen Elizabeth earlier way out on the horizon passing Maroochydore/Mooloolaba. Very hazy today, but distinctive shape was obvious and she was where Marine Traffic said she would be. Now showing to be off Caloundra. Thanks to all who post on this thread especially OP Kiwi_cruiser.
  11. No apology necessary! And thank you for the good wishes. As you can appreciate this a stressful situation for us. However this is a truly heartbreaking situation for our northern neighbours. As I am in Australia I am in much the same time zone as the SE Asian ports so greatly affected by this evolving situation. So I am able to monitor local news sources in real time (at least those in English). I will only post factual information with an attributable source if it seems relevant to the thread title and no one else has already posted it. I will not post my own opinion or my own speculations - although both exist. Thank you Flossie for starting this relevant and very specific thread.
  12. Referencing your recommendation above, believe me I am. We are on the1 March Manila to Tokyo Voyager cruise. This was always a mostly Japanese cruise - which is why we chose it. Two ports, the original departure port of Hong Kong as well as Keelung,Taiwan were not in Japan and have now been cancelled. This link below is from NHK World Japan about which Wikipedia says - " NHK World-Japan is a Japanese state-owned international broadcaster owned by NHK. The service is aimed at the overseas market, similar to BBC World News ...". For those who may not be able to access the link below it reports that the first death from coronavirus has occurred in Japan, a woman in her 80s who reportedly had not been outside the country. Her son-in-law, a taxi driver, also has the coronavirus. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20200214_15/ I saw this last night just before going to bed. This morning it is on other media like Japan Times .
  13. Travelcat2… In response to this earlier post of yours (post #321) - You are welcome. I am normally a private person and do not post anything personal on a public forum. Nor do I engage in speculation. However, as I posted in my post #306 that you referenced above, we sought clarification from our TA , escalated to Regent USA as a result of posts on the 1 March - Hong Kong to Tokyo roll call. (Now Manila - Tokyo). Which information we duly received and which I posted above and on the roll call. While dramatic situations often arise in the world of cruising, and it is exciting for those not directly affected to speculate, I hope all can remember that this is a terrible ongoing situation for so many people. We in Australia are very close to it all and heartbroken by what we read..
  14. We are in Australia. Yesterday we asked our TA for clarification of this issue and she then contacted Regent Australia who escalated it to Regent Head Office in the US. We received advice from our TA this afternoon (Australian time) that Regent Australia has been advised by the US Office that "the offer of 100% FCC is not correct." Our TA also said "'To compensate for the itinerary change the offer that Regent are giving is 25% FCC for any future cruise booked within 12 months for travel within 2 years. If you cancelled you would get the 25% FCC for a future cruise plus a refund of the Port Taxes."
  15. Statement on Holland America website: https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/ships/ms-westerdam/statement-regarding-westerdam-in-japan/?source=122648 Holland America Line has been notified that the Japanese Government will not permit Westerdam to call in Japanese ports. The ship had been scheduled to call to Ishigaki Island, Naha, Okinawa, Nagasaki and Fukuoka (Hakata), before its scheduled turn in Yokohama on Feb. 15, where the next cruise was scheduled to embark. The ship is not in quarantine and there are no known cases of coronavirus on board. (Above excerpt is only the opening statement - more detail at the link posted.)
  16. The website of the Kangaroo Island Tourism, Food, Wine and Beverage association has comprehensive information here: https://www.tourkangarooisland.com.au/kangaroo-island-fires and here: https://www.tourkangarooisland.com.au/sites/tki5/media/banner/ki-fires-2020/kangaroo-island-fires-2020-faq-15012020.docx.pdf We have yet to visit KI and were planning a mid-year land visit - so will go ahead with that based on the information at the above links.
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