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  1. Exactly what we are now concerned about. The falling Aussie dollar.
  2. we'll see. I'm very reluctant to buy hey don't want to rock the boat.
  3. Hi fellow Aussie cruisers. wanted to post this on this forum to see what my fellow Aussies think. IN may, 2020 we are finally doing our alaska inside passage cruise we have been toying with for a few years. We have booked with holland america, volendam. We have a combined package booked with cosmos, 7 day cruise and the canadian rockies. The cruise sector has no grats included and all guests are expected to pay a certain amount in American dollars per day. I realise you apparently can board and remove these if you wish, however want to know what happens if you do??. Are you blacklisted or something, do you get crap service ect ect. Not really sure which way to think, leaning slightly to paying them. What do you guys think or has anyone experienced what happens??. Regards Bob πŸ‘
  4. We are a couple cruising on the volendam next June to Alaska on our bucket list trip from Australia. Although tipping is not required in Australia we are happy to pay for our grats. Cheers Bob πŸ‘
  5. Hi suralottie. Sounds like you had a great time on your first cruise and loved alaska. We are 4 Aussies coming to vancouver and doing the inside passage cruise next June. Going on the volendam and can't wait. Bucket list trip for us Great review. Cheers Bob
  6. Just checked the upgrade price difference from an o/v cabin to a cheaper balcony and at present the price unbelievably expensive. I may check later next year as we get closer. Cheers Bob
  7. Thanks guys for all your great answers. Really appreciate it. Now to decide. Regards Bob
  8. Hi you experienced Hal cruisers. Coming from Australia next June for our bucket list cruise to Alaska sailing out of vancouver on the volendam. currently have a mid ship oceanview booked on deck 2. We are seriously considering an upgrade to a balcony cabin but unsure if it's worth the costly expense to do so. Is it really that important to move up. Kind regards Bob.
  9. Tad2005. You are very right. I'm good with thatπŸ‘
  10. Thanks guys for your help. Might bring a fold down cooler bag from home and put a bit of ice in. The beers got to be cold.
  11. Hi hal cruisers. Going 1st time to Alaska on the volendam next June. I believe there is no fridges in the oceanview staterooms, is that correct??. Is there anything we can do as I want to purchase buckets of beer. Regards Bob
  12. Hi guys. Is the volendam a nice ship. Booked her for Alaska in 2020.
  13. Hi all you frequent holland america cruisers. Just about to book our bucket list trip to Alaska cruising the volendam out of vancouver. We are going to book a oceanview cabin on main deck. We are torn between a category c which is midship, deck 2, no obstructions or a category e cabin which appear to be very forward, not sure about obstructions. It appears that there is approximately $1000.00 difference between these cabins. Is the midship cabin c, worth the extra dollars??. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Bob.
  14. Can anyone please recommend a great oceanview cabin near midship on the volendam??. Thanks Bob
  15. Thanks guys for your responses. Slightly favouring volendam at this stage. I believe all 3 ships visit glacier bay. We are trying to package this cruise with the right Canadian Rockies land tour at the moment. once again, thank you so much. Cheers Bob πŸ‘
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