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  1. Love the solstice, been on her once and going again soon. However wouldn't knock back ovation either. Price and itinerary would make my decision for me.
  2. Hi fellow cruisers. Just received our cruise documents for our upcoming solstice cruise, nz to sydney leaving from auckland. The ship leaves at 8pm and our documents display 4pm boarding time Is this time strictly adhered to or can you normally board at usual time around noon.???. Cheers Bob.
  3. Just one question. While I'm researching is glacier bay a Must in the itinerary so I can discount all other cruises without gb?? cheers Bob.
  4. Thanks guys for all your excellent answers. Didn't think to look at the port times. I'll now do some researching of the port times and perhaps cruises from vancouver. Yes, we will be coming and going from brisbane, Australia. Kind regards Bob. 😁
  5. Hi fellow ncl cruisers. We are a couple of aussie cruisers who are considering one of our bucket list cruises, to alaska. We always were told that princess was the way to go however after seeing a clip of the norwegian bliss and particularly with the present perks available with ncl. We now have the scales tipped in favor of bliss. We were considering star princess from san fran without glacier bay or the 7 nighter from seattle on ncl bliss with glacier bay. Which would you choose please and why??? Kind regards Bob.
  6. Have cruised twice in the med, both times late may into early June and the weather has been perfect. The crowds were not to bad either. definitely look at say mid may onwards. cheers Bob.
  7. We are currently in a ordinary mid ship balcony on deck 6 at the moment on our upcoming solstice cruise in 6 weeks. Not sure what to do. Any suggestions. Received our upgrade bidding email today??. cheers Bob .
  8. I am now convinced that it really doesn't matter when you cruise to this destination, it's going to be touch and go if you visit the sounds. Comes down to luck on the day
  9. We missed dunedin and the sounds last January in january/February so I really think it is a lottery if you make it there. It's a 50/50 shot.
  10. hi ozkiwijj. Hope you are wrong about your weather prediction for fjordland/Dunedin. We are going on the same cruise leaving Auckland in late march for April. Last year we went earlier to see it all in January however missed Dunedin and all the sounds due to a cyclone. We have tried again to see what we missed and now we are worried going later that we may still miss it all down south. If it happens again to us I think we’ll be done. We are now thinking celebrity should probably shorten the cruise season to nz to give cruisers a more realistic chance of seeing fjordland. Anyway mate, he’s hoping. Cheers Bob.
  11. Hi Got the same email for our upcoming solstice cruise. Even with the 20% off the price we thought the 3 dinner package was a bit expensive. We are going to wait till we get on board then try to negotiate a better deal.
  12. Just as I summised. The stats/or opinions if you like tell the story. Cheers Bob.
  13. Hi ozangel. I also are from aussie, fyi. I am only giving our opinion on our cruise 12 months ago. Most people we spoke to on our cruise and quite a lot were from the states also thought the experience was great. i am not saying for a moment you are wrong as celebrity may of slipped somewhat since our last cruise however i will go once again with an open mind in a few weeks time and report back. if it's as bad as you claim we will look for change. cheers Bob.
  14. Sorry guys to be a party crasher. Cruised on the solstice in January 2018 to new zealand and totally enjoyed the experience . Unless the whole operation has changed in 12 months we must of been on another ship. In fact we are doing solstice again in March to nz so maybe I should prepare myself to a lesser experience and cold food. ps. Yes, not first time cruisers, done about 15 plus with all lines and rate celebrity highly. cheers Bob.
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