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  1. Thanks guys, appreciate it.👍
  2. Hi fellow princess cruisers. I just looked for our cruise for October, 2022 on the Princess website and the cruise is displaying, " Currently Unavailable ". Does that mean our cruise is booked out or is there another reason???. Regards Bob.
  3. We have png booked for august, 2021 on the pacific explorer. Snaged a great balcony price on a 3 day flash sale. I reckon we are only a 50/50 about going. Finals are in June so we will carefully make our decision then before dishing out any money Thinking about a Alaska cruise in June, 2022 however we'll have to see how the world is shaping up for that. We believe if that doesn't happen the whole travel industry will be down the gergler.
  4. Hi. Wife and I are starting to research a Alaska northbound cruise probably from Vancouver in 2022. May we please have some advice which princess ship is the best.
  5. Hi fellow Aussie cruisers. Had a Hal cruise booked for June this year which was obviously cancelled due to covid19. My t/a at flight centre actioned our booking for a cruise refund. After over 100 days of wait I took it upon myself to ring Holland America and was told our refund had been sent back to fc the day before. I contacted the t/a at fc and was told thats good news however your refund could still take another 60 days to receive it from us.. . Is this normal or should I startI demanding our refund
  6. Yes, we reckon 2021 looks a bit dodgy the way things are, especially with no travel insurance for any health issues associated with covid. It seems a big risk. Also we may not be able to fly to canada from here.
  7. You don't get any refunds from air canada I'm sorry only air credits for 2 years.
  8. Hi fellow Aussie cruisers. was cancelled out of our bucket list cruise to Alaska this year. Contemplating another attempt in june, 2021. Any other aussies thinking the same trip. We consider there is a fair few risks involved. What do it gets think??
  9. Hi fellow hal cruisers. Have been reading where some of the older ships owned by carnival Corp may be sold or scraped. Do you think the volendam could be one as it is quite old.
  10. Hi. Our travel partners just checked with their t/a and were told that the Brisbane flight is only out now because of no business at the present moment thus why they are only going from Sydney. They were told that the Brisbane flights will be up and running in 2021. The refunds situation is interesting though, we were told by fc that this won’t happen. cheers bob. ( Gold Coast )
  11. Hi mm down under. its not that I don’t believe you however where can I find this information about Sydney to Vancouver flights ONLY, Our T/A 2 days ago didn’t mention it. We were set to go direct Brisbane to Vancouver in 2021. Regards bob
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