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  1. We have our first cruise on the Pacific scheduled for later this year. Will be interested in reading the OP’s thoughts once they return.
  2. I've never carried water or soda onto a Princess ship. The cases of soda get taped up fairly well and a luggage tag taped to the side, same with a case or 2 of water. I've had 1 porter say no, then his buddy said yeah, its ok, its Princess and they allow it. All have safely made it to my cabin. As to why one needs/desires to bring water/soda onboard, it is nice to have a cold beverage in your cabin, without paying bar + prices for them, and to have mixers for alcohol either prepurchased or from the first leg of a B2B(2B2Betc). We get the soda package and the tumbler that comes with it, but I definitely won't carry around a tumbler, much less a refillable water bottle. I did it once (several years ago on Carnival), and I spent more time trying to remember where I left the refillable bottle/tumblr and finding it than I actually spent drinking from it...... Seems several replies in this thread state they carry it on or had to carry it on.....where and why?
  3. Once you are booked in a specific cabin, unless you booked a guarantee, I don’t think they can bump you unless you approve it (I think the sole exception to this are Accessible cabins).
  4. Just off the Fantasy. They showed a Marvel Avengers movie in the Comedy lounge, I think, on the last sea day. That was it. The inroom movies were on a daily cycle, and were on 2 channels (6-8 movies a day, 3-4 each channel) and were all several years old. The inroom movies and tv selections left a LOT to be desired.
  5. Just back from sailing out of Mobile. They started boarding at 11:15 on the dot for weddings, Diamond/Platinum, and FTTF. Seems that’s the normal start time for boarding as long as the ship isn’t delayed coming in. Our checkin time wasn’t until 12:30, and we walked onto the ship literally right after the wedding party at 11:15 (think it’s a perk of staying in an Owner’s Suite though). Even at 11:00 though, there was no line to checkin and, as there is nowhere to wait outside, I can’t see Carnival strictly enforcing checkin times and making them wait outside. They may be given a later boarding number, but they’ll be seated inside, in the AC. I have heard that the parking garage does fill rather quickly though (when we sailed, I didn’t see any available slots on the roof), so if they’re driving in, best to be early, in my opinion.
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